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Originally Posted by shannon0218
Go Storm Baby!!!!! Do you think if you go in in labor he'll give you some time to see how you progress????
If labour's well established when I go in tomorrow (eg. regular contractions, etc.), I'm prepared to be moderately belligerent. I know my OB is genuinely concerned, and my family physician even more so. But, if I'm actually in labour, I'm not going to be easily swayed by arguments about how many weeks along I am!!

I think this is going to be at least somewhat healing, no matter what. Although today has left me feeling powerless, I've felt far less like I'm being pushed around than I have in the past. And, a nice snuggle with dd this morning reminded me that I do have two really wonderful children.

Plus, my mom's cousin called tonight to update the family...her daughter (my second cousin, I guess) was expecting twins in June. She had them in April...and only one of them came home. The surviving twin didn't get home until June...two months in hospital...birth weight was 2lb., 11oz. This tells me that I complain too much...
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Originally Posted by Storm Bride
This tells me that I complain too much...

No you don't. At least no more than any other pregnant woman...actually maybe less.
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Sending you peaceful birthing vibes

Hope your birth (no matter which kind ) is a beautiful event for you. Can't wait to hear your update
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SB-- I've been thinking about you all morning. I hope all is well!
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Lisa, I am sending all the postive vibes I can for you!

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Originally Posted by mommamiagal
MY Ob uses spinal -duramorph for her c sections. Why wouldn't a spinal take? I know they can'tr be redosed. Does the epidural stay in your back the whole time with an iv in your hand or back?

You are a cesarean goddess, Thanks for all your advice.
Mine didnt take properly, varying things can happen, like just insertion on whether or not they work properly. I am not the only one here who has had a spinal fail. The epidural cath stays in your back and can be redosed, you can also keep it in up to 24hrs for pain management -- this is what I do so I do not have to take meds that affect my mind or make me sleepy.

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Can you VBAC with a posterior baby??
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Originally Posted by Iriemama96
Can you VBAC with a posterior baby??
I wouldn't if I had never labored before or in a hospital. I would be more likely to try with a midwife who could help with optimal positioning to spin the baby. From what I have read posterior babies can often slow labor and cause pretty bad back labor, also long pushing stages.
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I labored for about 24hrs with #1. But, I may have polyhydraminos as well, so it's not really an option. Just curious.
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Originally Posted by OnTheFence
I wouldn't if I had never labored before or in a hospital. I would be more likely to try with a midwife who could help with optimal positioning to spin the baby. From what I have read posterior babies can often slow labor and cause pretty bad back labor, also long pushing stages.

BTDT both times.. and ended with a c/s both times.. I'd make sure my MW knew how to handle posterior babies and focus on turning them WELL before labor.. I did that the second time.. but I seem to make posterior babies.. and she was malpresenting in other ways that it was impossible for her to get out.. oh well..

The book, Optimal Feotal positioning would be a good resource, perhaps hiring a knowledgeable doula and also taking a Spinning Babies course? If I were to do it again.. I'd make sure I did all 3 of those..

Lisa: hope that all went well.. no matter what..

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Upcoming C-section requiring vertical (classical) incision!

Hi all,

I am looking for data, advice and reassurance from anyone on having a cesarean requiring a vertical incision. Becasue of a fetal abnormality requiring a larger incision, we have no choice and I am really scared of the whole thing. Can anyone help me?

Our baby boy has a very strange abnormality not see before by the fetal-maternal community in Boston. He has what is called a lymphangeoma - a fluid-filled distension under his right arm. It is not a separate growth, but is under his skin. He is 27 weeks at this point and already the width of the distension is 4.75cm. It is between 2/3 and 3/4 the size of this entire abdominal cavity! Like you or I holding a basketball under our arm. He is doing great otherwise (strong heart and system, no concerns about a chromosomal problem) but will require surgery at some point. What the "team" says is that they will have to drain as much fluid as possible by needle before prepping me for the csection. They hope to drain enough to help make the delivery easier on him and me. They have already said they expect this to be difficult. I asked about the repairs and they said they will sew it up in 3 layers. They plan to give a spinal for this (I asked about epidural and they said they prefer the spinal in this case???). I just need reassurance that I am going to be okay at this point. They keep saying how HE will be okay, but what about me? Won't we BOTH be okay? Scary. Any other suggestions or questions we should be asking?
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What a very scary thing to have to go through. I'm sure you will be fine though, I mean the only thing different than a normal C/S is the incision. And they used to use that incision primarily, so it can't be all that bad.
And thats wonderfull that they are so sure about your babys health. I hope you have alot of support from family/friends. A coplicated pregnancy/birth can be so very stressfull.
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I just wanted to tell you mother to mother. That if you have to have a c-section you will be fine. I had two one in 97 and one in05.Altho with this last one i had a slight infection because when the took the staples out it one did not heal good. It was caught and by the grace of god I got meds and the infection cleared up and my incision healed great. It will be ok.
I will keep you in my prayers.
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Thank you both. We haven't told many people yet so we don't have a great support network in place. I just need to keep hearing from people who have had tough cesareans and have been okay and their babies have been okay. I just found this out yesterday so emotionally I am still freaked out, I'm sure with time I will feel better. Thanks for your responses and prayers!

