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An update on Bedlam's surgery

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So, as some of you know, our young dog Bedlam had surgery last week to remove a hemangiosarcoma from her spleen (well, we removed the whole spleen) At this point she's doing really well, she's back to eating like a piggy and can get up on the couch and bed on her own (she resumed napping with dd this afternoon--she even felt up to growling when one of our boarders walked down the hall towards the bedroom!-she doesn't let boarders near Molly when she's sleeping)

We got the pathology back and it wasn't good but on the other hand, as my vet said today--she doesn't look like her path report

We are now deciding whether we will do a short round of chemo or just leave things alone and keep our fingers crossed. She's only 2.5 yrs old and she is truley Molly's guardian angel. I'd hate to not do chemo and have to loose her too early and unfortunately by the time we find out if chemo is truley "needed" it's sort of too late. I'm thinking we'll start but if it's hard on her we'll stop--some dogs you'd never know horrible drugs were being injected into their bodies--others just don't cope well.

She saw her chiro today and was definitely feeling better after, even jumped up into the truck and crawled across Havoc so she could clean the baby's feet (those filthy, filthy baby toes!!)

So, just wanted to let you all know that Bedlam is still kicking ass and taking names in life and her never ending goal of protecting her baby
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sending healing vibes Bedlam's way!
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad she came through her surgery well. These decisions about treatment are never easy, are they? I'm sure you will make the best choice for her and her unique situation. She's so young, and sounds like she has a great spirit, so she very well may kick the cancer's a$$ too!
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Give Bedlam hugs for me. I'll be thinking of her and sending healing vibes.
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The lamb thanks you for your well wishes and is toasting you while she munches her tasty piggy ear. (she claims they are very good for dogs with cancer )
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I'm not around MDC much lately , and just caught this, but I'll be thinking of her.
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I, too, am glad she came through it well. Hoping it continues that way for Bedlam.
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I'm sorry.... your dog is sooo young!! I am glad that she is doing well now and wish you the best in the tough decisions ahead, I know how hard it is.
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good for her! i was hoping for an update. i know you will make the right choice for her. hugs for Bedlam!
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I'm hoping for the best
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Hope all it OK soon
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