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DH is coming home.

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Too much to go into but it turned out to be a bad situation there in Taiwan - very corrupt.

So he is coming home. I am so excited to see him but the whole thing is such a let down. We thought it was going to be different - a really good opportunity and it turns out that its not like what he thought it would be. I am so, so, so proud of him for being an upstanding moral guy while there when he had the chance to really not be - financially.

At least he made some money - he was there a month. But now he has to find another team and we are back to square one.

Another good thing is that where ever he plays it will be WAAAAY closer than Taiwan so chances are he wont miss the birth which makes me very happy.

Please think good thoughts for us that another opportunity comes up soon!
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Morgan, I'm glad to hear that he is on his way home and that he won't compromise his morals. Sorry it didn't work out as planned...but these things happen. Fingers are crossed for a better (stateside) opportunity.
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That's so great, he'll be home!!!!
all the other stuff will work out in time. I'm just so glad you'll all be together.

Sending good team opportunity vibes to him/you all!
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I'm sorry it didn't work out, but glad he's coming home!
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Think it's great he's coming him - if he was my dh I'd be really proud of him too!
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It's too bad things didn't work out, but I'm glad he's coming home. I know you've missed him so much ... it's great you guys can be together now.

EDD 7/29/05
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There is probably a better reason why things didn't work out, when one door closes, another opens!
Glad he will be home!
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