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36 AIO's? Wow! That is great.

No weird or different dreams other than dreaming about my Mom which with her being deceased makes sense since I am missing her big time.

Let's see I am getting ready to hit week #34 and I am tired and hot. After a long Maine winter, no spring now we are being tortured with upper 80's temps with humdity. In many places that wouldn't be bad but its not supposed to be hot like that here and being pregnant is making it worse. : We have 2 AC's but due to the nature of our windows they are hard to install, so we are hoping this heat will pass quickly. Thankfully we have ceiling fans all over.

I am officially losing my mind, yesterday I go to the MW's office because I "thought" I had a 10 am appointment well she's out delivering a baby and when she finally arrives after 11 is like what's up. Turns out my appointment was for Wed at 10 am, I wrote the appointment down wrong. Thankfully she saw me and other than grave discomfort everything is fine, 1 more 2 week visit and then down to weekly visits.

Finally got the car seat and the co-sleeper and looking at changing tables. (yeah I know I can do it on the bed or wherever but my back is not what it used to be). Soon I will wash all the babies things and start my nesting process, also we now have a deep freezer so I can cook and freeze meals.

Aside from being hot and hating the stairs in my house (2 story Victorian- steep stairs) I am fine.

Hope everyone else is well.

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No dreams for me lately... it's too hot to sleep deep enough to dream I think Temperature is lower tonight tho - it will be a pleasure to cuddle under a blanket to sleep

When to run errands this morning... ended up doing only two places because there was construction on the street and one of the store I wanted to go was closed (think they didn't have electricity because of the construction) and that pissed me off :

My day is already full tomorrow so I'll have to go and run errands again on tuesday

DH will probably miss the prenatal class tomorrow night Not a good class to miss - we'll going to see what we can do while in labor and what they do when something happens (transfer and all)... I'm not happy with that but he needs to work while their is job to do

Stopped to some garage sales last Saturday and found some interresting things: an ergonomic chair, a rocking chair and... prefolds!!! Oh, and I met a lady who do belly castings for $50CAN

That's about it - have a good night sleep and lets enjoy those last few days/weeks of pregnancy
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Just had my 33 week appointment with my midwife.

Everything is fine. No protein in my urine, and my BP was okay (a little high, but that seems to be normal for me). She didn't take my iron levels this time, but seemed to think that me taking 2 iron tablets a day was enough. What with my constipation issues I really don't dare take any more.

Fundus measured spot-on, baby's heartbeat was around 144 bpm, and she was head down! Yay! Hoping not to have to do the whole 'will she/ won't she turn' thing this time around!

I mentioned that my belly seemed to have dropped a little (with the nice side effect that I no longer have heartburn) so the midwife had a good feel around in there. Apparently the baby has already started to drop a little into my pelvis. Yikes! Ds didn't do that until about 39 weeks. But she didn't seem to think it was anything to worry about (i.e. preterm labour).

We also talked about me renting a TNS machine for pain relief (it gives little electric shocks to your back), and it turns out I can borrow one for free from the midwife's office. I'm hoping it works as well as it did last time (it was the only form of pain relief I used with ds).

Oh, and she allayed some of my fears about routine monitoring at the hospital. When we went on a tour there a few weeks ago, and the student midwife leading us round was talking about scalp electrodes and constant monitoring and had me really freaked out. My midwife told me to ignore her and assured me I would have a say in the amount of monitoring I would get. No scalp electrodes unless there is a VERY good medical reason!

All in all a good visit.

No strange dreams here, btw. No wait, last night I had a dream where I was really, really angry at my mother. I mean, I was in a total rage! Even though in the dream she hadn't done anything terrible. I get these dreams quite often - and it is always my mother I shout at. A psychologist could have a field day with this!
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Originally Posted by cresorchid
Besides preparing food in advance and thinking about babyproofing, any ideas of what I might want to do???
At our newborn care class we were told to consider disposable plates/cutlery, to save on the need to do washing up for the first days/weeks). But I guess that depends on how much you personally like that idea.

They also recommended that if you get friends and relatives to come over, that they bring food, as well as help out with a few chores.

