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New Questions for Domperidone Users

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For those of you who use Domperidone to increase supply: do you fully admit to taking the drug when you have doctor's appointments? I'm nervous about disclosing this info because of the whole "illegal" usage of the drug (in the US to increase lactation). On the other hand, I'm nervous about NOT telling my doctor -- what if I need to take antibiotics that have potentially hazardous effects when combined with Dom? Is it better to admit to using the drug "illegally", or just keep it quiet?

Another, completely unrelated question: I've heard that Domperidone suspends ovulation -- true? Have any of you had your period while taking Domperidone? Has anyone had trouble getting pregnant after stopping Dom?

Thanks for shaing your experiences with me.
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Yes, I disclosed my domperidone usage to my doctor--but she prescribed it for me before the FDA warning. I would disclose it to another doctor though.

I used it from June 2004 through May 2005. I have not had a period since my son was born May 2004, but I'm still night nursing. With my first, I got my first period three days after I night weaned.

So, I don't know if this helps.

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I've told my OB/GYN about using Domperidone, since that is the only doctor I've seen while taking it. I will tell my GP if I need to see him. It isn't illegal to possess or take the drug. You just can't get it here, because pharmacies are no longer legally allowed to compound it. I believe that it is also illegal to import it, but the blame there lies with the company that you buy it from, unless I am mistaken. At any rate, I'd rather the doc know than have a bad reaction while taking a new prescription or something.

I don't know about the ovualtion thing, but I have not had my period yet. I've been taking Domperidone for around four months. My daughter was born last December.
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I took Dom from September through February. I think I saw my GP soon after I started it, and I think I put it on the medical forms I filled out but I don't remember us discussing it. I did tell my osteopath when I saw her in November. I am not scheduled to see my OB/GYN until next month and since I'm off of it, it's a moot point. I do think it's a good idea to mention it to any doctor you visit, esp. if they will be prescribing any meds.

I did not have my period while on Dom and still haven't had it. I just recently nightweaned and keep thinking my period is about to show up, but so far nada. (My boys just turned 1 last week). It would make sense that Dom would suspend ovulation since it increases your prolactin levels, but I don't know for sure.
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No period here yet (baby just turned one), and just finished up the last of my dom. My OB prescribed it. It actually is "legal" to posess a small amount (ie 3 month supply) of an unapproved drug imported for personal use.
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