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ok question, so are those the only sites that will have it or are there more? what if everyone finds them all then? then what? is there a drawing for people who tied or what?

Andy that worked for me thxs

I also got an email Lisa saying i was early, oh well I remembered where it was

Karen- thxs for the tips, except I already started it and got the straps done. I did them 4 inches, oh well I'll find out how they work. I did pad them

I entered a photo too

I saw yours Kathy on the front page and was like hey I know that photo!
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Kaitlyn is singing Old Mcdonald :LOL
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Ok gals, I'm keeping Lauren's food blog at www.deadfrog.net in case you want to read all about it.
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nevermind previos question i visited the Rules page. dope!
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awful pic of me. I was just vegging w/Megan and Kaitlyn decided she wanted to cuddle too
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Lauren is sleeping.. *knock on wood* and I'm surfing the web. Love surfing. Dh is giving me evil looks though.

He's selling a bunch of his useless junk on ebay this week, YAAY might get some of it out of the house.

I had a *very important* question to ask someone here, but of course my fried mama brain can't remember who or what!
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My family is making fun of me.... I'm searching diaper sites while I eat breakfast:
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Hey I saw that pic of the girl with dr. seuss and wondered if it was someone from mdc...
I can't post the one I'd hoped until I can shrink it down..
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hey if nyone spys any strawberry diapers lmk ok?
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3 pages already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not in on the diaper hunt. I don't even have time to post!
Happy Birthday Christopher! yay!!
Lisa - your night with Lauren sounds like my night with Torin!
Laura - love the photos! You little beauties are precious!
Tired today - not much sleep last night between the babe and the dog! Dog kept wanting to go out which she RARELY does so its wise to listen to her when she asks. Babe wanted to nurse all night. He is calling me!
Good luck on the diaper hunt!!
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hey if nyone spys any strawberry diapers lmk ok?
i was thinking of that. saw lots of strawberry shortcake but thats probably not what youy wanted
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Hey Sheri, you want an AIO, fitted or cover?

The hunt is on... I'm not finding ANYTHING. I've been through every page on 3 sites and not found a link.
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Three paGES!!!!!! Wow, we are Janulicious aren't we

Not much to say this morning. I'm going to go check out the world photo site. Maybe I'll try and submit something.
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I found one I found one!!!

Poor Zoe - dh left the cone head off last night and she licked her paw SO much it's all red and yucky and looks bruised.

Oooh and one of my poor mama friends from bf group, she was in the hospital with mastitis when I was on tv at the nurse in... she came over to me today and thanked me, I guess she was trying to pump in the hospital and they were telling her to just give up bf, and she was watching the news while pumping and saw us and decided that she WAS going to keep bfing her baby.

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: : :

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Sheri Jr.
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Hope you have a great day!

I'm afraid to start the diaper hunt. I'll probably buy more diapers, and then dh will have to divorce me :
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Annie you are SO funny
I found 2 more, BUT it seems the webhosting for the site that is coordinating the hunt is DOWN!! How can I possibly win free diapers when I can't submit my stuff!!?!!?!?!?

I need to eat. Must stop hunting diapers and eat food instead. And maybe some chocolate for good measure.
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Lisa thats awesome that shes sticking to bf wtg!

Annie thats funny :LO i already bought 1 I saw and would of bought another but it was sold out

Oh I found 20 so far eekkks!! i'm bad
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Oh I'm looking for a fitted, and no strawbery shortcake ds wants strawberries :LOL
I haven't found any that haven't already been found I'm looking though, bottom up
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Well we got all month

Joyce- I have a pic of Kaitlyn with one of the products, thought you'd like to see it

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