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I loved wearing son1, and look forward to more with son2! Coltrane never really dug the sling, maybe too encompassing. He had a sweetness hour from 7-9pm where he was near inconsolable and tired but couldn't fall asleep, and so I would wear him in a Baby Bjorn to keep his hands from scratching his face. He would eventually fall asleep, and I could lean over and lay him on a bed and unhook everything, and not have to pull him out of anything and wake him. He also really liked the front carrier style when we wore him facing out so he could see everything.

Once he was bigger, I found a ring sling with a hip carry was the way to go. It hurt my back less to carry him more sideways (instead of on my front). It still worked great for putting him to sleep at night, as I could lay him down and slide out of the sling, leaving him lying on it.

As a wanderer, however, I cannot recommend strongly enough a frame pack carrier, like a Kelty. I go on long walks in the woods with Coltrane, and we sometimes hike as a family. The only way I can imagine going for more than 20-30min. is by getting that weight off of your shoulders and onto your hips. If you don't hike, though, these type are probably too bulky and awkward to be practical, and they're certainly expensive.

I am looking forward to seeing which carriers little Emmett takes a shine to. If the first two months are any indication, he'll probably love evrything his brother hated!
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My dh tried all of my slings and carriers and really did not like any of them. Finally one of his (also male) friends showed him a Hot Sling and dh and ds love it. It is the only carrier he uses and he wears ds in it proudly. They are so cute.
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Wife has 2 Zolos (black silk and natural cotton) and I have a khaki one. Carried DS in them from about 6 months till about 1 1/2. I doubt he would put up with it now (he's 2) but I've been wanting to try and see if I can sling him on my back. Loved it when he was a baby though. Kept the icky strangers away!

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I see a lot of Dads walking around our mall here with a babycarrier...and I think it's wonderful that Dads are helping out! But why does my husband feel shy?ashamed?embarrassed? about wearing one too?? Any ideas from Dads out there?
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Mei tei!

My husband and I both love the mei tei carrier. I'm 5'7 and he's 6'2 and we use the same one. We got ours from www.babyhawk.com and it is wonderful. We've used it since our babies (twins) were a week old. They're almost 6 months and we all still love it. We have the reversible black/tattoo flash and get compliments on it all the time. I just wish I had've gotten the one with a pocket on the front panel to carry diapers in...
I've never used another carrier and don't plan on it.
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I use a hotsling (hotslings.com) . It puts him right to sleep when I walk.
I tried an older model snuggly, but it dug into my shoulders and didn't feel secure.

I feel a sense of tremendous pride wearing my DS in public. It's a proclamation that I love him, and that I'm taking care of him. I do feel a bit awkward around people who don't notice him, or who think I'm odd, but I mostly feel sorry for them.

It feels weird to see people carrying carseats, not touching their children.
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[QUOTE=jenmcguire]My husband and I both love the mei tei carrier... We got ours from www.babyhawk.com and it is wonderful...We have the reversible black/tattoo flash and get compliments on it all the time. QUOTE]

Same here! DH uses it with the solid black side facing outwards though. I thought the tattoo print would be guy enough, but oh well. He also uses an Ergo carrier.
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Dh walked dd1 home from the hospital in a wrap, using cross-carry, and didn't stop until she was 3 1/2 years old.
He prefers the Girasol, in blue w/yellow stripes, but sometimes uses my red didymos.
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