I need to get around to making sure I'm on top of all the cleaning, just so that once the baby is here I don't start stressing out when nothing can be done about that. And then soon I want to do laundry and already wash a bunch of the new stuff.

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I am so sick! Whaaahhhh!. Not HG sick either, like, sinus infection sore throat sick. I have an appt today anyhow, but I can't handle this. My ears hurt so badly. This really sucks.
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Oh, no, Leos!! Feel better soon!!! I hate hate hate sinus infections. Ugh.

A friend of mine just had her 2nd baby today - a girl over 10lbs! And my poor friend has Bronchitis!!! I was like, is that possible? To have bronchitis during delivery??? It seems so unfair!

Got out Sheila Kitzinger's Being Born book from the library today. We took it out before and DD loved it so much, so we ordered it again. She's learned sooo much from it. But you know what's weird? When I took it out, Dd was trying to take it off the check out desk, and the librarian was like,
"that's not for her" (nicely, smiley) and I said Yes, it is, actually. And she must've thought I misunderstood, because she repeated herself, Still nicely. But COME ON!! YOU'RE A LIBRARIAN!!! sigh.

Anyway, I highly recommend it to everyone. AMAZING photographs, and poetic language. Great talking points throughout!
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Okay, so I was at my midwife (who is a cnm who works in an office with other HCP and OBs).... waiting in the office (my midwife has only not been exactly on time twice, I am impressed) and this lady had come in for her 6 week and she had the cutest little boy! He was huge though, and another lady asked how big he had been, and she said 10 lbs 1 oz, and that of course, she had ended up with a c-section. I was like, hmmmphohhoohhkkkhh (that is me thinking really loudly but not actually saying anything). LOL I was like, he was only 5 oz more than dd was at birth. I think I could have done it (not that it was a competition or anything, I understand c-sections are necessary sometimes). Anyhow, midwife doesn't think I have a sinus infection, though things are irrittated and inflamed. She thinks it may be allergies. Is it possible to get allergies at 27? I am like, well, maybe but I have never had them before...

Well, today is dh's birthday and I got him an icecream cake from Baskin Robbins and it is calling to me.... lol. Yummy.
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Originally Posted by leosmama20
Is it possible to get allergies at 27? I am like, well, maybe but I have never had them before...
I got allergies for the first time at age 25. I had just moved to Australia, so I'm guessing it was all the foreign pollen and such. They were horrible; I couldn't even leave the house. Hyperemesis + raging allergies for the first time = total misery. I hope this year I won't have them. Maybe I'll have gotten used to the allergens down under. :

I hope you feel better soon.
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I got acne at 21, allergies when I first moved to Chicago at the same time, which mostly went away, and then when I moved here, at 33, got HORRIBLE allergies which I cannot shake.

But you haen't moved, have you? My personal theory is that I had underlying allergies all along, but here in LA what I'm allergic to is so prevelant, and then the air quality is so bad, that my body just can't keep up.

My Dh also got allergies later in life, and come to think of it, his mom has just been diagnosed.

Marieke, paper plates are brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?

We're gonna go to a place - actually, I'm sending DH, called Dream Dinners where you can prepare a bunch of food to freeze without the home clean up or grcoery shopping. The menus are very mainstrream, not such I eat so much, or sound totally appealing to me, but good enough, I think for when I'm just home. And DH likes that kind of food, too. I'm pretty much just happy with brown rice and Amy's Texas veggie burgers. DD is happy with noodels, brown rice, sweet potatoes and mac n cheese, but he'll need to eat dinners and lunches, and I will be working and doing grad school, so I think it's a good idea. They have outlets all over the country, I think.

Nordic glad you're feeling well! I agree, the 10 lb thing/ automatic C sect seems bizarre to me.

I ate brownies today and yesterday. Had to make some for a mommy and me class. Oi. And DH made mashed potatoes for dinner. Yumm.

