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any vegan 1st b-day cake ideas?

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A woman in our LLL group has a son who is approaching his 1st birthday. She really would love for him to have a bite of cake. Dairy free, sugar free. Any suggestions, mamas?
Thanks, Tamara
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I remember making a cake for a little friend who had diabetes....i can't remember the name of the cookbook, but the author is well-known and is macrobiotic...she even puts out a mag and cooking show....uugh,just can't think of the name of it....christine something???Sorry...but maybe this will ring a bell for someelse!!!!!!!!!!!!:

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Mamapoppins, you're thinking of Christina Pirello.

Vegan first birthday cake... there are some great recipes in the following cookbooks:

How it all Vegan
Dairy free and Delicious

Or, take a regular cake recipe and substitute the following:

use margarine instead of butter
use rice or soy milk instead of cow's milk
use maple syrup or fructose instead of sugar
use Ener-G egg replacer instead of eggs

I have had the best success simply veganizing old non-vegan cake recipes.
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vegan bday cake

I have triplets that are turning one this month. I will be making them Oatmeal Cake. It is wheat & dairy free, and also very yummy.


1 C Oats
1 C Water
1/2 C Margarine
*Heat* Then Add:
1 T Energ Egg Replacer Dissolved in 4T Water
1/2 C Maple Syrup
1 t Vanilla

*Combine in Separate Bowl*

1 C Oat Flour
1 C Rice Flour
1 t Cinnamon
1/4 t Baking Soda
1/4 t Salt

*Add Wets to Dries*

Bake at 350 in 8x11 pan for 35-40 minutes (check center with fork)

The frosting is a blend of Maple Syrup, Coconut, Dates & Pecans

My kids don't eat any of this stuff yet so I think I am going to experiment with Dates and Rice Dream whipped together...If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know. (We don't eat tofu.)

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That sounds yummy. What do you think about using arrowroot instead of the egg replacer? What abt replacing the margerine? Thanks for the idea!

By the way, this is the first time I've been on the computer since I posted the request -THANKS
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We have been making birthday cakes for years from a reciepe I found in the old LLL cookbook. It is called Wacky Carob Cake. It may not be in the new addition of Whole Foods For The Whole Family, so see if your group has a copy of the original edition in their Library. Wacky Carob Cake is in the middle section, pink pages; the children's cookbook.

I use whole wheat pastry flour and honey to sweeten it, but if you don't want to give your baby honey you could use real maple syurp or barley malt. You might even try frozen fruit juice concentrate.

Happy birthday and happy eating!

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