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AAAARRRGGGHHHHH @#$%%*&@#$!!!!

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I was SO encouraged yesterday when my midwife said I was in labor...to be fair, very early labor, but labor none the less. She said my cervix was "paper thin"... she FELT THE BABY'S HEAD.... and I am 4cm dialated... had contractions all day yesterday, they even got stronger in the evening with some back pain... I was like woo hoo... my mom and sister came over... it was cool (midwife was still at home waiting for closer contractions)...it was a regular friggin slumber party...


Absolutely freaking nothing.

I mean, I am trying to be patient, but when your midwife acts ALL excited after the check and is like "I really expect this baby within 24 hours!" ... ya expect the baby in 24 hours!!!!

Seriously, I love my midwife, she is really cool and wonderful and I have no doubt that she thinks I am really close... but I am getting impatient!!!!!!!!

She suggested trying some tinctures (blue and black cohosh and cotton root bark) but I am not really into that at this point... I am not even a week *late* yet but man...I will be willing to try them in a few days if this kid doesn't get moving here...

Just wanted to let you guys (the few of you left!!!) that you are still not alone!
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Big hugs to you, Crunchy. Sending you speedy labor vibes.
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I KNOW Your frustration!! I was there yesterday. Today I am much better.
Why do these babies know how to make us crazy already?!?! LOL!
See my post under still pregnant. I am still here. I am glad I am not alone.

(On a different note, MY SISTER GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!! I guess I need to forgive her for interupting my nap! Got a surge when she did call though! Sitting down no less!)
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Me too!! I am still here, although loosing some mucuos Hurray

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Hang in there mamas!
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Sorry I haven't posted for a little while now, but I'm still very much here. Now that it's June, I'm definitely getting very itchy (literally and figuratively) for the baby to arrive. On Monday, I was having some strongish contractions, so I thought that was it. Since then, I've been having BHs around the clock, with stronger ones at times. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but it's so hard not to get my hopes up when things start to speed up! I feel for you all . . . as Anna said, let's chant the mantra "my baby will be born on her birth date" and try to have no preconceptions about when that should be (much easier said than done, I know, I keep fixating on June 2 and 3 or maybe, I say, the 4th would be okay).

That said, I'm off to eat the California Pizza Kitchen salad today (supposed to induce labor), as I'm trying all of the "safe" natural inducers at this point.
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I'm just a lurker, but sending you ALL labor vibes

I seem to do a start stop labor thing when I birth. The thing that seems to make my labor stop is an audience. The way I finally got my DD to come was by not telling anyone I was in labor, except for my DH. After two "false alarms" we weren't even calling the MW until I was well near the end. She ended up only being at our birth for 45 minutes... of course she was there the two days before, too! :LOL

Best wishes. Your baby will come. I just hope it's tonight for your sake!
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