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:bounc yYay! Madison's Having A... :bgbounc e

edited to add: Ok, I don't know why all the smilies didn't work?? But, hopefully you can tell how exuberantly overjoyed I am at your pregnancy! Congrats!
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I am a long time lurker and I just wanted to say how happy I am for you!! Congratulations. You will be a great mom. You should print out this thread for your dd or ds's baby book!
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Aack! One disadvantage to being off-line for the most part is that I missed the big news when you announced it. Well, in any case, a belated huge, huge congratulations, and I am so very happy for you.

We've all been waiting for this moment with you! It seems so long overdue. Much love to you.

Oh, and we relate to insurance woes. We have new insurance that only pays 80% of all my diabetic supplies, as well as hospital stays, etc. With this kind of care, I can't afford to stay alive LOL. One way or another, we'll both figure it out.

Again, I am so very happy for you and look forward to hearing all about your journies.

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congrats madison. it sure is great when one sticks. especially when you get a better donor than you thought : )

the insurance stuff is not so great, but you'll probaby forget all about it after a few months (well, you won't remeber anything, isn't that a happy thought?)

good luck with eating and everything.
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I'm new to the boards, so I don't know your whole story, but congratulations!! It only took me six tries to get pregnant (but the second try was a very early miscarriage and I had to wait an extra month to try again).

Anyway, enjoy your pregnancy! I know what you're going through, wondering what the baby will look like (with the unknown donor factor). I, too, felt that way. Well, my son is the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen. And yes, I am biased, but I have had enough other people tell me he is exceptionally good looking that I know it's not just me (ha ha).

Actually, it's funny. He looks so much like me as a baby (he's cuter, I think), I wonder how much the donor figured into it at all. Of course looks change over time. Good luck with everything!
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CONGRATULATIONS, Madison! I'm very rarely online anymore, but what great news to find on this rare visit! Enjoy every moment as much as possible. It's amazing how fast it flys by. I'm looking at a three year birthday coming up soon!

Treat yourself great!

(We almost met in Oregon!)
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HOOSKY! Wow, a blast from the past I still regret not meeting, LOL! Thank you very much for the well wishes, I'm as happy as a pig in mud!

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Originally posted by madison
HOOSKY! Wow, a blast from the past
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O*H* M*Y* G*O*D*D*E*S*S!!!

woooo hoooo hooo!!!!!!!!
i was just thinking of you this weekend and wondering if you were inseminating or pg. so i decided to come here and check and what do i find???? congratulations, madison. what a long journey it has been to this blessed event.

i wish you a happy, healthy, (relatively) comfortable pregnancy. i just hit 20 weeks myself.

are you sure your insurance won't reimburse til after the birth? our MW uses something called the midwives billing service (MBS) that apparently a lot of homebirth MWs use. she bills for things in bunches, not all at the end. for instance, she is billing now for the visists we have had so far. so altho her fee is $3000 all together for everything including the birth (sheesh, sister...$4500!!!! damn L.A. midwives!! ) she bills as though each visit is seperate (she actually has a seperate fee for each visit, and for the birth). something to look into. our insurance sucks...we're hoping to get 70% back, but are not counting on it. luckily we got a good deal on our doula. it is all very very worth it to have the birth we want.

much love to you.
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hey there


We are preggie too - no 2 due end of july!!
Go well Madison

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Bunnys Mama ~ hey there woman! I've been thinking about you. I tried emailing you but obviously I did something wrong and it returned to me. You're 20 week? How wonderful!!! Congratulations! We'll have to visit this next summer or fall I should probobly be making a trip up there, I hope.

Happy pg vibes, Claire

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HUGE CONGRATS to you and the wee one!!
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Speaking of Blasts from the Past...

I've been *awfully* busy- too busy to get online much these days (I have two babies under two now- oh my, what a sling/bed full!), but I was wondering how you were doing... when I took a break, my main regret was leaving on a somewhat awkward note with you- never stopped hoping & praying for the best for you. I am sooo pleased for you- I know how long you've been waiting for this.

Well, my 4 month old (Max) is acting like he wants to be tickled, so I'll go give him some attention- but happy pregnancy, & happy holidays... Your old bud, Suse

PS Did the commemorative redbuds ever germinate ?
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Hey, Madison,


I don't usually visit the gay board (for obvious reasons :-)

but I was in to opine about that nasty schmuck and noticed your announcement.

The morning sickness is a *good* sign that the baby intends to stay.

...um...sometimes it helps to *know* it's a healthy sign when you're hurling like a sick dog.

Debra Baker
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Suseyblue AND DebraBaker! Wow, it's my lucky day!

Thanks so much for the well-wishes, both of you!

Susey - HOW many do you have now, lol? Four? Or am I nuts? Sounds like you're super busy regardless! Tickling is serious business, you know Congratulations!!!! I am not sure if the redbuds germinated or not. I tossed them into the wind out in the Angeles Crest mountains with a blessing - and I am not sure now *where* I did it exactly, OR what redbuds *look* like, LOL But it was the thought that counts, I guess. She was born 3 years ago now, can you believe it?????!!! Thank you so much again

Debra - Hey there! Long time no talk. How's things in the busy household? You haven't added any more kiddos, have you? I will remember your words of wisdom as I'm holding on for dear life to my lovely toilet bowl, lol. I just hope the sickness won't last MUCH longer, now that I'm in my 2nd trimester (16 weeks tomorrow) (EDD July 4).

Thanks for the cheer you two, and Brandonsmama!

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16 weeks, you should be getting better very soon.

Here's what helped me, eat. I know, I know, but try to eat what feels the best very very frequently.

I have been really bad with mine and I had the poor midwife tell me to take a couple bites every 15 minutes because it was so bad (ralphing 4-5X/day) When you start to feel better, eat (every time you feel like eating) and don't worry about gaining weight you *want* to gain weight I gained 10lbs in the fourth month on several occasions.

And it *is* good for the baby.

No more babies, Madison, Miss. Julianna is my little one forever.

My firstborn is married now but I don't think she's going to have a baby anytime soon (she's a student) but I am looking forward to being a grandmother someday

Happy gestating.

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just 3, thanks (altho' I was sick enuf for four). Keep yourself hydrated, lest you end up hospitalized like moi (see my vbac post if you want detail). i'm sure you'll prolly be over it soon, though. you know, yours was my first post (after lurking a bit) in around a year & a half? I came lookin' to see if you were preggers- 16 weeks is so great!

i'll be up there lookin' for that redbud forest one day, y'know!
won't leave my mountains forever- just seems like it- been 14 years, wow. my best friend tells me cali has changed a lot tho'- (ahem- if she ever breaks up w/ her girlfriend... . whoops, that's presumptious of me- you may be attached now too. just a thought, you're two favorites of mine, can i help being the yenta?)


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madison, how are you doing??? how's the barfy feeling? gone by now, i hope. give us an update....
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congratulations, you must be so happy, take care of yourselves! MM
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