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Originally Posted by rachelr2
I am looking for data, advice and reassurance from anyone on having a cesarean requiring a vertical incision. Becasue of a fetal abnormality requiring a larger incision, we have no choice and I am really scared of the whole thing. Can anyone help me?
I had an emergency C section in April due to a UR with what was essentially a vertical incision. My previous C section scar ruptured and I also ruptured vertically. Honestly, I noticed no difference in my healing between this surgery and my previous C section. I was up and out of bed and walking (slowly) the next day. I had general anesthesia this time and the epidural I had the first time was much, much preferable. But I had no catheter, no IV, had eaten real food and showered within 24 hours of the surgery. Part of this was because my baby was in the NICU, so if I wanted to see her, I had to get out of bed, so the staff was extemely accommodating to me. But I would insist on being up and about as soon as you can.

Also, be sure to take your pain meds as needed. You don't want to get behind on the pain and be chasing it. I spent a miserable second night because I slept through my 2 am pain med dose. I told the nurse the next day to please come and wake me up for the middle of the night dose and she did and that helped tremendously. I did notice that I needed pain meds after I went home longer this time than I did the first time. With my previous CS, I did not need a refill of the Percocet I was discharged with. This time I needed 1 refill, but was off them by about 10 days post surgery. But I was also MUCH more active this time post surgery, again because my little girl was in the NICU and I had to be up and about and walking in order to see her. I think I over did things a bit, but I really didn't have any choice. Definitely take things easy. Be active, but don't overdo it.

If your little one spends time in the NICU (and it sounds like perhaps he might), you may want to consider a plan for how to manage that. Our hospital's NICU is HUGE (largest in the Washington DC metro area) and DH had to run around and make sure I had a wheelchair available for me to use when we were with her (which was about 20 hours a day out of 24). This was more difficult after I had been discharged, but my baby was still in the hospital. Definitely stay as long as possible in the hospital to make it easier to visit your baby in the NICU. The OB offered to discharge me at day 3, but I declined and stayed the full 96 hours because it made it much easier for me to visit her when I was in the same place. The NICU she was in also had fold out beds so that you could sleep in the NICU with your baby if you wanted.

One thing to think about is that if you want to VBAC in the future, a vertical scar is more likely to rupture than the more typical low transverse incision. So it may be almost impossible to find an OB who would take you on as a VBAC candidate, if that is something that might interest you. The rupture stats I have seen for classical C section scars tend to be around 4%. I know that my OB (who is extremely VBAC friendly) wants to do a planned C section prior to labor when and if we are lucky enough to be pregnant again.

Good luck.
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Great info Beth, thanks for joining us.

Rachel, about the anest situation. I would ask questions about how long your doctors typical csections last and how long they expect yours to last. A spinal is a deeper block, but wears off much faster than an epidural. While your doctor may prefer to operate with a spinal, there is no reason they can't do an epidural on you if you are concerned about the length of surgery or would like continunous pain relief after surgery that you can get with an epidural. Duramorph in the spinal though is a good way to go if you do get the spinal. Some of us here have had both and there are varying opinions on which is best.

Also, know that your baby and you can have a good experience even with a csection. I've done it twice after a horrific experience. I personally believe planning is key.

When are you due? Will they want to take the baby at a certain gestational age?

