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Originally Posted by Macncheezex3
This thread is cool. Its nice to put a face with the name

Here we are: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/...um=0&adjust=-1

We don't normally look like that, though. We were in my BIL's wedding LOL
wow I can'tbelieve you don't wear evening attire all the time. I love to. :LOL

there is another new one of Squish (Jewely) in my siggy. I am contsantly changing and adding. :
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You know I would, but I don't want my friends to think Im stuck up. heehee....

The guitar case pic is soooooooooooooooooo cute My daughter lays down in my hubbie's all the time
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that was my childless friend Colin's and DD and Colin's nephew (who was only two months old) were laying in it. Boy he was getting nervous.Seeing as it was his brand new guitar that he spent every cent he had on it. he has since gotten more comfertable wiht children. Jewely was his first exposure, and boy was he freaked (he was dating my twin sister) then when his brother's girl got pregnant he really went over the top. He is very cute with the kids now though.
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Jewelysmommy - the funny face one is too funny! You have some great pictures. I need to update mine, soon...
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yes I have officialy gone camera crazy. My camera broke some time ago. During last year's hurricane season actually. so I haven't been taking many pictures and that is horrible for me b/c i love pictures and i love taking them. So i have borrowed my sisters digital camera and it's awesome 5.1 megapixels and the card holds like 200 pictures. So I have gone crazy. When I get my computer back up and can work in photo shop you better all watch out b/c there will be an avalanche of new pics. OH I am drooling just thinking about it.

and planning on who will babysit well I lose myslef in Photoshop for HOURS!!!
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A little outdated but you guys understand!
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Hi ladies, I am new here! Here is our website. It has not been updated in a while, infact, I may have to take over dh's job of website upkeep! Hope you enjoy.


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Here's me...

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Not the whole family but...

Here's my son within the first 30 mins of his day on the 6th of August...


Not that anyone knows me up here yet, lol. I just wanted to share this picture. Cheers and good morning all.
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Our family - DH Travis, me and miss Maya Papaya
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Here is us! The only recent ones are of DD and big eyes! :LOL Everything else is from a year to a year and a half ago. The black and whites are from two Febuarys ago. I just love them so much! :LOL This was before DD and I was going to be a model.....:LOL I still want to but that's another thread. Enjoy!

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Testing, testing...

Latest pics:

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Hi, i am a new member. thought sharing our homepage would be a good way to introduce myself. please go to "pics of yuuta"-there are quite a lot (my hsuband spends ALOT of time w/ his camera. anyway, the pics are in chronological order so you can see me at my most tired out (day yuuta was born) and then later on when i am bit more used to being a mum...
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Here's one of me with my daughters, and a couple of them in costumes.

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There is a pic of me on my blog http://www.xanga.com/dcstarlette

I don't have any cute kiddos to show you (yet )
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