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Go Tristan and Jen!!!!! Hang in there.
the east coast gang
(Liz, Lulu, DH, Honey Bear (the newf))
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Jen, Jo and T - Poor baby! Jen, I have a PIS too (on "loan" from my well-to-do cousin, who got the $300 pump despite nursing both her kids a total of like 6 weeks) and LOVE it. If you are pumping often, I think it's worth the buck. I have an Isis too but I think it's breast abuse. (But good for long car rides to pump in the car). I hope tristan starts feeling better soon! I know your heart is breaking for him.

I just got to go look at all the pix from this month. THe NC group looks like it had big fun! Tristan's pix are just as happy as usual (HFMD aside). Sarah - I like your family shots. My mom keep telling me to go get a "family" picture taken (We get Robin's done every month for the first year professionally - usually jus tthe $6 deal at Wal-mart, but we've done sears and olan mills) but I have resisted b/c i think it would be cheesy, not something I'd want to put in a frame. But yours are nice - so maybe I';ll do it after all. If ever I could drag my partner in fron tof the camera.

Speak of the devil, I just had to do our weekly tick check on DH. Every week we go to his grandpa's farm, which is tick central, and Clint is a tick magnet. He picked one off in the shower, and then presented me with his naked butt to look for more. Ah, love....
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I think I figured out how to share pix. Try this:

It's a few pix from the past few onths, but actually nothing terribly recent. My MIl has the adorable picture of Robin and Witt (My nephew) holding hands floating in the lake that I must upload as well

hope all is well, or getting better!
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I forgot to say thank you for the compliments on my site!

And Jen, I'm so sorry that Tristan is feeling so awful. I hope it lasts less than a week. How do you get hfmd?

Caroline -- I'm almost done with my sizing page, maybe I can get that done tonight. I'm making Renaissance costumes for my girls and I for a wedding later this month so I haven't had time to work on my site. If you are interested in getting one you can email me at VivaLaFemme@aol.com and we can talk about sizing, if I don't get that page up tonight or tomorrow.
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Awww, Robin is such a cutie!
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Great pics, Ybecca! Can't believe there are babies that are climbing chairs at 7 months! Kate isn't anywhere near that..
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Oh, I forgot to share this cute story:

Last weekend, my neiceMartha, who's 2.5, sat down on the couch and pulled my boppy onto her lap and said "I want Robin" and my SIl and I said, "what?" and she said "I want to feed RObin". We said, hat are you going to feed her?" She said "GOing to feed Robin my boobies" It was so cute. We put Robin on the boppy, and Robin nuzzled for a second, then wanted to get off and go play. We told Martha that Robin wasn't hungry then, and they played together. It was adorable.

My SIL stopped nursing my nephew at 7 months (SHe hated BFing with Martha and only nursed about 2 months, then pumped for a few weeks, then went to formula - she set the goal of 6 months with my nephew, and passed it. Now, she at times regrets it b/c he was a major booby fan and she's sad that she took them away) but when we were both nursing, Martha would walk around holding her stuffed kitty to her nipple. we'd ask what she was doing and she'd say "feeding kitty" like we were slow or something.
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Ybecca -- Robin is such a cutie! I love the one of her in the sink...
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YBecca, very cute pics! What a sweetie! And you look fantastic in your pics, too. Also, are those Robeez? I LOVE Robeez!
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Cute pics, Ybecca! - Raney was waving at Robin

Jen, Jo and T - hope you guys are doing a little better this morning. I know how scary dehydration is - but last week I had to deal with it with toddler, not a baby which would be even scarier. We're all pulling for you! I have a PIS, too, and it totally rocks.
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Originally Posted by jilly
Also, are those Robeez? I LOVE Robeez!
Yep - a girlfriend found the pink pups & ladybugs at a consignment sale for very cheap. but I got the blue/pink pigs off ebay nnew b/c they're cuter. she's worn robeez since a few weeks old - at first b/c they kept socks on w/o fail, and now b/c she's crawling, crusing & walking - so they keep her clean & protected. I know it's a bit extravagant...but i myself have a shoe fetish, so it was probably unavoidable.

Thanks for the compliment, also. DH's high school reunion - 10 years - is this weekend, so the confidence boost is appreciated. I'm feeling that "you will be judged!" pressure. I'm actuallly planning a pedicure...These things make me so uptight, until I get there, then I don't care anymore.
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Originally Posted by FeministFatale
HeatherB, I'm close to Hollywood. But I'm not sure I'll be able to meet up tomorrow because my sister's 13th birthday is tomorrow and so I'm going to be with her all day. I wish we could meet up. Are you in Anaheim to go to Disneyland? And congrats on your new sling. Zolowear slings are so beautiful.
Rats! We've got so little time here in the LA area, but it would've been great to meet you! I have kept an eye out for any slinging mamas, just in case. :LOL We're in Anaheim to see some friends who live here - we're near Disney, but only because that's where all the hotels are! :LOL

We have to pack up and head to breakfast and church, but I wanted to make sure to check in here first!
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FF - hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by the coxsackie virus and is an enterovirus. It's also called Herpangia although it's not related to the herpes virus at all. I guess it's pretty common. This is the best page I found on what to do about it. Kids can get it from other kids, from surfaces if they stick their hands in their mouths (I guess shopping carts are a big one), all over. Since Tristan is an everything-in-the-mouth kind of kid... I guess we were pretty doomed.

