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re: house energy..

Smudging with sage throughout the house and imagining all the bad energy leaving is something you can try.

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Jilly -- I know how frustrating it can be to nurse a baby this age... especially a wild baby (as in "where the wild things are...") . And the nursing through the night thing does get very old... so I hear you! I'm so glad your DH took the babe and you got some time to yourself. It's amazing how recharged just a few hours can make you. I've taken to giving Thor a pacifier when I first put him to sleep. I know it's not the best thing to do but sometimes I feel too drained as a human pacifier. He doesn't take it for long but it gives me some respite. Then again, maybe Andrew won't take one... hmmm....
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I definitely have those times when I say, "I'm DONE!" Thankfully my DH has been good about helping with the boys in the evenings - though our house is suffering!

I think I'm going to take the boys to the sort-of-nearby Hanna store. I knew there wasn't an outlet but didn't realize there was a STORE! So they're having a sale starting today and I'm hoping they'll have something! If you want me to check for anything and you get this in the next 30 minutes, I'll do my best. The sale is online, too.

We've been enjoying both of our new carries, the Zolo and Ergo. I took the boys to the farmer's market and carried Iain in the Ergo for nearly 2 hours! My hips, SI joints, and legs hurt a lot last night after that, but my back and shoulders weren't too bad. I think I need to pace myself, though. :LOL

The really cool thing is he's fallen asleep in both carriers. So sweet! He really seems to enjoy the Zolo, especially, and it's great to be able to nurse him easily in it. (I have in the Ergo, too, but it's a little trickier as he has to sit up.) Now I just have to practice getting him in on my back!
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Hey! Im back and feeling much better. Finally figured out the cause of all my mood swings and unhappiness was the mini-pill. It is amazing how just stopping those made me feel so much better. We arent ttc but arent really doing anything to avoid it so we will see. I have felt so much better the last couple of weeks! I really needed the break from everything.

Makynzi is such a monkey. She is so active and starting to stand without support some.When I try to get her to take a step towards me she sits down and crawls. silly girl. I dont have time to go back and read everything, Does anyone have a walker yet? We still dont have any teeth. Well gotta go she just woke up.
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I have been typing for 30 minutes and robin just grabbed the keyboard and deleted it all

I'm annoyed

I'll rewrite later. But it started with...

Welcome back Punky Monkey - You were missed! Glad to hear things are better. Robin is walking, walking right up to the keyboard in fact !
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just popping in to say that you MUST all go watch this short movie - if you are into organic foods, that is...

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Alright, take two....

Punky Monkey - Robin is walking - took her first steps last week, and now toddles b/tw me and her dad and from one prop to another.

Jill - hang in there! We've had similar issues, usually thebehavior changes in a few weeks here. Have you tried using a silky blanket or other toy for him to hold while you nurse? W/ RObin when she tries to pop off a lot, I give her a few chances, then put her down and wait until she demonstrates hunger again to try again. I *hope* she learns that we;re either going to nurse or not nurse, but I am not a plaything. Also, DH and I have a thing where when we make a ig dewcision, we never enact it in theheat of the moment. We sent a specific time at which we will do it - and often by that time arrives we won't feel the same. Like you could say, in three weeks I'll stop nursing, and see how you feel over the next few weeks and how his behavior changes. FYI, My SIL set the goal of nursing for 6 months w/ my nephew, and she tried to stop then but he wouldn''t let her. SHe did swith to FF at 7.5 months, but she has repeatedly said since how much she regrets it and is sad that she took away somehting he loved - boobie time. Just be sure it's a decision you won't regret. On the other hand, my MIL nursed all 3 of her sons and my DH (the oldest) weaned himself at 10 months and refused to nurse. He went to all food and milk.

I thought of 2 questions I wanted to ask y'all, but now I can't remember...

My nephew had his 9 month well-baby yesterday and his pediatrcian (who is very bossy, like telling my SIL exactly what foods he wanted her to introduce and in what order, and that he does not approve of 100th percentile children (my neice was off the charts, wearing 4T clothes at 18 months, so My SIL was unnerved by that comment)) told my SIL that he expected my nephew to be off the bottle by his next (12 month) appt. I mean, I can understand stopping formula at 12 months (assuming on-target development), but no bottle? Is htis normal? I would assume that FF babies get comfort from suckling abottle just as nursed babies from nursing. This just seems really harsh to me. What about nursed babies who are fed EBM? WOuld he recommend giving EBM via sippy cup?

He's not my pediatrician, thankfully. I think mine is a little intimidated by me. I tend to be pissed off by the time I see him - after waiting for hours, with my then-refluxy baby, trying to nurse inthe cold office, in an uncomfortable chair, etc. - so he's seen me at my least accomodating. When he asks what she's getting for nutrition, I say she's nursed like he has just asked me the craziest question. THen when he asked at her last appt. if she was getting stage 1 and 2 foods, I said, "well, she gets nothing but homemade food and breastmilk, of course" as though he asked me if I fed her dogcrap. I think he gets the picture now. When I was ready to start giving her food a few months ago he gave me a can of formula powder to mix witht he cereal. I was so pissed. But I told him I could find someone who could use it. Stupid doctor...
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Unfortunately that seems to be the new trend with Pediatricians. As soon as the baby turns a year old, BYE BYE BOTTLE! There's too much push to have our kids grow up faster and sooner. Why can't they enjoy the baby years for a while. My friend got kicked out of her Pediatrician's office because she was delay vaxing and opted out of the Varicella vax. Jerk doctor told her that was against practice policy and that everyone was required to be vaxed on schedule!