Now I'm debating buying a few more maternity clothes. If the weather stays sunny and 78 I'm down to 1.5 pair of jeans and really only 3 shirts that fit right plus one I can wear if I don't care who I see. I have a sleeveless dress that I'm not crazy about. But it seems so STUPID to buy more now! I mean, it does, right?
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I refuse to buy more mat. clothes, I'll wear the same thing every day if I have to, latest comfy pants are cotton lawn pajama pants, wonderful!

met w/doula yesterday, had a great visit, we'd been getting nervous that we hadn't heard much out of her, and then she didn't come when she was supposed to last week due to an unexpected birth. we chatted for almost 2 hours, and both feel more comfortable, and will be glad to have her with us.

shay, can't believe it's so hot in Maine, that's terrible! I don't remember it getting so hot so early....sheesh, we were there last summer for the first time in years and were sooo cold....guess we've acclimated to NC.

leos, sorry your sinuses are cranky, mine have gotten bad again just recently, with a little sore throat stuff too. I recall reading somewhere that pregnancy can make allergies worse or better, just depends on your chemistry.

had a meltdown this a.m., we just had a bathroom fan/vent put in and it's WAY TOO LOUD, good grief, totally gave me a headache and made showering so much less pleasant. hate that we spent $$ on 'improvement' that I hate. maybe I'll get over it, and get used to it?

sent email to MWs about obnoxious midwifery student who ruined our last appt, and got a pretty good response from head MW, and MW who was at appt.

they also freaked us out at appt by not being able to find the baby's head! they did ultrasound cause they couldn't figure it out by touch, and they didn't listen to me, they're ultrasounding around, and can't figure out what's what, and DH tells me later he started to get really light headed and thought he was going to pass out, kept getting crazy thoughts like, the baby has no head! and then they could just see a hand, so he was like, he's a mutant and has a hand instead of a head?!!!!! hysterically funny AFTER the fact.

turns out, little bean was shielding himself with his hands from the poking and prodding and ultrasound, and they could see the head when they put the thingy down below my belly because he's WAY down (I could've told them that if they'd listened, thought that grinding sensation meant *something*!) they kept trying to get a good look at his head but the hand was in the way, so DH started talking to him and encouraging him to move his hand and turn toward us, and then we'd be able to get the awful ultrasound out of there, AND HE MOVED HIS HAND AND TURNED TOWARD DH's VOICE! how cool is that.

ok, didn't mean to write a book here....
everyone take care,

OH WAIT, I found out last night I'm going to be an aunt again!! my sister is 2.5 mos pregnant w/#2!! due in January. another cousin for Max! hope she can still come visit. had a teensy twinge of, shoot, she's stealing my thunder again...but I'm over it. it's just nice to be in touch w/her again, and sharing the pregnancy thing.
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Now I'm debating buying a few more maternity clothes. If the weather stays sunny and 78 I'm down to 1.5 pair of jeans and really only 3 shirts that fit right plus one I can wear if I don't care who I see. I have a sleeveless dress that I'm not crazy about. But it seems so STUPID to buy more now! I mean, it does, right?
I was thinking about buying more....2 shirts, 1 pair of capri's, 1 pair of shorts....that's all I have, but hmmm...I'm thinking I'm not going to buy more though...
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Hey all-
Sorry I can't manage responses to everyone, but I'm reading and following along with all of your stories .
I have grown out of most of my maternity clothes...just can't accommodate either my giant belly or my giant butt anymore. I have two pairs of pants that really fit - both capri pants that come all the way up over the belly. Real stylish. But I just don't care anymore :LOL As long as it's comfortable and doesn't leave anything major hanging out.
Dealing with some bad round ligament pain yesterday and today. I'm having all kinds of sensations that I don't remember from Simon's pregnancy, maybe because I carried him breech - feeling like the baby is going to fall out, pelvic pressure, different pains and spasms. This baby can move in ways that actually hurt which is weird. But all totally manageable. Really I feel blessed, it's been a really comfortable pregnancy overall. 4 weeks of morning sickness, a few varicose veins, beyond that I can't complain too much.
I got to go swimming this week, heavenly. Trying to hoist myself out of the pool and returning to earth gravity was tough though. I felt like I weighed about 1000 pounds...the Beached Whale .
This whole baby thing is definitely seeming more imminent and real lately. I bet we will start reading our first due-date-club birth stories within a couple of weeks, how exciting. And I'm so glad we haven't read any here yet (that I know of, sorry).
Hope all are well and enjoying the last few weeks.
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Well, dh developed allergies for the first time at 24 when we moved here, but I grew up here and haven't had any the last 2 years we have been here. I threw up quite a bit this morning, which I think might actually help get that stuff out.

