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I was wondering when they become toddlers...is it at a year or when they start "toddling" (which I assume means walking???) :LOL

Well, the sleep stuff is going well still. Kate is now only waking at midnight and b/w 4-5 after her last feeding at around 9:30pm. But..my sister went home today. And I'm really nervous things are going to fall apart now. : Wish me luck tonight on my own (with dh of course).
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Originally Posted by hjohnson
David loves to eat cat food as well. I finally moved the food to a place that the cats could get to but not David.
This was my solution as well. I put a dish in the garage and one up off the floor.

Mmmmm... dinner.
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I too am really enjoying this time with Lulu. She changes so much everyday. She's just mastering standing (in a wide-wide-wiiiiiiddddde stance).

And YES, she has got that screech and cry down pat when things don't go her way. I thought that didn't happen for another couple of years! Hah. But she settles down fine, I wouldn't really call it a tantrum. I think she is just getting some "object permanence" -- being able to hold an object or idea in her mind after it is no longer visible.

Her sleep is great. Our trick has been that she sleeps with DH (a snorer). Without the temptation of the breast, she'll, half the time, sleep straight through the night. When Momer's the sleep partner, she nurses 1-3 times, more as the night goes on.

Just in the last few days, food has become her passion. She took a plate of spicy chicken vindaloo this starving mama had made for herself and dumped it all over her chest. I was on the phone having a family conference. When I saw her (she was right behind me on the floor) she was busily stuffing rice and sauce in her mouth. She doesn't let me eat a thing now without demanding a taste. I'm surprised at the sudden range of food she wants. Hummous! Cantalope -- gimmee! Yobaby is her favorite.

Lulu HAS to be in my arms most of the day. Perhaps two-three times a day she'll do some independent play in the baby proofed living room while I work in sight in the kitchen. The rest of the time, she wants to be with me. I hold her lots, take her out in the carriage. I use an ergo and a mei tei at home and outside, but I've found that she can get a little fussy these days in them. I used to be able to do stationary chores (cooking) with her on my back, but now she gets ancy. She'd rather be grooving. And after about an hour of a hike, she wants out of the carrier. I figure she gets stiff or needs some "face time!"

I've been working to lose the old Momma tonnage, and it was good that I had the gall bladder attack because I had to stop eating whatever I wanted to. But even with a two week no fat diet (probably half of the calories of my normal diet) I barely lost two pounds!! I am walking like crazy and people say I look thin. The truth is I am about 10#'s over my mid-thirties weight, and 20#'s over my weight at college. I swear for me nursing makes the weight just cling... Sorry to mention weight. I never used to care about something so ultimately unimportant.

Well, that's our update. So glad it is finally warm up here in the mtns.

Love to all you moms, especially those with babies who've been sick or have had bad booboos.

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Stacey -

You are lucky to have such a great sister! I hope all goes well. I've heard lots of great things about NCSS.

Am I the only one here who doesn't really co-sleep? Robin goes down in her crib, and only joins us in our bed if she's sick, if it's her 3rd or 4th waking, or if it's after 5 am but before 7am when she wakes. (This basically means most nights she joins us at some point, but if she stays in her own bed she and I both sleep more soundly - she tosses and fusses the whole time she's in our bed, but sleeps soundly in her crib) I totally respect co-sleeping, but for several reasons it is not our choice. Just wondered if I'm the only one?
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Well, we had fun today. Since I haven't had time to read a magazine since August, I let ds rip out some pages out of one, then I crumpled them into balls and he picked them up and carried them while walking in circles around the room. It's so fun to watch how interesting everything is to him. He's also really good at picking the tiniest objects off the floor and getting them into his mouth. His walking is getting so good. He can turn around, stoop down to pick things up, and is working on jumping and climbing. He's also much happier since he's been walking. The nighttime thing is still tough, but I did feel tooth #5 today coming through, so that and our recent move may have been why...

Oh, does anyone else's baby throw a fit during diaper changes? I'm never sure if ds' behavior is due to developmental appropriateness or his high needs temperament. In our case he will scream and cry unless we sing, clap and entertain him. Dh and I call ourselves the "royal court jesters" of the king.
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YBecca, We don't co-sleep and neither do Jen and Tristan. And you are right about my sister. I am soo unbelievably lucky to have her. She helps me so much!

Kate has also started crying during diaper changes unless I give her something to "play" with, other than her dirty diaper!
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She doesn't let me eat a thing now without demanding a taste. I'm surprised at the sudden range of food she wants.

Yep - same here. Robin's new faves are black eyed peas and black beans

Liz - I hear you on the weight issue. My big issue is that we can't afford ot buy me a whole new wardrobe - I need to fit at least some of my pre-preg clothes. My weight is *supposedly* below where it was at my first midwife appt., but I don't believe my scale - most of my clothes don't fit well. I have been trying to "diet" but ultimately I can only ever lose weight by working out, and that's not easy to work into my day. I love to work out, actually, but am having a hard time going out for a run and knowing that means RObin's morning nap will be in the stroller - so I won't have any 'getting things done" time at home. But, I am hoping to get pg again soon, and I am also feeling that pressure to be in the best shape before we TTC.