At our Ped's office there is one doctor I refuse to see. She told me that Chris must be sleeping through the night at 4 months and I should quit nursing him at night. Also she told me that he was much too big at 22 months to start nursing again. The other two docs are supportive of extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping. My favorite doc didn't even bat an eyelash when I told her that David was sleeping on his tummy. She told me it was better for him with the reflux.
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I can relate to the nursing acrobatics! Jackson is much more interested in his brother and the world around him to actually focus only on nursing. And he pulls off to scan the room when I'm least expecting it. Then, if we're out and about, he gets so caught up in everything else that he has no interest in nursing. Silly baby!

We've been having some diaper issues too. Mainly, the ammonia smell! We're trying a few different wash routines to try to get rid of it. My wash routine was a cold wash, then a super hot wash on the heavy setting with some Sports Wash, then an extra rinse. I'm trying different amounts of Sports wash and adding baking soda and TTO, so we'll see. I've noticed that there are hardly any bubbles at all in the washer with the Sports Wash. Does that mean I should use more? Our water is dangerously hot, so I don't think it's build-up.

Jackson has always better a pretty light wetter, so I've always put him to bed in just a Fuzzi Bunz with only one insert. I noticed last week that his clothes were wet when he woke up, so I started double stuffing his dipes. Ever since, he's been sleeping 6-8 straight through the night!!!! Now if I could only get my 4-year-old to stop waking up with the sun at 5:30 in the morning!

Jen, that movie is too funny!

Must get started on work. TGIF!

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That "Store Wars" thing was excellent! Thanks for posting it.

Bottles & Formula--did her doctor want her babe off formula or just bottle or both? Dr. Sears actually recommends formula feeding into the second year. Mari has cut herself down to 4 bottles (1 when first waking, 1 when going to bed, and 1 right before her two naps).

I've heard that doctors normally want them off the bottle by 12-18 months, but I am not sure why. I don't know what we're doing. We're just playing it by ear and seeing what she wants to do. Selfishly I feel like we missed out so much on her baby life that we are not in a real hurry to shake it up yet. She might be though.

She does really well with this cool Gerber straw cup. It's small enough for her to use herself. She LOVES it so much. But, right now we are just putting water in it for her during meal time.

Diapers--Pam, do you have hard water? Some parts of our area seem to. We have soft water at our house. But, you often don't see suds with hard water. Try setting the water to the lowest height and adding a little baking soda. You may be able to see suds then. It really sounds like either build-up or either not getting fully clean to me with the ammonia smell.

Well, my parents, sister, and nephew are visiting next week, and we are so not ready for it. My parents are pretty old and not likely to really help around here. So, it is just going to be kind of stressful. We are going to have to spend this weekend trying to clean the house.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Mandy!!!!!!! Glad you're back with us!

Where's bendmom becca?

Ybecca, you are cracking me up! Keep that ped. in his/her place, mama!!! :LOL

I didn't click on the link for the movie, but I'm guessing it's the store wars thing? My parents sent me the link last week - too funny.

Jilly - - sometimes it's seems (seems? who am i kidding...) like they take so much from us.

I was a rotten mommy last night. Just one of those end-of-my-rope nights. Yelled at M too much She'll be 3 in 3 months and it just seems like she's a total maniac sometimes. I really need to chill out though. I hate yelling at my kid. R was super clingy, too, which didn't help. I felt like I was drowning in a thousand pinching, rubbing, whining tentacles.....

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Originally Posted by zen-ozz
Anyone know how to overcome a cursed house?
Yep. Get a Catholic priest over there pronto to bless the house IN LATIN, not in English.
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I'm still reading trying to catch up on posts, but I just thought I'd share that Alex cruised two steps for the first time yesterday! Very exciting!

We went to Chicago on Tuesday to pick up a video camera with our rebate check at Costco, and the 6 hour car ride was ugly at the end. That is too much time in the car seat for the poor boy!

It looks like we may have found a place in D.C. Well, it's actually in Maryland to be specific, and we may even do this site-unseen! I can't believe it, but it would be easier and save us the trip expense to house hunt. It looks really nice, though.

I have to share this very funny T-shirt I just bought...
Does anyone else here think Tom Cruise has lost his mind?? He is actually scarier to me right now than Michael Jackson. My dh is mad at me for getting this but I can't wait to wear it!! :LOL

Free Katie
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Stacy that is a cute shirt! Where in Maryland are you considering for living? My parents live down in Woodbridge, VA. Virginia is outrageously priced right now. They are competing with California.
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Greetings All!

