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I'm better today. I only had one pair of shorts I could wear pregnant, and they tore. Then, I couldnt' find my lightweight sweatpants and spent two days in pants that were WAY too heavy for the heat. But, I found the light ones this morning, so I'm not quite as overheated.

Now, I just need to walk and relax...not at the same time. :LOL
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Is it really weird that I found my scheduled section (without labour) to far more traumatic and harder to recover from than my emergency section (after 20 hours labour)? I seem to be a minority of one in this...other accounts all seem to find the planned sections to be a better experience, and I just found it hellish and weird and...freaky. Everything in me just screamed "this is not how to have a baby".
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I don't think it's weird - I think that you weren't at peace with the decision and that you didn't feel it was the best way for you to have a baby; when you labored you went through it as much as you could and having a section had to happen. Either way is not wrong, it's just how YOU FEEL about it, ya know? I think you could have 50 babies via c-section and every one of them could be traumatic to you if that's not how you feel it's how to have a baby.

Hope that made sense, I'm working on 3 hours of sleep and a toddler with an ear infection...
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That made perfect sense to me. I just don't feel right about c-sections...and I think the whole planned thing upset me more than I'd realized, as well. I've always felt that a baby coming should be an unpredictable, "it happens when it happens" kind of thing. Setting the date ahead of time (and not ever labouring at all) just felt all wrong...not "the way it's supposed to be". And, honestly - my recovery was longer and worse, which seems a bit unusual based on other accounts I've read.
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Anyone heard from Storm Bride?? I haven't noticed any posting from her so I'm starting to get excited for her....
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I'm still here...been doing a lot of housework today...maybe it's "nesting". My stomasch's a mess todasy, and I'm actually glad of it - hoping it's an early labour thing.
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oooo... I hope so!
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Hooray for babies! No matter how they get here! I am personally feeling very excited about my CS. It is a little weird knowing when baby is coming...I'm not telling anyone though! Haven't even told my hubby yet. I know he wishes it could be a suprise.
The closer I get though, the more freaked out about the surgery and recovery I become. Last time it was an emergency, so I did what I had to do. I didn't have a chance to be freaked out about it. Now the "what if's" are setting in.
Very excited though, just four short weeks untill baby!!! So much to do!! : ahhhh!
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HI...hope you all don't mind me jumping in. My sister in law had an emergency c-section a couple days ago and I would like to send her something (she is in another state) as I know it is a hard process and recovery as well...I was hoping you all might have some suggestions for me....

Thanks so much,
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Honestly, it might sound weird...but I'd send a fruit basket or something. I found it really hard finding the time and energy to eat. I know that's true with a newborn under any conditions, but not being able to stand at the stove or counter for any length of time definitely doesn't help...

If I think of anything else, I'll post again, but that was the first thought that popped into my head.
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Yes.. some type of meals.. or even go in with others and hire help... like a post partum doula.. I know that I would have loved those things..
I wish your sister fast healing, both physically and emotionally..

Lisa... hang in there!!

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Doing okay, chantal. I had a non-stress test today, and it seemed to go okay, although I think baby was asleep - I was almost asleep.

I was awake for several hours last night, and thought it was anxiety, but I'm thinking it might have been hormonal. I had blood-tinged discharge this morning, and I'm kind of queasy, and I feel generally crampy, and I have a backache. So many false alarms that I'm afraid to believe it, but it seems as though labour might actually be getting started.

Both my others came on Fridays - think that means anything?
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When My friend had her baby, we all got together and signed up for a night of bringing them dinner. And it was wonderfull! For a week and a half someone would bring them there dinnner so they did not have to spend the time cooking, and could just enjoy there baby.
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Thanks for the ideas...I'll start checking online to see if there is a local place I can have make a basket of some sort, or maybe even deliver dinner a couple times...

Good luck to you all

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Hope so Lisa!!!

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SB-- I hope you are laboring!!
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Well...even more blood-tinged stuff last night. I am having contractions, but I haven't been able to pin down how far apart they are, and they're really mild. This baby and I are taking our time in getting things happening. Maybe this means that this baby will be a little more calm than my other two. :LOL
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A calm babe would be good
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I'm not sure if it's calm, or just comfortable. But, it doesn't seem to want to leave its current residence. I cannot believe how big I've become...
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:LOL I can imagine!!

So, is your huby as patient as you or has he noticed? My hubby would be like....what, you are due when??
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