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How to not be sensitive to nasty bug poison...

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Okay, I NEVER post here but I'm hoping some one has some advice. I should have come sooner! BUT... We have an ant situation. We have red ants, carpenter ants, runofthemill little ants, and the most beautiful of all the FLYING FREAKIN' ANT. We've tried every nat'l solution under the sun to rid our house of these little "buggers", to no avail. Today my dh came home w/ spray and let 'em have it. I come home a 1/2 hour later and our house reeks of the poison stuff! I have cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome) and one thing is that I'm ultra uber so so so sensitive to toxins (like bugspray). And I feel sick now. My color is high and I have a headache. I went thru and washed all of our walls and vacuumed the carpet and did the windows... what can I do to help my body not get sick from this stuff?
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I'm sorry to hear you got sick from this.

* You want to avoid exposures to chemicals. You must either get your husband to support you in this effort or do something drastic so you don't get "hit" with something like this again.
* Additional chemical exposures will make you more sensitive to chemical exposure. If you have mild sensitivies now, they could become moderate or severe.
* You may never be able to remediate the objects in your home that were contaminated with ant pesticide. You may have to get rid of things, avoid those rooms, or move. Otherwise, you will stay in your home, getting sicker and sicker from the constant pesticide exposure.
* There are ways to "deal" with your health reactions to chemical exposures. People with multiple chemical sensitivities do a lot of different things. The simplest thing is to drink lots of water. Beyond that, you will want to investigate on your own.
* Immune Web is one place where people with a variety of forms of multiple chemical sensitivity (CFS, GWS, FMS (fibromyaglia), EI, EMS, etc.) discuss how to avoid chemical exposures and how to "detox" from a particular exposure. The link is http://www.immuneweb.org/

* Notably, many pesticides have a long "half-life," especially indoors. In places where DDT was sprayed in the 1960s, more than 30 years after it has been banned, it is still found today indoors on carpets at levels considered dangerous to children.

* My all-time favorite resource is this book:
Creating a Healthy Household: the hultimate guide for healthier, safer, less-toxic living by Lynn Marie Bower.

Good luck!
-- Caitlin
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