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Four Seasons Baby

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I placed a custom order with Sarah on March 16th. The site said it would take 4 weeks. After that time period and no diapers, I emailed her. She responded that they were in the batch she was working on and would be out the next week. So, that time comes and passes, no diapers. Emailed her again. She responded that she had been sick and was getting caught up, etc. I waited. No diapers. I checked her site and there was an update saying that all customs would be out by x date or refunds would be issued. I emailed her to say that I would happily take a refund and she could just forget about my diapers. She responded that the diapers had been mailed, but she did not give me a delivery confirmation no. I emailed after a few days asking for a dc. No response. Emailed again. No response. Emailed a different addy. No response. I was getting very concerned that I would be without diapers or money. Finally, I got a response and Sarah said she had been in the hospital, had health problems and appointments for her new baby so she was slow in responding. She also said my diapers had been sent but had been returned to her for insufficient address. She refunded my money in full via Paypal the same day (June 3rd.)
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Four Seasons Baby

Where do I begin??

Last spring when I fell in love with Very Baby diapers, a new WAHM opened up & I ordered some from her.

After some time passed, she emails everyone [edited to take out personal info]. I was stunned! I decided to not pester her for diapers & certainly not for a refund as she would be needing that money. Others were not so nice. They really hounded her for a refund & many got it.

Fast forward to July & she was open again. I placed another order as I thought that she was back on her feet. It was a 130.00 order. August turns into Spetember & I see that she is opened again for customs but I have no diapers. I emailed her & she says I should have gotten them. I wait quite a while longer & then email to ask for a refund as I am tired of waiting.

She agrees to a refund but says she has to do a bank transfer & it will be a few days.

Another week goes by & nothing. I email her FOUR TIMES. She says that she repsonded but I was carefully checking each day for a response & there was none. SHe finally responds that after speaking to another WAHM, she is NOT going to refund me & will send out more diapers.

She has no DC# & no proof that she sent them. She has even implyed that I got the diapers. She says she does have DC# for the first package but this has never been supplied to me.

So I am out almost 200.00 overall. I would not tell anyone to order from her. I think there is some major issues with her business.
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Edited to update:

I checked the last DC# she gave me & it says that the PO recieved the info in August but no actual package. I emailed her about this & now she tells me I am a scammer.

Please be awawe of how much money I have lost to her & be careful.
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