I loved going ot the lake last weekend, but was a bit traumatized by swimsuit shopping.
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Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama
I've been working to lose the old Momma tonnage
Ughh. Please don't remind me. I'm too young to look like this :LOL
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Tudo Bem: Robin rolls over, stands up and bounces during changes, unless she's on the ground, in which cas eshe crawls away bare-butted. When I try to hold her still to re-diaper, she protests and sometimes even get s to the screaming and crying stage. I have become adept at changing her standing up or while I'm holding her. I need to try to find things that help her have fun or distract, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Toys dn't work anymore. SHe's so strong, I really can't hold her down with one arm or hand. I just want her to be safe, but I don't want her to be traumatized by diaper changes

She too finds every tiny leaf or speck of paper to shove in her mouth. I have become sucha freak about keeping my floors clean - and we hav emoved into a house that is so much bigger than what I'm used to - takes 3x's as long to clean! Again, thank you Mr. Hoover for inventing the floor mate! It's my new best friend! gosh, that's sad!
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Ta Da!

Above are pics from our NC gathering the other day. I apologize for the blurriness of some of them. Darn digital camera was running low on batteries and I didn't notice. I must mention again what a GREAT time we had with everybody. We need to do it again. Also maybe we can plan a bigger one and people can come from further and make a longer trip of it. It was so much fun!!

So, mama tonnage-YES! It is so unimportant but so troubling for me too. I think I look pretty okay except I have a flabby belly. Argh. I have been exercising regularly since the new year started but have yet to lose any weight. I have recently stepped it up from walking to running (which I prefer anyway) and I'm hoping that will help some. None of my old clothes fit.

Diaper changes-YES! Lilah is not a fan at all.

Food-again YES! Lilah wants to eat everything. She grabbed a handful of raw spinach yesterday and shoved it in her mouth.

Stacey, hope it goes well tonight with Kate.

Okay must go.

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What great pictures! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. O.k. must...go...to..bed...

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Posting my NC pics before I go read through tonight posts:

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It is hard to believe that in 3 months, we will have to move over to the Toddler area.
Say it ain't so!!!

CatMM - Are we maybe raising the same Lulu just in diferent dimensions or something? Everything you said about your L, I was nodding my head to about mine!

Ybecca - One of the totally unfair things about having been pregnant I've found, is that you can weigh less than you did before you even got preg, but still wear a larger size of clothing because of how things shift around. (The hated belly bag - the only reason I would ever contemplate plastic surgery....)

Jack has a bday party to go to on Sat for a friend from preschool. So I will have to be in a bathing suit with the rich, thin mommies (who I'm sure are much less hard on me than I am on myself). But still, now I've got to find something to wear that I won't feel embarrassed in. My motto - screw the boobs, I've got to find something to cover this stomach roll!

We went to Cheesecake Factory tonight and I had these yummy Thai Lettuce Wraps. Turns out Lucy is nuts for raw bean sprouts. She must have eaten about 15 of them.

I'm having a yucky week, fighting with dh, etc., etc.
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ugh. UGH. If I thought the one restless night and fussy day with the first teeth was bad, WAS I WRONG!! Fever since yesterday, clingy whiny man, and I can't get the homeopathic remedy to work well enough for him to get any rest so I've resorted to Motrin... sigh. So much for me being a good budding homeopathy mom.

love the NC pictures.

ok, boy is whimpering again. Poor fella... he's so sad. Maybe he needs some cheerleading: tooth! tooth! tooth! tooth!

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Hey all!! Remember me? It has been so hard to keep up with you all here, I just gave up. There is not too much time in the day anymore...My oldest two are in baseball/softball...DD1 is in Daiseys, DD2 is in toddler gymnastics....I am always running!

I have read all the posts for this month, but wow...you ladies can really keep it up!

Jackson is finally crawling!! He has been sick...major respitory issues. Weird since he has no reason to have any, noone smikes, just started solids...hmm. we took him to an allergist (after his 2cd time in the hosp for breathing trouble) and the dr put him on FLonase. Unfortunatly, they prescribed double what he should have had, so he was overdosed on steroids. He didn't slep for three days, and he was totally raging. All is fine now, but it was not fun.

THis mobility is fun, but my house is so not ready. Jackson is pretty much eating table foods, I wasn't going to have him eating so much yet, but at 9 months he is now having two or three meals a day, with lots of fruit/snacks in between. Plus he nurses at least 6 times a day. Is this what all the other babies are doing?

Well, don't have any more time..kids are calling...hope you all are doing well!

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Oh, FF....I checked out your site, I have been wanting a pouch sling. HOw do you know what size you are?

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Originally Posted by sistermama
We went to Cheesecake Factory tonight and I had these yummy Thai Lettuce Wraps. Turns out Lucy is nuts for raw bean sprouts. She must have eaten about 15 of them.
I love the Thai Lettuce Wraps! They are so yummy!

The pictures came out great of our NC gathering. Both boys passed out on the way home so I had a quiet drive home while listening to country music. BTW Sarah, I am glad you gave me both bananas because Chris ate both of them. I was looking at the pictures and Chris told me that he misses Jack and wants to play with him again some day.
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waaah just deleted my big post. laterz
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Chrissy, are those pictures of the gathering in your backyard? If so, it looks like a great place to play. Wish we were closer!

Well, Kate did well last night. Knock on wood. But, now here comes the weekend. All you know what usually breaks lose about now...I'm still optimistic, though!
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savannah - you've got to come up with a senior title for yourself. Maybe something like "one crafty mama" lol
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