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Dh and I did decide to press charges. This whole thing has been upsetting enough, but we don't want him to get away with it and do it to someone else. Thanks so much for all the support.

I would like to also apologize if I offended anyone earlier w/ my use of the words "ghetto" or "cracker". I meant no racial or prejudice use in these words. In reality these guys were not all african american, nor were they all white or hispanic. I used these words in the wrong context and did not mean to upset anyone with using them so loosely! It was brought to my attention that I may have upset some people. Thanks to those mamas who corrected me!
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So sorry your dh had to go through all that. I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt! Keep us updated on what's going on.
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How scary for your DH. No one deserves that. It's okay about the words, strong feelings of fear and anger often bring strong language, I know you didnt mean anything by it. I hope your DH recovers soon (emotionally as well as physically) and that you don't allow this fear to overtake your life.
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Beth, I'm so sorry that happened to you. My husband was jumped once too, also by three guys. It's terrifying and sickening. I'm so glad that your husband will be okay.

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I am just sick about this. Please keep us posted on what happens
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How scary! I hope your DH has a quick recovery!
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OMG I am so sorry!
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I'm sorry this happened to him (and you!). It is so sad that people like that exist in our world.
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I'm so sorry that happened!!That is absolutley horrifying.
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How scary!! I am glad he is okay but that is definately horrifying! I hope he heals quickly!
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to you and your dh. How scarey! I hope he heals quickly!
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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm glad that your DH is doing well. It's scary what some people will do.
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when i was in jr high that happened to my best friends stepdad. kids were throwing rocks at passing cars and he stopped to lecture them. middle of the day, in public. same sort of thing. he ended up in a coma for i think 2 weeks. i am glad your DH is ok. i hate stuff like that. it is so scary to press charges cuz you just get scared. s
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How awful! Best thoughts for a smooth recovery.
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to you and your DH. What is this world coming to?
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Hugs and healing vibes to you all...
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I'm so sorry this happened. I'm glad you're pressing charges. I hope he has a speedy recovery. I also hope he's able to talk about it enough to process it...it sounds pretty traumatic.

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OMG! How scarey!

Are you doing ok?

I thought my dh was just paranoid but he is ALWAYS on the lookout. We've been attacked once while in our car and never again do I sit anywhere not at attention!

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Oh my goodness!! I'm glad your dh is ok and is safe at home now!
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I'm so sorry this happened to your dh.
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