Cassidy, ITA about the reutning back to earth gravity. I had a similar experience last month swimming. I was quite impressed with what we lug around every day.

Mat clothes... NO WAY! LOL If I didn't have any, I would, but I do have one awesome pair of shortalls from gap that I got a size too big, so I haven't even adjusted them up yet, and I will wash them every day if need be. I actually have a bunch of XL Hanna Andersson knit pants with elastic waists that still fit great. They will probably be stretched out and ruined at the end of my pg, but whatever.

Just got a call from the hospital regarding bills needing to be paid. It makes me sick. We have already paid $800.... but we have another $800 to go before my max out of pocket is reached. It really sucks. Plus, our premium is $350 a month just for the policy. Ugh, I hate insurance!
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Cassidy - what is round ligament pain? My pelvis (?) / crotch (?) hurts so badly all the time...and it's not like there's a head pushing there, just really sore, like muscles.

WHY IS DD WAKING UP AT 5 AM EVERYDAY THIS WEEK?!?!?!?!?! Doesn't she know I need my sleep? NEEEEED MY SLEEEEEEEP......

Took her to the Natural Hist Museum yesterday for the first time and had so much fun together. THey have a lovely butterfly garden / green house here and the butterflies were everywhere! 2 landed on me and she was thrilled. She even got to hold one. Perfect weather, breezy and not too hot. I really need to take her to more museums...one of the benefits of big city living, might as well take advantage!

Have 33 week appt today. Do not want to get on scale. Should go to gym today but also have to go to grocery store and don't want to do it in afternoon...hmm...hard to make choices with NO SLEEP!!

DH is tired of my pg brain. Last night he went to use the broiler for burgers, and a few minutes later there was all this smoke....I had watched him turn on oven, totally spacing that I had hidden the brownies (and my wood handled Henckles knife) in the oven. Oooops. As he said, "Burned brownies are the saddest smell ever." Charred brownies is more like it!

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I said I wasn't going to buy any more maternity clothes but with temps in the 80's here, I needed some clothes. Plus I am the type of person that if I am looking good, I feel better.

However I am buying things that I probably can wear after delivering the baby and that would probably take me through at least the first 6 weeks. I found linen drawstring pants (no panels) and these tie string tops from Old Navy that might work at concealing any pooch that will be around. (considering I had a pooch before getting pregnant, guess it goes without saying I will still have one)
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It's hot here

I finally found a breastfeeding bra that fit I'll try it for a few days to see if it's good enough to buy more than one

I wish I could stay naked all the time... everything feels tight even tho it's not... must be the humidity in the air... makes me feel yuck!

Have a nice week-end!
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Alrighty now, I said I was not going to come on any of my boards and vent but I guess I lied. Now I am 34 weeks pregnant and my FIL (MIL is deceased) is visiting from AZ, now here in Maine the weather generally is nice and mild, well this week is 80's with humidity : . So you know how I am feeling waddling around at 34 weeks, like poo poo at times.

Anyway FIL over the years has been a big help to us financially in fact if he had not helped us we could not have bought our house and a few weeks ago we had an emergency $$ situation and he helped us out. (dh is a freelancer we were waiting on a ton of checks and had a car situation) Well since he has been here last Saturday I have not done much around the house because its HOT! DH as he has throughout the pregnancy is picking up my slack, cleaning, cooking, plus earning all the money. Now I should mention that when I am not pregnant I more than pull my weight plus I earn a good chunk of change so what is going on now is not the norm, of course this our 1st child together and my 2nd and its been 13 years since I had my son.

Well over the past few days I have sensed that FIL is thinking I am a tad bit lazy, since I have not cooked while he has been here in fact we have been eating out because its too hot to even have dh cook and we have no AC's. (just put one up in my room). Well dh & I go out today and sure enough dh tells me his dad did mention that I seem a bit lazy and asked if dh must always do house husband duties in addition to earning the bulk of the money. I must admit my pregnant feelings are hurt BIGTIME. First off I have been wrapping up grad school, busting my chops to get everything done before the babe gets here, plus I do write a few columns for local publications (I earn some $$ just not a lot) and I still oversee dh's business finances and our personal finances. I have also been the one preparing everything for the baby, so even though I am not working I am working. DH & I have been together almost 10 years married 8 this fall and this is the first time that I have ever not worked and believe me its been an internal struggle to allow myself to trust someone at this level.

