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oh yeah thats Megan's leg sticking out on the edge there :LOL

Yes believe it or not I am getting things done today even though I'm online a bit. Amazing what stuff I can accomplish by getting up 2 hours early. Need to do it more often
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Here it is:http://photogroup1.com/albums/userpi..._BENQ0002c.jpg

hope this works...
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hey I did it! I finally got to post a pic! I had so many cute ones it was hard to decide, my second pic was one of her holding a basket of eggs, but I really wanted a running pic.
I don't have time for the treasure hunt either. Good luck gals!
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it worked for me, btw (the hunt page). must be back up.

Lisa - good job being inspirational!

Pam - awesome pic! Can I come over and play!?

Kathy - fuzzy, but she's SO cute...and the rain is very soft in that picture. I love it!

Laura - great pics from you, too! You do look kinda like what I expected. maybe smaller, but I can't tell sitting down :LOL

Ok, one more and then I'm done for a while.
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Got it!
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Pam you need to print that 8x10 and hang it!

Az and Laura, you've been busy today.

Dh and I went out and weeded the garden again, got another 8' into the mess, only 15' more to go. And that'll take care of the weedy part, then we have to weed the flowers, which is a lot less work.
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Come on over! (if you don't mind the blackflies - which I do!)
Yeah, congrats on a bf 'convert' Lisa!
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Pam!! I just saw your pic over at worldphotoday! It's awesome She sure is taking after that chicken!

I swear, I'm glad they don't have WPD every day.... I'd never get anything done, lol!

Laura, I saw your picture of Kaitlyn earlier this afternoon! It's funny, because she looked so familiar to me and then I read your username. Great pic
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here's one I took yesterday that I can't seem to share with enough people! I finally got it online though.
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Christopher's post

:LOL : : : :ignore : : : :homew: : :home: : :
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I am on page 29 of the previous thread. Eep.

Fleece: no ammonia smell here. Andy, did I tell you thanks for the liners?

Paq, I'm putting a small package together for you.
Why did you marry that guy anyway? He sounds like he treats you badly. :

Picking up with post 567 later, after a nice long bath and shower. Miss Evelyn was soooooooo good on the trip home today! We stopped only twice. She slept and slept. I got up after the 4:30 munch, which is 3:30 this time zone, so whew. I'm ready for bed. Evelyn says, "I slept all day. Why are you so tired?"
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I put a photo up for the wold photo day. Its not very good but Iliked it
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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to chime in and quickly say - I love all the pics!!!

Also, we had Violet's hearing test today. The hearing in her right ear is excellent, but she does have a mild hearing loss in her left ear, that is still within normal range - ie. she can hear conversational speech. Now, we are going to be working with an occupational therapist to try and get her to pay attention to sounds, and hopefully start to make some sounds! I'm really happy!!! Sad, that there is still a delay, but ecstatic that she can hear!!!!!

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THats great news about Violets hearing
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Annie- thats wonderful news!!!!

Pam- love your pics. that second shot is very adorable, love her curls

loved looking at all those photos over there, very interesting idea.

I finished the sling today, too bad baby went to sleep. I'm dying to try it out! hope it came out ok
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Yay, Violet!

All diaper searching? Quiet here!

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Annie, that is really great news! Hopefully, things will continue to get better and better!! I am really happy for you guys. Good for you for being so "in tune" with Violet.
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Joyce - grrrr - no pic. Pam - Awesome curls on that girl! I wanna get my fingers in there big time!!! what a doll! I do mind the black flies...

Oh Annie - that's WONDERFUL!!! I asked a girlfriend here who's a speach pathologist about whether it's w/in normal for a babe her age to be so quiet, and she asked some questions I didn't know the asnwers to: does she make noise when she cries? Does she track to sound - nice sounds, harsh sounds, etc. I'm sure they went throughthis w/you today, or w/the ot in the near future... it's just stuff she said was part of the learning curve for babies. Also, she said some babies get 'stuck' in the back of the mouth/top of the throat learning. They all start at the front (oh, waaa, etc.) then they start learning to make noises w/the back of the mouth (ah, gaa, goo etc.), then the learning goes back to the front and stays there for a long time, lip stuff. So she thinks maybe V. got 'stuck on the second set of learning, maybe because of hearing loss, but maybe because she just did. Some kids do, she said. no big deal. the ot should be able to get her to the next place w/out too much trouble. she did recommend getting all the services the county will provide. If you do, then usually insurance will cover it if her progress isn't satisfactory and she needs private help. She didn't know the rules for HI, obviously, but that's been her exp. here. Oh, and she asked whether your household is bilingual or more, because that can slow down language devlmt too, although not by a ton and w/in a year the biling kids are all caught up. But I didn't know the answers to those q's. You hadn't mentioned H. speaking Japanese at home, or if you spoke it w/him or Hawaiian for that matter!

Hey Laura - congrats on the sling! Take a pic for us!

Ok, time for bed. Lots of hugs mamas! YEA ANNIE!!! I hope the process wasn't too hard on V. and that she's sleeping good tonight (how is mak sleeping these days???). xxx andy
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Andy- I'm not sure *I* can answer those questions! She does cry. She doesn't squeal, babble or laugh. She's the silent baby

I'm not sure what tracking is? She doesn't acknowledge when she hears a sound. Although, she will respond easily to visual cues. We only speak one language here.

So, we'll see what happens. I'm sure the therapy will get her on par quickly enough.
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Annie : that's awesome news. OK. still some issue, but probably "fixable", right? I'm so glad to hear it. Violet is such a precious one!

I did not search diapers all day. we went to the beach and hung out with a mama and her twin boys, age 9 mos. was way fun. took some pics, which hopefully turned out well.

Carmen and David are so scrumptious. what chubbies!

Pam- Abigail is GORGEOUS! I bet you can't get far ouit of the house without people commenting on her hair and all. Is Geneva red-headed too? I know we've seen some pics, but maybe they had hats on?

Laura- that pic of Kaitlin playing is precious too.

All babies are goegeous today! and everyday!

It was a long day because we taked a bunch of errands on the end of our beach trip. not home until 5 pm and already time to make diner : feeding the family is never ending, it seems- Luka is by far the easiest to feed.

nothing more to say, but Im hiding in office while GB plays guitar to Luka.
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