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I vote both! Pouches are easy but ring slings are adjustable, and if your babe likes to be upright, being able to tighten that top rail in the ring sling is really nice. I love Hotslings, but the Maya Wrap will always be my first love.
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B/n the two I'd get the hotsling. But I think for my next baby I'm really digging the stretchy wrap ones. They look awesome in person too and the babies look so snug and comfy.
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what about BOTH? i have different slings for different uses, so i would say the hotsling and then the mamababy *BY* mayawrap, (it's their ring sling made of jersey knit). i hated the maya but the mamababy is so much suited to a newborn. especially in the chest to chest snuggle hold. LOVE IT a million times.
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i just got my hotsling yesterday and i already love it.

i do love the maya wrap too, and my husband loves wearing it as well. it's just a bit harder to manage for me than the hotsling is.
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Here's another vote for both. I have a ring sling and a Hotslings. I liked the Hotslings a lot when my son was a newborn, but now that he's a bit bigger, I prefer the ring sling.

But actually, I might vote instead to get a Hotslings and a stretchy wrap. I found the wrap a little easier to learn than the ring sling and they are so comfortable and cozy and you really have both arms and shoulders free. With either a Hotslings or a ring sling your range of movement is more limited.
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I vote Hotsling too!

I have a couple ringslings which I like for older kiddos in the hip carry, but I never could figure out how to carry a newborn in a ringsling...

The NoJo padded sling is NOTHING like a padded hotsling!
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Hum… that’s a hard one for me. I like them both for different reasons.

I started out with the Maya and was very happy with it. While it does have more of a learning curve which can be a bit of a pain, the adjustability ended up being really important for us. My DD hated the cradle hold and the Maya allowed me to switch her to tummy to tummy and support her head with the top rail (not something I could have done with a pouch.) Being able to tighten it just so was also important to me early on because she felt like she was more secure in the Maya. Plus, when the weather turned cold, I was easily able to adjust for heavier coats and snow suits once they became necessary.

However, this summer I decided to get a Hotsling and I'm very pleased with it too. For the hot weather, I like that it is a lighter weight fabric than my Maya and I don’t have to deal with the tail. I like the padded rail under her knees. Plus now that my DD is pretty much always in the hip carry (adjustability isn’t as big of an issue) popping her in and out is easier than with the ring sling.

So I guess I vote for both, although if money is an issue, I'd try the Hotsling first and then get a ring sling of some sort later towards fall or earlier if the Hotsling doesn’t work out for the newborn phase. You could always use the Hotsling next summer when your child is older and in the hip carry.
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