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The hardest thing about being a sahsm, IMO, is the resentment towards dsd's mom. There were many times when, on her designated night, she would get off work early or stay home sick and not even say anything and just pick dsd up at the "scheduled" time, and I got SOOOO resentful when I found out. I felt really used. God there are so many issues here. I could write a book.
Lets write one together! We have tons of issues here!

I know what you mean about the about when Dss's bio-mom argued left & right to have him for a week and the night before her "week" was to begin, my DH called her to ask her what time she was picking him up (she's 4 states away) and she said "oh it's this week" :

and even worse, she did come but gave him "back" to us after 3 days because her morning sickness got the best of her. Too bad....I had morning sickness and took care of your son day in & day out while I was newly pregnant! ARGHH