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If you natural fibers, Organic Cotton Velour, Hemp, Cashmere and Wool then come pay us a visit!

Coming soon, cotton soy and cotton bamboo fabrics!
Spring and Summer items now in stock!, March first SPECIAL DRESS STOCKING

Known for gorgeous colors, hand dip dyed items , and cloths that compliment cloth diapering perfectly!
Have some serious fun cloth diapering! :LOL

Now Instock new anti pile Fun Organics diapers
Some of the newest products include :
*Organic velour and cashmere/wool breast pads
*Wool ponchos for Mom and baby!
*Double layer Reversible Wool Interlock Pull on Diaper Cover, hand dyed, embroidered or painted for that breathtaking look!.
*Wool Change pad covers dyed and embroidered to match your favorit theme.
*Organic Velour lap shirts
*Wool Capris, and Pants
*Cashmere and Wool Diaper linears/doublers
*Hand dyed and embelished Nursing Bras