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MDC photo album - Page 7

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How about a bump!
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I will only keep these up for a short while....

Love seeing everybodies babies!!!
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Oh! those or so nice. I love pictures like that.
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How cute!
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You too..

Yours are cute too!
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My pics are in my signature. I just figured it out. I hope it works!!
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Love them!

Love your pictures! They are so great! You have a gorgeous family!
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You have a beautiful family as well. You and your boys are Stunning!
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I hope I do this right! I am new here... here are my pics!!

this is my oldest, Christopher 8
Colton 4,

and Caden now 3 mos old

and this is all of us before Caden
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Here is the link to my little fellas pics.
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Just a note to say hello!

I'm new to the commune and am still finding my way around. The most I've ever done is a Yahoo! group, so this all still feels a little confusing to me.

I have gotten so much out of the Yahoo! group I am a member of (for the Bay Area Homebirth Collective in San Francisco) and I always gain so much from the articles Mothering magazine. So, I am really looking forward to learning from and sharing and connecting with all of you.

I'll show a picture soon, but I'm still trying to figure out how! The HTML command I tried didn't work when I previewed my message.

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here is our photo albums..several to look at. enjoy


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I just love family pictures...these are the best!
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