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Are you nesting yet?

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Who's nesting?

Are you doing a nursery? If so, what's it like?

We painted our nursery a color we liked for a baby's room before we ever got pregnant, so we wouldn't have to deal with paint fumes during pregnancy. Even though the baby is going to sleep in our room, we have a room for her, too.

Right now, I'm shopping for a comfy nursing chair and footstool for her room, so maybe that can be our little oasis during the day. We have a bookshelf and books for her, a chest of drawers with a changing pad on top, and a soft rug. The chest needs painting and some different hardware, which I'm going to get a friend to do, but I have to pick a color first! Right now, her room looks pretty messy, but it's coming along.

I hear about nesting, which I hope is going to kick in for me, and motivate me to clean out my closets and freeze food, but so far, no luck in the motivation department.
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I'm definitely nesting. My house is a mess but I'm obsessed with my closets! It seems urgent that my closets be neat and organized before baby arrives. Well, if I don't do it now, it'll never get done, right? :LOL
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Oh man...I have been for a few weeks and it's driving me nuts!! :LOL Mostly b/c I get so tired I feel like I can't keep up with stuff around here and things get messy/disorganized. I just want it clean and neat!!!!

We aren't doing (and never have done) a nursery.
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nesting, oh yes! Well, I am arranging all her cloth diapers and am on the search for wool pants/ longies for the winter!! But other than that, my house is suffering terribly. We have begun shifting things out of the study to make it more of a play room for the 2 kiddos but there won't be a nursery so to speak - at 2 1/2 my ds still doesn't sleep in his own room.

Maybe true nesting will kick in soon enough and I will tackle the rest of the house.
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DH and I are both nesting. We have been in the re-organization phase for the last few weeks. We still have a lot to do, but it's getting there. We changed the furniture around in the living room and it looks a lot better. Still need to set the computer back up on the desk (it's on the coffee table right now, it's kind of nice I can sit on the couch and watch tv while on the puter), and get a slip cover for the couch.

We also did some re-organizing in the master bedroom but have more to do. I organized the pantry. Still need to re-organize the kitchen cupboards. Have organized Jakob's playroom a bit by donating some of his older toys to goodwill. We'd like to get him a bed and see if he might sleep in there too.

I also want to make curtains, get a new shower curtain and bath mat, and clean the carpets. So we are making headway but have a lot more to do. So yes we are definitely nesting here!
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Ugh. I keep WISHING that the nesting bug would hurry up and bite me. I look around at all the things that I want to get done, but I can't seem to muster up the energy to do them. We're making a room for the baby even though we plan to have her sleep with us, and that's got the entire house in a state of disarray. So far we've moved everything out of the room, ripped up the carpet (we're putting down wood laminate flooring), and my dh redid the closet in the guest bedroom a few days ago. We still have to cut a door between our room and the nursery, paint both rooms, lay the floor, buy the furniture, arrange the room, deep clean the carpet in the rest of the house, organize the other two closets, and probably a million other things that I can't think of at the moment. It's overwhelming. School just let out last Tuesday (I'm a teacher), and all I've wanted to do for the last few days is rest. Hopefully I'll get into a working mood before long!
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I don't know if it is called nesting or "sick of how it is now". We have been working on our house for as long as we've owned it and we haven't finished one project : yet. We set out to paint the outside of the house last MARCH!! and we are just now getting to the last bits of touch-ups. Then we are also thinking of how to re-arrange our play room/office room. I am tired of all the toys being around my feet as I work on the computer. I also need some room to do photo albums/scrapbooking and so we are in the thinking stage of how to create a desk that would work for us all ! I am also going through the closets and kitchen and trying to keep things clean, organized and up to date. I have been working in the garden to get the weeds and trim some of the plants down too...so if that is what nesting is...then I'm doing it in full force :LOL .
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Technically no, since we just moved and I'm supposed to be cleaning and organizing anyway, but I will say that every decision we make has "BABY" in mind.
I know we're preparing for someone who won't be coming until late September/early October, but you know, she is already one of the Queens of the house!
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i keep trying to organize, but in reality, one pile of crap just gets dismantled, relocated, and restacked *sigh* The piles are getting smaller, but at this rate, we'll have room for baby's stuff in roughly 47 years.

i really want to get baby clothes and stuff ready to go, but we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl, so that seriously limits what i can do ahead of time (how many yellow and/or green sleepers with duckies can one kid have?)

We won't have a nursery this time, because this house just doesn't have the space. I'm hoping to at least have a "nook" dedicated to baby in our room, and the top of a low dresser set up for changing etc. It'll work out perfectly, if i can figure out what to do with all our stuff (we have very small closets in the bedrooms, and no basement, linen closet, or even a shed). Stacks of plastic boxes are in our near future, lololol.
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I am nesting in my mind...I keep thinking of all the things I want to get done...right now though the garden is on my mind...I am going to town today to get all the stuff to make it pretty...I am excited...once that is done I am asking hubby to get me some boxes at the liquor store and packing up some stuff...it's time to purge and pack away some books and videos...I want a clutter-free house when baby comes

I too am trying to clear out closets...it's very liberating!!!
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Originally Posted by allgirls
I too am trying to clear out closets...it's very liberating!!!
Isn't it funny how closets are the catch-all?? At least that is how it is in our house...don't know where to put it? try the closet...then it gets forgotten
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The front garden is done!!!
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I'm suddenly finding myself nesting like crazy, just as of the past week. This, for me, entails knitting blankets, crocheting wool diaper covers, sewing old receiving blankets into breastpads, thinking about names nonstop and browsing cloth dipes online...let's just say *frequently* We're co-sleeping, no nursery. But I want a pouch sling, and we need a new double stroller, and I found the CUTEST wool booties, and...and...

Up until a week or so ago, this pregnancy was just flying by without me feeling any ill effects or impatience at all. Now, though, I can tell I'll be increasingly eager as the days pass...
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Originally Posted by RyvreWillow
i keep trying to organize, but in reality, one pile of crap just gets dismantled, relocated, and restacked *sigh* .
That's exactly what we do!! heheh!

We are setting up a nursery, even though then baby will mostly be sleeping with us. Its a very small room, but I just want the baby to have its own space and a place to organize its cloths and stuff. So, like I said, the room is really small, the walls are original 1927 wood paneling my husband cleaned and polished the walls and used the carpet cleaner on the floor last week. So its nice and clean. My parents came and visited and brought me my old crib and changing table, and a bassinet. We set those up, it looks soooo cute.

We find out tomorrow the sex of the baby, then I'm going to go pick out fabric and make all the bedding and curtains and stuff. I can't wait. I'm also going to paint a mural for the baby, but since the walls are wood I'm going to do it on a large piece of canvas. The room is going to be so cute, when we eventually get it done I will post pictures. If your going to make a nursery, post some pictures for us all to see!

As for the rest of the house we have a lot to get done before baby comes! Right now we are just trying to get past the red tag on our back house, which we are tearing down so there is stuff everywhere outside! It was a beautiful guest house, but we couldn't afford correcting the problems, but we could afford the $390 demo permit... once that's done we get to do some stuff to our house, hopefully a bathroom remodel before baby comes. Our bathroom sink hasn't worked for 2 years, so it would be nice to correct that problem, and its our only bathroom! So we have lots to do and dh has been working hard on his weekends to get things done!

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nesting?? I think my whole family is going crazy over my obsession of organizing and decluttering.
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