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Originally Posted by sistermama
We went to Cheesecake Factory tonight and I had these yummy Thai Lettuce Wraps.
That is so funny - that is my FAVORITE dish at The Cheesecake Factory. I seriously can hardly bring myself to order anything else when I am there. But, alas, we are nowhere near a Cheesecake Factory. The last time I had the Thai Lettuce Wraps was at Christmas when we were in Phoenix. At least D.C. will have a Cheesecake Factory. :LOL

Looks like we are going to D.C. to house-hunt in mid-July. Not looking forward to moving, but it will be much more interesting to be in D.C.
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Originally Posted by StacyL
That is so funny - that is my FAVORITE dish at The Cheesecake Factory. I seriously can hardly bring myself to order anything else when I am there. But, alas, we are nowhere near a Cheesecake Factory. The last time I had the Thai Lettuce Wraps was at Christmas when we were in Phoenix. At least D.C. will have a Cheesecake Factory. :LOL
isn't the green sauce that comes with them the yummiest? I want them again already - lol :LOL
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FF - Just got the chance to look at your site - it's awesome! Very hip fabrics. Oh, How I wish Robin would stay in a pouch....
I have sling envy!
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Hello! well, we have moved the cat food into the laundry room, and when I get a chance I"m going to gate that part of the house off, since it also contains the cat litter and most of the chemicals. Andrew has been sicky today -- diherea a little bit, and he pooped out some grass, so I think that might be the problem. Poor guy, he hasn't even wanted to play or cruise around the newly re-arranged living room (since he's so big on cruising, I rearrange the coffee table and our weighted down clothes basket -- what, use it to fold clothes, don't be ridiculous -- every few days for him to wander around). We took down the jolly jumper since he's too heavy for it now and so it looks so bare. Ah well, this too shall pass.

I am also still holding on to about 8lbs. But I"m also really droopy. I've started doing weights again because I'm getting twinges in my hips even carrying Andrew in a pouch. HE is over 20lbs now, although I'm not sure how much over. I seriously need to work my core and arms back into shape or I"m going to hurt my back lifting him one of these days. And I don't think I can hide my little ponch under zip - up hoodies and cardigans all summer long. I have started running a bit, but I keep getting colds from doing too much on too little sleep.
OH, crying baby. Bye.
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Yep about 10 lbs more than before here. Maybe more. I don't know, I hardly ever weighed myself before I was pregnant. Though I did step on the scale last night and thought I lost about 3 pounds. That's weird, because I really haven't been doing ANYTHING to lose it, and I eat dessert like waaaaay too much!!

I'm a little worried -- Thor is now totally refusing to eat solids. I mean, lips clenched, turns away his head. The only thing he will eat is Cheerios and other cereal that he can pick up. Anyone else doing this? It seems like so many of the babes are way into food... hmmm... he has had a cold for a week or so, but it seems to be getting worse, like now he won't even eat his favorite standby, bananas.

Diaper changes -- OMG. It is a struggle!! If I can find something very interesting, he will look at it for a minute or so, but otherwise he instantly rolls over and tries to crawl away. I feel bad, because I end up having to hold him down! I was able to do it once with him standing but it's hard by myself. I just try to do it super quick... and also let him roam around naked butt for a while before I put a new one on.

The Sept. Mamas gathering looked soooo fun!! Wish more of you were in the Northwest.
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loved looking at the gathering ... wasn't exactly sure who everybody was (with no screen names) but think I got it...

wish lulu and I could have been there!!

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I was so wrong.

Teething is bad... but strep is worse.

Yes, my little man has strep. He has not eaten much since 4 AM but luckily he happily took water and formula from a spoon this evening which means we do not have to take him to the ER to get an IV. The Dr squeezed us in this afternoon. My doula Katie made me take him in. Bless her. I schlepped him around all day thinking it was just teeth. Someone give me the bad mom of the year award. :

He is so sad and exhausted from crying so much today. I am so sad and exhausted from listening to him cry all day and holding him, cuddling him and singing every lullaby I know in both German and English to him repeatedly. Right now he is sleeping. I am on the bedtime - 2 AM shift. I wish he would nurse but I guess the sucking pressure really hurts his throat. I pumped a whole ounce this afternoon which for me is a lot of milk. The only problem is that my breasts - esp my left one - still have milk in them that I can't get out with the pump. I fear the dreaded m again. It is sick and twisted that I have to think about this with my low supply.

Oops, crying baby. Gotta go. Cross fingers for nursing!!

xo j
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Oh, Jen! Poor Tristan. I hope he's nursing for you.
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j, j, and t
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hugs to you guys, jen! it's so awful to have your little one sick and so hard to know when to worry.

You so don't get the bad mom of the year award, sweetie. Far from it.
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I take it back.

It's not strep.


