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It's June, let's chat!

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I just posted on the May chat thread but thought I'd start a new one for June since I'm nak

Not much going on here...DH and I are shopping for a new car because our old one probably won't survive another winter and has several known saftey issues like broken seatbelts. We loved that car because it's been really reliable, a 91 toyota tercell, but with 2 doors and 2 kids, it's gotta go.

We'd love a hybrid SUV but at $40,000 they don't really pay for themselves in terms of gas savings IMO. Not like I could afford that anyway....

I'm considering a Honda civic hybrid, anyone have any feedback on these?
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I can't believe it's June already! Evan was 14# on Tuesday! So far he's had two weeks when he gained a pound a week, and he's never gained less than half a pound!! He's almost outgrown his 3 month clothes. he can wear some of his Medium size diapers, and his infant prefolds are getting snug

We had an average birth weight of 8# 5oz!! Even with some of these kiddos coming so early. I bet you won't see that on any mainstream groups!

I'm still working on our birth story. It's hard to get more than a minute or two at the computer, so it's taking a while. Also, the NICU part is more emotional than I thought it would be and I keep rewriting.

Should we move over to Life With a Babe or keep posting here for another month?
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Hi, ladies. I was going to post on the May thread, but decided this was better . I can't believe it is June, WOW. I weighed Lillian on our bathroom scale and she weiged 11.4 lbs, both of my other girls have been little bit and slow gainers, so this big baby is really different. She is almost too small for infant prefolds and my 22 month old did not outgrow them untill a little over 6 months and is conmfotably fitting into FCB size 1s which her sister can still fit into :0

natashaccat - good luck with the car search. We have a suburban : but I love it . We need 4-wheel drive rig because of where we live and I love the space. It's not too hard to drive, but it is what I learned to drive in because my parents had one. We also have a 4-door truck, but I wanted a bigger car with 3 in car seats.
With on 2 kids left at home, my mom got a honda something 4-door car and LOVES it. It also gets really good milage.

liawbh - congrats on your big boy too. Good luck on writing your birth story. You will be so glad that you did it. I love to go back and read my DD#2 story and wish I had done one for #1.

Now that our babies are getting older, is anyone interesting in a nursing neckalce bead swap? I started a thread about this awhile ago so look toward the bottom of the page if you are interested. I need a new nursing necklace and would love to have one that was made by my "friends" and know all the supportinve thoughts and feelings that went into it.
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natashacatt, my parents have owned a few hondas and they have always been great cars. dh and i have a suburu that we love. Boy I wish I would have found mdc and "met" you last year. We were ready to move to Fairbanks but were still researching some things. We talked to a lot of people but no one with small kids so I was leary when dh was trying to convince me to move to a small cabin with no running H20 (we lived without it before fine, but that was before kids). I couldn't find any other moms to tell me that they thought it would work. The other problem was we couldn't find someone to rent to us because most of the places had open lofts and they wouldn't rent to us with a 2 year old. anyway there were actually some bigger reasons that kept us from moving but now we have the option of trying it again. Not sure yet what we'll do.

Well..dh and I did the thing this weekend. It didn't hurt bad at all..a little sore but...not bad

Hope everyone is getting some warm weather. IT is balmy here and mosquitoes are loving my babies. poor dd has a big bite on her forehead and ds is covered
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Hi All,
Sorry I have been MIA - looks like everyone is doing well.

We took ds to the doc yesterday and everything looks great. He was a little over 12 pounds and is in the 75% for weight. He too is growing right out of the 3 month clothes. It is so darn hot I hesitate putting them on him because they are a little snug.

Speaking of moving......

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE says prayers for us. DH and I just bid on a house but it is on a community plot and we need board approval to be able to purchase it. The plot is owned by a church, and we are Muslim, and even though the "technically" can't descriminate it could be a reason to not approve us. It is really an *almost* perfect place. It is a little small but will definetly get us through until the kids are between 8-10. It is a 45 minute train ride in NYC for DH commute and it had great schools!
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Originally Posted by Qerratsmom
The other problem was we couldn't find someone to rent to us because most of the places had open lofts and they wouldn't rent to us with a 2 year old. anyway there were actually some bigger reasons that kept us from moving but now we have the option of trying it again. Not sure yet what we'll do.
Gosh, it would be really fun to meet you, our older kiddos are just about the same age too. Fairbanks is awesome, mostly because people here are so nice.

I'm supprised that it was so hard to find a place w/o an open loft. Is a loft with stairs and a fence/rail around the opening OK? This is what we have and I've seen lots of other cabins w/ similiar lofts. When dd was smaller we dragged her playpen (not with her in it of course) across the opening as needed to keep her from going down the stairs. I know lots of other people who have done waterless w/young kids, really IMO, lack of space is harder to deal with than lack of water. Not sure if you would need daycare but that can be really hard to get also.
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Madalyn will be 4 weeks tomorrow. Things are going absolutely fantastically! Three kids is easier than I thought it would be. Ds does really well with having a baby sister. I was a bit nervous since he's been such a cuddly, sometimes clingy child.

Madalyn is gaining about half a lb a week. Last time we weighed, a bit over a week ago she was 9 lbs 6 oz. She was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth and got down to 8 lbs 4 oz. She nurses so well. And sleeps great at night, almost too great. She goes between 4-6 hours at night. She is starting to smile when we talk to her. SHe hates to lay down if she is awake. She has to be sitting up. She has had amazing head control since birth. If she is leaning back she will pull her head forwards until she has pulled her body into an upright position. SHe rarely cries, only if she's hungry. She is such an easy baby.

