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omg! HUGE belly pics!

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http://photos.yahoo.com/aja_belly look in the belly pics folder.

i can't believe it could be another 2 weeks! i feel sooo huge!

still doing good though. and my belly ring is still hanging on there!
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You're belly looks great! And kudos to ya for being able to keep your ring in...today my OB decides to tell me horror stories about people's skin splitting from their rings...like I needed that advice: Mine has plenty of room and is healthy. Why they open their mouths sometimes I don't know!

Due 6/28
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Hooray for big bellies! Mine is quite the boulder as well :LOL
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Aja, GREAT belly! I can just picture your baby curled up all safe and cozy in there....

Thanks for sharing
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thanks ladies! i feel great pregnant. i am kinda huge and useless, but i'm enjoying having the excuse to be useless. lol

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You look beautiful!!
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okay, i hope this doesn't sound stupid but... you look radiant!! you really look great and i love your belly
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thanks mamas! i am still feeling like i look good. lol i know alot of women mourn the loss of their waistline and stuff, but i didn't have much to brag about before. 9 months ago you would not have seen a pic of my bare belly, i can promise you that!
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