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Breakfast Planning...

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I need some help planning out some larger breakfast meals. Dh works 830-6pm everyday. I am home with the kids and then take them to the dance academy at 4pm. We get home no later then 10pm (usually earlier) and sometimes dh picks them up so they can be in bed by 9pm.

So......family dinners are out for us. I have been really thinking about the importance of having this family time and am trying to do a switcharoo.

My plan:

Make breakfast the largest meal of the day. Eat all together as a family. Get way to start the day!

Lunch as it is now.

Dinner mostly crockpot meals for now. Then I can bring it to the academy.

PROBLEM: What should I do for breakfast? I am not good at planning out menus as it is. Any ideas?

Thank you!
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What do y'all like? When I do a sit-down we usually have some kind of baked egg dish, fresh fruit with yogurt, coffee or tea and a breakfast meat or veggie (depending on what's in the egg dish). I love quiche, but I am not into making crusts, so we will often make a crustless quiche in a 7x11 pan. Just about anything goes, but we usually add peppers, onions, ham or broccoli and cheese.
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Thank you.

I am pretty open to anything as I can not cook and will be starting from scratch

Any suggestions for recipes...or where to get good recipes?
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Well, here are some things we like to eat in our house. orange juice/milk, coffee/tea are a given for each morning.

French toast, maple syrup, sausage patties

Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast

Fried potatoes with onions and green peppers

Pankcakes, maple syrup (top pancakes with peanut butter)

steel cut oats (butter in skillet, fry dry oats for a minute and gives it a nutty flavor, cover with water and simmer for 25 minutes or so) brown sugar, sliced peaches, strawberries or bananas

Veggie and cheese omellettes (what veggies you have handy) with salsa and sour cream

Ham, poached or boiled eggs

Biscuits and gravy (white sauce with sausage)

Turkey or beef hash (cubed potatoes, onions, corn, ground turkey or beef and garlic all sauted together in butter)

Cold cereal with fruit (homemade granola)

Hashbrown cassarole (ham, shredded potatoes, cheese, onions bake it)

Sliced fruit, yogurt, egg and biscuit

Waffles, with fresh fruit topping (maple syrup in a pan and add any fruit you like and simmer it till fruit starts to soften)

Fried egg sandwiches

Egg in the hole (butter bread on both sides, then cut out the middle in a circle or what cookie cutter you have. Put the bread in the skillet and crack an egg in the middle, wait till it sets and flip it till done. fry the middle piece you cut out for dipping)

Cream of wheat or rice, fresh fruit

You can make the hash and the cassaroles ahead of time and then freeze it in thirds and that way you have some you can just pull out of the freezer in the morning and heat it up and your eating. Always remember that cold cereal can be a family meal.... what will make it nice is that you are all sitting down together regardless of what you are serving.
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eggs, hashbrowns, buscuits, pancakes, waffles, sausages, bacon, fruit, yogurt, grits (or "polenta" if you want to sound fancy)
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Danielle thank you!!

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, but for some odd reason I always have trouble thinking of those common sense meals! I end up not cooking anything. lol.
thinking in my head "there's gotta be more than just bacon, eggs n toast"

I'm one for quickness n simplicity though as I happen to be very HUNGRY when I wake up (especially being pregnant now!)...same with DP. So any ideas are great.

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slow cooker oatmeal

I have yet to try it, but you can cook steel-cut oats overnight in the slow-cooker.

Proportions are 1 c. oats to 4 c. water. Add dried fruits to your liking. Cook on low 8 hours. Nothing easier than that!

I found lots of recipes by googleing "overnight oatmeal."
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