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Hi mamas,
I recently went for my first OB visit for my second baby. I had DS via c/s on the 4th day of labor, nonprogressing for 3 days in spite of frequent (5-15 min apart) contractions the whole time, then they gave me pitocin. During 2 hours of pushing they determined I had developed preeclampsia, so they "shut me down" and did a c-section about 1-2 hours later.

DS was malpositioned, head tipped back instead of tucked. But while on the operating table waiting for some blood test to come back I really felt the urge to poop/push so I think he might have been ready at that point. When he was delivered, he had a huge red ring on his forehead from being lodged in the pelvis and they actually had a little difficulty getting him out.

My epidural did not take well during the section and so they put me under. I had the shakes badly for about 4 days, including days 3 and 4 of labor and then the first 2 days after.

My OB is recommending a scheduled c/s at 39 weeks for several reasons, and would like to hear opinions about this from you all. I am older, will be 42 when baby #2 arrives. She says that my labor will likely be as long and hard the second time around. I also have about 70% risk of getting pre-e again. We also have had numerous miscarriages, so she prefers to be more cautious than she would be with a younger mom who had had no problems.

She would allow me to try a VBAC if labor started on its own, but is concerned that I would just end up with a c/s again. They won't use pitocin this time.

It took me 2 months to feel normal again after DS c/s due to the preeclampsia swelling, and I had some kind of weird gallbladder thing happen where I had lovely bright yellow diarrhea (sorry tmi) for about 5 weeks too. I also had a lot of trouble w/ bf in part due to the pre-e meds, and ended up pumping.

I guess I'm wondering about likelihood of ending up with general anesthesia again, getting such bad shakes again, about ability to bf (nurse, not pump) successfully, thoughts about scheduling early vs. attempting VBAC first.

This will be our last child, if that matters.

Sorry for such a long post - I am only recently beginning to process all that happened now that we're pg again. Thanks for any thoughts on all this.
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I had my c/s nearly a year ago now. I had placenta previa and fibroids and had been in and out of hospital with heavy bleeding four the previous 6 weeks

The recovery wasn't as bad as I though it might be, I was able to walk short distances on the second day although I found it difficult to lay down until about day 4. Mostly I was worried that I would't be able to get up again. Ferinatly keep up woth the pain meds, there were a few times that I didn't and I regretted it.I came home after 4 days although DD was in NICU for another couple of weeks. For me it was better to come home, we live quite close to the hospital so were able to visit several easily and I found it upsetting to be around the other mums with babys and to be woken by them in the night. It was a difficult descision though and very strange to come home without her.

If you think there is a good chance of your baby needing to go to NICU I would highly recomend going to see it if you can. I found it really hard waiting in recervery for the anasthetic to wear off not "knowing" where DD was. I think I would have found seeing the place before helpful.

Like greenmansions I'm only really beginging to process this as we start thinging about having another baby. At the time it was just something we had to do and there was no time really to think about it.
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I had pre-e with my first as well and ended in a section. My son and I also had a severe infection so he was in a "plastic bubble" for three days and could not nurse. It was EXTEMELY difficult to establish nursing. But not impossible, it took us three months to really get it down. I also developed severe gall stones as a result of the pregnancy and my gall bladder had to be removed. Although I waited untill DS could stay with dad for a few hours (about 7 months).
Point being, BF is not impossible, difficult maybe but not impossible. I am pregnant with DS#2 right now and I am strongly recomended to have another C/S due to some extremly high fluid levels. But otherwise, I would try for VBAC.
But, before I ever found out about the complication, I really just felt that I was supposed to have a section. Something about a VBAC just didn't sit easily, my body told me that it was not a safe thing to do. So really, all in all, do what feels right to you.
and age had nothing to do with my problems, I was pregnant at 21 and delivered at 22. This time around I will deliver at 24.
Good luck with this very difficult decision, it took me seven months to make it!
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I had PIH with my first (150/100) and a c/s because of failure to progress and transerse attest.. I was determined to have a VBAC with baby #2 and was concerned about PIH again.. I found a great OB/MW practice that was very proactive about PIH etc with suppliments and diet.. and was great. I didn't get my VBAC (you can read why in Sophia's birth story.. link posted earlier..a page back or so).
Greenmansions.. if you want a VBAC.. (my opinion here) maternal age, risk for PE or PIH, past labor experiences and MC risk really would not sway ME from trying for a VBAC but you have to do what you feel is best for you and your baby..

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