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Only 4w2d but bloating, light achy/stretchy feeling, thirst and hunger. That "I just ate a big meal but could eat another one!" kind of hunger. Annoying! (but better than the hunger AND nausea at the same time kind of hunger) Breast soreness & swelling. DS elbowed me while nursing and I just screamed OWWWWWW!
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I am STARVING coupled with feeling on the verge of nausea all the time. I can't understand how my body could possibly need so much food. I feel like I never have more than an hour to just relax before I feel ravenous again. It's weird, too, because it feels like stuffing my face is the only thing that makes the nausea recede, yet almost nothing is appetizing to me. So far, the only two things I've found that seem to work are yogurt and oatmeal. Can a pregnant woman live on only yogurt and oatmeal?

Other symptoms (that don't bother me nearly as much):
- swollen and slightly sore breasts
- stomach activity, including cramps
- a little extra thirst
- a slightly increased need to pee
- general lack of energy (but not actual fatigue)
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Originally Posted by fiandaca
Can a pregnant woman live on only yogurt and oatmeal?
From my experience in my first pregnancy, you can survive for at least 2 months while keeping very, very little food down except sharp cheddar and crackers, the occasional plain McDonalds kiddie cheeseburger, and a scoop of mashed potatoes here and there. It's far from optimal, but as long as you're keeping something down each day that has protein in it, you can get by for a little while...and eventually you DO get your appetite back and can gain ample weight and have a normal-sized baby.

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Well, I made some vegetable soup this evening and got that down without a problem. Perhaps I'm expanding my diet! Nonetheless, it's good to know I can still have a healthy baby even if I have very limited food options. Thanks, Carol!
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