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MDC photo album - Page 4

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Thanks for directing me to this thread, Mssgrl! (From that other pic thread in TAO.) It's been such fun seeing all of you. Some of you I've seen before, but there are lots of new pictures here too.
Amy, you look beautiful in the picture of you with your ds in the sling! And, mystichealermom, thanks for sharing all those pictures of your house. I love to see how other people live. *Everyone's* pictures are beautiful!

Here's our link. Both albums are kind of big.

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Okay I musta missed something!

Laralou: I didnt know you have your girls home already!!! They are so beautiful and so are you!

LisaMarie: your belly pic is so cute!!! You are simply gorgeous.....shucks ALLL you mamas are!!!!
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I have some new pics up!

October in Vermont

Let me know if the links don't work.

ps: You and your families are all so beautiful! And, I love matching faces to names...
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I clicked on the link you provided and it said your album was empty...:
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same here, granolamom

I was really looking forward to see your beautiful family!
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This is really fun!

Here's my pic. It's nice to put faces with names.


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I put some pictures that I had on my hard drive on the web. They are old though and I have to visit an electrician in order to find out the polarity on my scanner in order to get it going here in Europe, so this is as good as it gets for a while.


On the birthday picture, Avonlea's son, Paul, is next to Lenn and Avonlea's hands are lighting the candle.
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New pictures!

some new in Winter 03 album, plus a black and white album, with two nursing pictures!!!!
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Lots of newer shutterfly links here
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my picturetrail account expired (as did many on the thread.. can't see many pics!!), so I started a new one on Shutterfly. I will attempt to post my pics!

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We have a website:


Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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here's a couple of recent ones of jaycie: http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL125/...7/25434227.jpg

here's the link to my web page~old pics tho; i need to update them )
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I have some new pictures up at:

http://community.webshots.com/user/jenihuffs in the May album

and I wanted to share!
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Great pictures. I am inspired to do some black and white..of course I need some of me...must find someone willing....lol I am always the one behind he camera.

below one of me that I took myself on my birthday this month...lol


edited to delete familiy shot no longer working.
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Hi all - I'm new here! Here is our website:


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It's so nice to see all these beautiful babies! How can I add an attachment?
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Neat! I just found this thread.

Here are my lovely girls and dh and I.

DD 1 is Violet Anastasia, DD 2 is Zoe Star.


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Here I am!

http://www.momufactured.com/adoption.jpg and the whole family

And http://cloud.prohosting.com/hwinters/family.htm Lots of older ones there though!

LOVED checking everyone out!
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