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Snacks for after swimteam practice???

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Dd is starting swim team this Monday. She is already a super picky eater. I have told her that I will have a snack right after practice(11:45-12:45) and then lunch when we get home.

I bought a 12c pack of Gatorade(I know, I also hate the cornsyrup), and am planning on her eating a 1/2 PB sandwhich, or a trailmix. She frowned at these ideas.

Any suggestions? I will be fixing lunch when we get home, but due to her low BS levels, I need her to get a head start on her protein.


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After swim practice I was so ravenous! I mean, I could eat two huge sandwiches and only then feel satisifed. She definitely needs something.

PB is great, and how about cheese and maybe some turkey breast? I agree with you on the protein thing.

Good luck with your picky eater!
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When I swam in HS, I was super hungry, too, but not so healthy. We were told to eat as many healthy calories as possible (I could never eat the amount recommended by our coach even with all of the junk food I ate). Also, since your dd is young, don't skip out on the healthy carbohydrates; they are what make brains function and give energy.

I have seen sports drinks at the HFS that do not include corn syrup. My dh recommends Lucozade (sp?) because it is supposed to be a better balance of minerals and sugars to hydrate. I like the flavored SmartWater with electrolytes in it. Again, in HS, we were told to dilute gartorade because the sugar conccentration was to high and would cause dehydration... this was over 12 years ago, though, so maybe they have improved their formula.
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Thanks for the replies!!

I will check out the sports drinks at the HFS.

ITHat is a good point to give her some healthy carbs.

The only bread she will agree on, is whole grain cinn-raisin bread. So maybe I'll make her a sandwich with that and cream cheese. She said she could handle that. Ugh though! I will only buy organic, and cream cheese is $$$.

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I love smoothies after swimming...with yogurt, berries and bananas or you could make one with yogurt, bananas, and peanut butter for extra protein.
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Great idea surf mama!!! Our blender is broken, and I've been planning on getting a new one-good motivation!! MAybe I could even sneak some flax oil in!! :LOL

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