He tried nursing again, and made more progress than the last time, but still couldn't manage. poor babe.

We went to the ER again yesterday because Jo was convinced that his dehydration was worse (I wasn't but I could see that she wouldn't be soothed if we didn't go) and they had us give him a popsicle. that ws the first time he had ever had sugar. Holy crap. He was up til 12:30. And then the doc told us to try giving him ice cream. WHAT?! Are we the only freaks in this town who don't give their 8.5-mo-old sugar and dairy (besides yogurt)? I made him a yogurt-mango popsicle in our little popsicle maker from IKEA, we'll see if he likes it. If he doesn't, I will

btw, his dehydration wasn't worse. And he's a lot peppier today, playing and babbling and eating from a spoon. We've gotten 2 fruit servings into him - a mango serving and a pear serving, both diluted with water - and he's had more fluids, so hopefully we've passed the low spot.

sorry to be so self-centered in these posts but it's all I can think about but I have to say that Robin is a cutie! And being my midwestern self I had to think, when she found the rubber worm, oh no, I hope it didn't have a hook in it!!! And the tick checking thing made me cringe... bleah. I won't miss that about camp this year.

xo, j
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls
Wow. Amazing what a difference a good breast pump makes. My friend lent me her pump in style. Shazam! twice as much milk in half the time! xo, j
Jen - I had the Medela Lactina on rental from the hospital for the first month (Alex was in NICU first 6 days) and that thing was AMAZING! I wanted to get one of those to have as a back up just in case I ever needed to pump, but they go for about $400 on Ebay. So, I got a Pump In Style off of Ebay for $140 - what a deal! It works almost as well as that hospital-grade Lactina. A good pump is essential, I think. Even if you never plan on pumping, it sure is good to have if you ever have an emergency.

Ybecca - cute pics. I like the beer one!
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Hi mamas... reading and lurking.. love the NC gathering photos. Robin is adorable--yay for walking! Hope Tristan is feeling better--glad the hydration is improving!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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poor Tristan (and Jen and Jo). hope he is over the hump soon!

love the pics yobecca!
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Boy have we had an intense week! Zeke and Zoey both ended up with double ear infections. I tried so hard to avoid antibiotics, but the doc said that this definitely required meds. The kdis were so miserable and in so much pain. It was just bad all the way around.

In the midst of all this we had our yard sale this weekend. We had so much stuff to get rid of and we were extremely successful, but it made us all the more exhausted. The in-laws took the kids (we kept Zeke) so that helped a bit, but we had no opportunity fo naps and we both needed them.

Then, DH was having a hard time sleeping on Friday night, because he and I are both sick too. He plugged his nose and blew to pop his ears, and he ended up perforating his ear drum! He was in so much pain and he was bleeding out of his ear. It was just awful. So, because he is a pilot, he can't work until at least thursday when he goes in to have his ear checked again. I would love to have him home healthy . . . but sick? Please help me!

So I feel like fried chicken on a platter. I am so darn tired. Zeke still isn't sleeping well . . . a good nights sleep would do us all good.

Jen I hope Tristan is feeling better!
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Kristin -

That sounds awful! Hope the younguns are getting better! I would probably no tbe able to hold it together if my partner was bleeding out the ear. Yikes.

Jen - hope the mango pops went down okay! I've never been a germ freak, and RObin puts everything in her mouth too - now I'm scared of shopping carts!

Robin is just about over her cold,, and I am too (not before we spread it back to my neice, nephew, MIL and mom ) - So I'll send you all our back-to-health vibes
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I am sending healthy vibes to everyone!

David had his first trip to the swimming pool today and loved it! It was a pool party for my friend's daughter's first birthday. Poor Christopher was going after a ball and ended up going under water for a few seconds. Talk about a scare for him.

The heat and humidity of NC is here and it is yucky! I miss the ocean breezes that we had in California.
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Still thinking about you guys, Jen. One more day down..less than 3 to go, right?

Will you guys check out this post and give me some advice?
I'm going out of town this weekend without Kate (leaving her with dh) and I have some pumping questions. No one has replied at all. Is that a dead board all the time, or just on weekends? In any case, I need some advice! TIA!
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