Part of me is like I should just let it roll after all this is the first time we have seen FIL in 5 years so its not like visits are common. Yet its also just bugging me, I guess it didn't help that FIL thinks I am wasteful because every day I have a decaf Dunkin Donuts craving so I buy coffee out daily despite having a coffee maker here at home.

Hey, I realize I am probably being petty but its hot and I am very pregnant and I just don't want to be judged.

Well I am home alone so I figured I could safely vent without anyone reading over my shoulder.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Shay, I think your FIL's comments STINK. They are so typically male . Did dh stick up for you? I sure hope so.

I know I have been slacking BIG TIME, and dh has been wonderful in cooking, cleaning, etc. and not complaining one bit. Well, the house isn't as clean as I would like it, but I can't really complain :LOL .

It's hard work being pregnant. And I agree that doing all the prep for the baby (researching stuff, buying stuff, deciding on stuff, learning about birth, etc.) is WORK. And very time consuming. DH even agreed that doing things like reading birth stories is a way for me to learn and prepare, and is not just me doing something "fun" while he slaves away.

And don't forget, we're still MAKING BABIES!!!!! And hauling around a ton of extra weight! I get winded walking from the kitchen to the bathroom, fer cryin' out loud (no stairs!).

That said, I don't think it will help to get your knickers in a knot about it. Your FIL is obviously clueless, and his opinion therefore shouldn't carry any weight or make you feel guilty. If you're bugged by his comments, then maybe dh can say something in your defense (if he hasn't already). Maybe he needs to be reminded that you are working hard creating his grandchild. FIL is a guest in YOUR home, the recipient of YOUR hospitality, and has no right to judge you (even if he's helped you financially in the past).

I hope things get straightened out soon, and the rest of his visit is more pleasant.

EDD 7/29/05
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Hi Ladies,
I have missed you all but things have been more hectic than usual. I hope someone cares and remembers me ! LOL

DH and I are in the process of getting packed and organzied for a big move that will be taking place when Daphne is a couple weeks old ): The job market around here has not cleared up, and starting today we are living on $0 income. My dad has invited us to come live in his rickety old house. It needs fixed up and cleaned so bad, but it will be a home for us. Its just stressful.
Then, my dad was in the hospital, He has congestive heart failure. He was instructed not to lift over five pounds or be in the heat at all. ):
Like I told Dwayne, everything happens for a reason - maybe its a sign we need to move up there. Just scary times ): So full of uncertainty.
Plus, insurance is not paying for the home birth they inform me, so I have to figure out something to do for my midwife. Some way to pay her, or get around the insurance, or do it at a birthing center. The thought of being in a hospital makes me want to cry...

Darlene cut her first tooth, I can feel it! She loves playing around mommy's big belly. I think she knows her little sister is in there!

Pregnancy is going well, but I agree - IT IS ONE MONTH TOO LONG! I was measuring 38 cm at 34 weeks. Not too bad. I am doing two week apt's. B/H have slowed down, and so has Daphne. My face is swollen eek. I hate how all preg photos make you look like you have a double chin lol

Korwynne, Thank you for the gift. I sent your card off today.

And to the lady recieving my gift, I am so sorry I was late. You'll read my note when you get it and hopefully, understand.
Love to you all,

(PS) Meghan, I used disposables the first month with Darlene. I know that is not very NFL, but even hipmama said that sometimes mama's sanity wins over the earth! Especially when you arent getting sleep and you have a million and one things to do besides wash dipes. I'll probably CD full time after the first week, but yeah - I dont need to worry about laundry for a week.
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Shay - your FIL's comments STINK and YES- TYPICAL MALE comments!
You have every right to have your feelings hurt and yes - lets see them haul around 8-10 pound babies in their bellies and see how freaking much they get done.

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