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which way is your baby lying?

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I think this little tyke is lying transverse with head to the right and kicks to the left...this may expain the sciatic pain I am having on my right side. I think when I had my last appointment it was just the opposite as they found the hb on the left side...

All of my babies so far have gone head down by around 26weeks...and I could always tell because the kicking was up in my ribs.

where is your baby right now?
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This one was transverse but I think is staying vertex now. My sides haven't been aching and I haven't felt a little bulge in my right side for several days now. Oh..and it's harder to bend over now.

At the u/s yesterday he was vertex but rolled anterior, to posterior and back to anterior. :LOL

The majority of movement/kicks are in my left side (feet) and down low (hands). Every now and then I feel a little bump at the top but the placenta is up there and anterior so I don't feel much of the movement there.

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Well, this baby definitely moves around a lot. But I'm feeling hands down low (likes to use my bladder as a punching bag), and I feel kicks up higher, sometimes on the left sometimes on the right. But then sometimes I feel kicks on the side, so this baby still has room to do cartwheels I think. It seems like the baby is spending more time head down though, but likes to turn to one side.
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he seriously never stops turning. he doesn't spend a day in one position. this morning (about an hour or two ago) he was laying sideways with his head to the right and his feet to the left and his butt sticking wayyyy out. :LOL but now he's shifted back to having his head really low and his feet really high. but yeah. he moves quite often.
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always transverse or breech. Most often breech. Feet on lower right especially!
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mine's transverse at 22 weeks. Head on the right, legs on the left. Sometimes I feel little kicks or punches low in the pelvis but I can feel the head under my ribs always.
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Wow, you mamas sound like such experts. How can you tell which way the baby is? I feel her/him alot, but have no idea what body parts they might be.
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I don't feel the baby that much yet, so I have no clue where he/she is lying. it was wierd yesterday at my ultrasound to watch the baby move around so much, but I didn't feel any of it.
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I second the question - how do you know? I really want to know, because if the baby is in a position that is causing this sciatica, and I could do exercises to change it... Oh, that would be good.
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transverse - her head is usually on the left although she does flip around a lot! But as far as I can tell she is almost always transverse.
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Well, I get kicks in the same place every single time. Nice hard ones that people can feel from the outside. Right above my pubic bone, on the right side of my pelvis.

This is TMO, but particularly when I have an orgasm, the baby seems to clench up because of the uterine contractions during the orgasm. I can feel the baby lump. What I percieve to be the butt and the head. The butt is on my lower left, and the head is slightly above and to the left of it, maybe about even with my bellybutton but way over on the left.

My midwife palpates my uterus to feel baby parts and see how baby is laying when I am at appointments, so she has helped me feel the baby parts too.

Usually much later in pregnancy, I can tell you how baby is laying. My last two have gone head down early in third tri and havent moved, with the feet up between my ribs, the knees on my middle right, the butt way over on the right, and the head engaged in the pelvis, sort of in a Z-type arrangement. Grace would even stick her foot way out on my right side and I could put my fingers around the length of her foot when she did it.

It is very uncomfortable when the baby decides to go transverse, since it is pushing out on the right and the left. Your uterus looks more like an egg standing on end then a circle, so when baby is transverse, he is pushing those sides of the egg way out.
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You are true experts! I never ever thought about this but you all seem to know...I never thought it was such a big deal but now I'm thinking that it might be?? At my u/s the other day the baby was lying on his/her side with head on my left and feet on right. I'm not feeling the baby very much at all soo...I'm not much aware of it right now. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to palpate and feel more!
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I just had my ultrasound last week, and he was labelled transverse, but I swear he moved from one end to the other and back again while we were there. I'm not too worried, because I have heard they can change position pretty late in the game. Right now, he's just got a lot of room to move, and seems to like laying on his back. I kinda figured he was lying transverse because I could feel movement at the sides of my uterus, instead or top or bottom.

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well, i'm no expert on position but i can feel the outline of the baby's head and the pressure under my ribs on the right side so that's how i know where babe is sitting. also midwife and ultrasound confirmed it. it feels nearly empty in the middle of my uterus, very soft, and a little bit of a bump on the left side
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Originally Posted by Bookworm
I second the question - how do you know? I really want to know, because if the baby is in a position that is causing this sciatica, and I could do exercises to change it... Oh, that would be good.

I have been doing the recommendations on spinning babies to relieve the sciatic pain I have been having...it seems to be working...

Butt in air, no reclining seems to be most helpful so far
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There is pretty good info at www.spinningbabies.com to help you decipher what's what. Honestly, this early in pregnancy I haven't a clue as to what is hitting me where. I can say for sure that she's over on the right 90% of the time, because that's where all the movement is coming from. But she has rolled around to transverse a couple of times. Later, like 3rd trimester, it becomes more obvious what's what. I honestly can't explain how I knew, even in my first pregnancy. I just did. As the mama of two who tried to walk out into the world, I can say without hesitation that a foot in the cervix feels exactly like a foot in the cervix.
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Okay, so if it looks like the "mass" of the baby, which I am guessing is the back and butt, is on the left, why is all the movement on the left? I would think her little arms and legs would make it feel more toward the center or toward the right? I am pretty sure she flipped over to the right in the night last night, and sure enough, I started feeling all the movement on the right. That doesn't make much sense to me... Can anyone explain?

Also, does it kind of hurt when they change positions?
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It doesn't hurt when they change positions...although this morning he woke me up rolling around :LOL He was head down for the last day or so and then all of a sudden he decided to bunch up across my belly and then all across my left side, head up. It was strange. He must have rolled and punched and kicked and whatever else for like, 15 minutes. Hope he's comfy now
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I knew this one was transverse b/c: where the kicks were - my left hip, flutters down low and near my cervix (hands), when he stretched I could feel his head in my side, my sides ached, down near my pubic bone my belly was "mushy", and it was easy to bend over at the waist. :LOL

I was surprised to see he was vertex on Tuesday! Now that he is tho I can tell by feeling my belly and by the movement. His butt is right in the middle between/under my ribs, and still getting fluttery movement down low where his hands are, and I can kinda feel his head if I palpate near my pubic bone.

I did feel my 3rd dd change positions. It hurt a little bit....like pinching.
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