We are adjusting beautifully!
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I can't believe how fast the time is going by! Evan is already 7 weeks! He's such a mellow, happy dude.

THis morning he was laying on his tummy for some naked time, and I went to the bathroom. When I came back, he had turned 90 degrees
He can hold his head higher than his bottom when on his tummy, and holds his head up himself since birth.

He's almost 15 pounds :LOL Most of his small diapers and covers are outgrown.

I'm glad everyone is doing well. Hopefully I'll be back on here more now that he can handle NAKing.
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Madalyn will be 4 weeks tomorrow. Things are going absolutely fantastically! Three kids is easier than I thought it would be. Ds does really well with having a baby sister. I was a bit nervous since he's been such a cuddly, sometimes clingy child.
What's your secret? My dd1 is having a really tough time adjusting, esp when I'm nusrsing which seems like all of the time these days. She loves being a big sister and really likes the baby but she's been expressing quite a bit of inappropriate behaviors toward dh and I. I'm doing my best to spread out the attention but man, it's hard when DD2 wants to spend so much time nursing.

DD2 is also gaining like a champ, not sure of her weight but she sure feels heavy and squishy. She's sleeping for 6-8 hr stretches but napping less and less during the day. Poor kid she really wants to be in a quiet household with a nice nursing-napping routine and the rest of us are chronic chaos people. She's so different from dd1 I feel like a new Mom all over again. I feel bad because sometimes she cries and cries while I bumble around trying to figure out what's wrong and it'll turn out to be something really obvious like she just needed to burp or sometimes she'll be totally happy nursing and I'll have to stop her in order to fuss at one of the dogs or keep dd1 from killing herself in some fashion.
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I'm having a bit of a challenge with ds since we brought dd home too. He loves his sister and is very careful and loving toward her but he has become a real challenge for dh and I sometimes. This morning was an especially bad one . I just hope it passes soon. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane is the fact that dd is so layed back and takes nice naps and sleeps good at night. I understnad the feeling of becoming a mom all over again. My two are so different, its very interesting to me and I truly believe now that babies are born who they are. They are physically very differnt too. ds was always in like the 25th percentile for weight. Dd had her 2 month appointment yesterday she is 13.10 lb!! She doesn't fit in any of the stuff ds was wearing at this age. Overall things are going well though despite ds's renewed clinginess and love of nursing (he was almost weaned before dd now he wants it all the time. I am trying to be patient but I am setting limits for my own sanity). I just wish they would get on the same nap schedule! Oh well! I guess it gives me some one on one with each of them and dh will just have to live with a messy house (he's a neat freak, i'm not the only real battle in our relationship LOL).

Natashacatt- I'll let you know if we end up in your parts. the small house part was always my biggest concern too (Tim's family was freaking about no water but I figured I could probably do that but hte thought of being trapped in a 16 by 20 cabin in the winter with a 2 year old (and now a baby) well I'm a bit nervous. I'm currently a sahm so sometimes its hard to meet people in new places and we only have one car...Anyway I guess sometimes you just have to throw yourself into something and see how it goes. We've lived in Ak before but now with kids it seems harder to leave our families in Michigan.
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Natashaccat, I don't know how I do it. I never thought it would be like this. I'm just very grateful.

Today wasn't so good. We had satellite installed and it took HOURS. I had a migraine so I just let the kids run all over I didn't really care what they did as long as it wasn't dangerous. As soon as the guy left I put dd1 in her bed (She goes there first and then comes to my bed after the babies are asleep unless she is already asleep) and took the younger two to my bed. Dd2 was asleep. As soon as I got ds asleep she woke up. I could not get her to go back to sleep. FInally I did, then dd1 woke up screaming and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. By this time I was in tears. I had to call dh and beg him to come home from work. I was in so much pain. But things got better after my caffiene kicked in and I got a nap. See, this is what happens when I say it's been easy.
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How's everyone doing? Must be pretty busy. We are getting ready to move, where? Not sure yet. Its pretty scary at this point. Regards to everyone as our newborns turn into babies!
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We're doing ok. The last two weeks have been significantly harder than the first four. I was getting very overwhelmed. I finally decided to *hire* my 12 year old sister to come over for a few hours a few times a week. It's been much easier. SHe mostly entertains my older two while I take a shower, do a bit of cleaning, take a nap, meet Madalyn's needs, whatever I need to do.

Mady is 6 weeks today. She is very smilie. We were having a problem, but I finally corrected it. She started screaming during or after every feeding. It was horrible. She was screaming in her hurt cry. Finally with the help of some mamas on the breastfeeding board I realised she wasn't latched on quite right all the time and was getting a lot of air. So she had gas pains. Since then (it'sonly been two or three days) it has gotten MUCH better.

I'm a bit nervous. I think I might be attempting to grocery shop today. I haven't gone anywhere other than the park and my mom's house with all three kids by myself. I'm kinda scared.
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I'm still here went back to work this week . I have a great job and really missed all the action but I'm sure missing my dd's.

Logistics have been a bit crazy because my dh works nights but so far so good. I've started enforcing mandatory nap and bedtimes for dd1. She's not too happy about that but is sooo much more pleasant overall as a result. I feel kinda dumb for not doing this sooner.
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