We just got back from the ER at the children's hospital. Doc took one (very, very gentle) look and said "it's enterovirus." At least no more antibiotics! But that means more pumping and expressing for me And his dehydration is only mild and the doctor said that right now sleep is the priority. And Jo just put him down to sleep, so I'm going to sleep too.


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Jen! Poor Tristan! Hope you guys gets some much needed rest!
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Hugs to you guys, Jen! Thinking of you and Tristan and Jo.
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Awww, poor Tristan! Prayers that he will be well soon..

Diaper changes - yeah, it's a huge struggle right now. I call it the "wrestling match." Who knew a little baby could be SO STRONG?! The before bedtime one is the worst. I usually have dh hold him down for me! :
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, Jen et al. Hope tristan feels better soon.

AugustineM, Andrew is sometimes taking food from me, but mostly he only wants things he can feed himself. So I've started cutting up bananas, avacado, carrots, etc and letting him pick it up and eat it. AFter about 10 min. of self feeding he will then accept food from a spoon. It's worth a try.

We are a bouncing, waving, banging on everything, smiling, cruising bundle of joy here this morning, so I guess tooth # 6 is taking a hiatus today. This is good because Andrew woke up at 5 am and my BIL and wife just drove in from B.C., so I'm trying to keep him busy and happy. ShoES are the big new adventure today
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Jen -- I so hope that Tristan is feeling better soon and that your milk supply is OK. That's scary, having him sick and not knowing what the deal was!

Thor woke up in the middle of the night last night and squirmed around for a while... I was worried he'd be up and wanting to play but I just ignored him for a while and then I woke up 3? 4? hours later and he was sleeping in a cute contorted position on a pillow. I'm so happy he's sleeping better and nursing less at night for a while now. I'm sure that will change, but it's a nice hiatus.
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Wow. Amazing what a difference a good breast pump makes. My friend lent me her pump in style. Shazam! twice as much milk in half the time! At the same time it makes me INCREDIBLY sad, it also makes me slightly happy: Tristan is desperate to nurse. I am glad that he feels an emotional connection with it, beyond just food... but the sucking/swallowing combination is just agonizing for him right now. Oh, how he cries. We are having to force him to take liquids by syringe right now. When he tries to nurse he latches on and sucks once and then lets go and sobs. He has had one wet diaper today, I am sure after the hard-core force-feedings we did this afternoon that he will have another one soon. It is miserable to hold him down and force him to take mamamilk/water/formula, but he has to get something in him.

I am getting through this the same way I got through labor: it's supposed to last a max of a week. Today is day 3. We're almost halfway there and the worst part should be behind us soon.

Anyone who has any experience with HFMD please, please give me some encouragement!!! And advice.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I have felt Tristan's angel near us when he has had his head resting on my chest below my chin, sleeping the sleep of exhaustion and misery.

xo, j
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Jen, It sounds like you're doing exactly what we did when Alex got it as a babe. Something that helped A was to make the water or milk cold, cold, cold so it would have a numbing effect on his throat. We put a ton of ice in a glass, filled it with water, gave him a couple of force drinkings with a medicine dropper, then he would nurse for a little bit. I sooooo feel for you!

Gotta a tired baby on my hands, must lull him to sleep.

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Jen, Poor T! That's heartwrenching.

I've skimmed the posts and am really just subbing - couldn't figure out why I didn't get any more msg alerts.

We're still out of town - just got into Anaheim and have free wireless here - woohoo!

I got a ZoloWear sling this afternoon. We stopped at a couple of B&M stores that carry CDs in the San Diego area, and one had Zolos, too. They had one DH and I both loved, it fit great, and the people were wonderful. So DH bought it for me! It was very sweet. I have really, really wanted one (who hasn't?! :LOL) but rarely justify things like that that "for me," KWIM? So DH got it and says it's from him.

I was also very encouraged by talking to the mama who owns the store for a long time. I have a strong desire to open my own B&M store (part of why I wanted to visit these), and it was awesome to see how God led them to open this store, where to put it, the stores around them, etc. I can't wait to see if and when He'll lead me to open one back home! It would be so awesome!

Savannah, have you headed to FL/AZ yet? I hope your packing and travels go smoothly!

FF, where are you in LA? We're in Anaheim now and are heading back to Santa Cruz tomorrow. We're waiting to hear from our friends that we're meeting up with here, but it would be great to see you guys! Not that it's last-minute or anything. :LOL

Well, I need to check on airfares to Texas while I've got the chance. Sorry not to reply more personally to everything!

ETA: We loved the pics from the NC gathering!
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HeatherB, I'm close to Hollywood. But I'm not sure I'll be able to meet up tomorrow because my sister's 13th birthday is tomorrow and so I'm going to be with her all day. I wish we could meet up. Are you in Anaheim to go to Disneyland? And congrats on your new sling. Zolowear slings are so beautiful.
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