We went down to Galveston last weekend. It was so wonderful to be down on the beach again. I so miss living a block off the seawall. A friend of ours was competing the huge sandcastle competition (she's an architect) so we went down to hang out with them for the weekend. Tori got to spend the weekend with MIL (she's staying with friends down on the Island right now) and Jack stayed one night too. It was nice to just have Aidan for one night. And both kids enjoyed seeing Mawmaw.

Mary (my MIL) is moving up near us within the next month! She'll be about 30+ minutes away but that's okay. Maybe David and I'll get to go out again. Even if its just to see a movie! We both want to seee Episode 3 and it just isn't the same without the BIG screen. It will be nice to have her "nearby" again. Tori absolutely LOVES to spend the night with her.

I added a couple of pictures to Aidan's gallery using the Ergo. He seems to like it, I just need to get a little better at getting it on. In hindsight, I didn't have the shoulder straps snug enough in the last picture while we were down at Galveston.

I've been slowly getting back into the sewing groove. I've been buying lots of fabric again. Now I just need to start actually doing something WITH it. :LOL I had to quickly make 3 pairs of pants last Thursday night before our trip down to Galveston. I only really had one pair of pants that are lightweight enough with the heat. It will be nice when I finally get rid of this pooch and can fit into more of my clothes. I found this lightweight rayon-like material on the $1.50 table at Hancocks (and its 60" wide too!) so they were really cheap to make. And I'm totally loving my serger too.

Let's see... sorry to hear about all the sick people. Hope you are on the road to recovery Jen.

Diapers- sounds like detergent build up. We use All F&C but I only use a very small amount... like a Tablespoon. The cold cycle is for stains not the hot. Hot actually sets stains. When I was able to let a load soak overnight in cold (without anything) we RARELY ever had stains. I just usually don't have time to let a load soak that long anymore. And stains come out in additional washs and there is always the sun too. Our routine... Cold cycle, Hot Cycle with detergent, Extra Rinse with TTO. Sometimes I throw in a litte Baking soda. And occasionally I put a cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle.

Ugh about the comments regarding the "Nurse-in". The ones that REALLY chap my hid were by Rosie O'Donnell. She was on the View the day of the Nurse-In and made some of the most assine comments. That the women out there protesting were "hormonal". And Rosie said she made her partner stop breastfeeding after 1 month because she (the parnter) was bonding too much with the baby. And Rosie couldn't do that and was feeling leftout and they hadn't done that (BFing) with the previous babies that were adopted and it wasn't fair to have that bonding.

Okay there is a war going on in the other room over the playdoh... I'll try to be back later.
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forgot the link...

Aidan's Gallery.
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Aidan is such a cutie!

I submitted David's photo to a model scout for several photography studios yesterday. If they decide to photograph him, I will get free pictures. If the pictures they take are submitted to the big wigs, we will be paid $50. If they decide to use his pictures in the advertisements we will be paid $100 on top of that. I am hoping they decide to photograph him. Free pictures would be well worth it.
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Hello, all! Oh my goodness, I got SO sick yesterday! I must have had some sort of 24 hr stomach bug. Either that or my body just stopped functioning to protest the lack of sleep. I"m not sure. Anyway, the upside was that dh had to care for Andrew all night last night and i actually got to rest and got some sleep! So I am much better today.

I think most of my nursing frustration has come from Andrew being a general wild baby, and also teething. He has been getting teeth for almost 6 weeks straight!He's working on his fifth tooth since beginning of May. Poor guy, he and I really need a break. It makes it so easy to get frustrated because he's already so active and high needs. I set a goal of nursing to 12 mos, although I would really like to make it 18 mos.

I decided to try this mom's group that one of the other churches in town is starting, and I felt very silly. During the devotional (which was 10 min. or so long) all the other babies sat conentedly next to their moms or in their moms' arms. Meanwhile my child is standing leaning against this play thing bouncing, or crusing along my legs or getting me to jump him up and down, or crawling all over me (yes, in 10 min.). Then when we were talking about sleep they were all telling me how their babies sleep 10 or 11 hrs a night . If felt SO out of place. And one mom said her son used to wake at night, but she let him CIO and that was the end of that. Sigh. I wish there were some AP moms around here. I don't know if I'm going to keep going to the group or not, because I feel really out of place, not being miss "perfect Christian Mommy". I never have been able to get the hang of that serene Christian wifey posture. Oh well.

Oh, my parents sent me some pictures they took with their digital camera! I hope this works:


Have a good night, all. Thanks for the encouragement!
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Jilly - where are you? I bet I can find some mamas for you! Nothing like being around some like minded people to make you feel better!
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Andrew and Aidan are soooo cute. Jilly -- Thor will not sit still either. I'm going on a plane by myself (with him) to Alaska in about three weeks and I'm starting to get really nervous. He wants down down down and will arch his back and literally throw himself towards the ground. I have to hang on so tight or he would seriously fling right out of my arms. It's a little freaky sometimes! BTW, by the Great White North do you mean Alaska or Canada? How cool it would be if I ran into you in AK!!

Oh, and about the diaper dilemma, I was using waaaaaay too much detergent. I mean like 5x the amount I needed!! Poor Thor, he was using soapy diapers and that's what irritated his bum....
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