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So did anyone watch the retrospective last night? What'd you think?
I can't believe everybody seems so contented to end this show. it was fun to see them all out of character though, and they did show some great scenes from the past. I guess I can respect the desire to go out while the gettin's good. We'll miss it though!

I saw the Brenda/Billy thing coming, I'm glad they didn't do that for real. I agree with some others that dead Nate seems to be speaking Brenda's thoughts and not his own, and brenda does have those latent deep issues with her brother. I still don't know if Maya is best off in that dynamic, though.

But where? Ruth and George, no. No. I agree they've messed up enough kids.
Not Keith and David in this state. I hope they get it together for those kids and themselves. I don't want them to split up, but I bet that glimpse from next week was just a teaser...I hope!

My big burning question is will I have a baby before next weeks episode?!
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Originally Posted by mtnsunshinemama
My big burning question is will I have a baby before next weeks episode?!
I hear that Tracy! I want to see the final episode while it airs so I figure I need to have this baby by Friday! We plan to watch the entire retrospective when they rerun it before the final episode...man, am I going to miss it!

I can't even imagine where it will go and how they will wrap it up. But I can guarantee that whatever they do, I will be thinking about it for awhile!

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Wow! That was intense! Honestly the best series end of any show. Perfect! I am still crying....
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it was GREAT!

I was LOL at Billy still nattering on about Ted'd response to him in that last scene
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So did anybody else watch it on the east coast???? I am going
to post my end feelings later. Don't want to spoil it for anybody
who didn't watch yet.

I was pretty pleased with the end. Sorry to see it go. I will miss
this show for along time.

I will miss posting here with you all as well. Can we all agree on
another show to watch? The Fall season starts soon. No
seriously it's been fun having somebody to talk to about the show.
Much love.

Traci I hope you got to catch the show...if you didn't, and didn't
tape it or have a chance to watch a replay in the future, I taped
it. I could send it to you. I hope your birth was all you wished for,
more than you wished for, and calm. Enjoy your baby moon.
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I just found this thread (now that the series is over ).

Originally Posted by trinity6232000
So did anybody else watch it on the east coast???? ....
I watched it & loved it. It was such an awesome way to end the show. Alan Ball has been making the rounds of talk shows & such this week & I really like him. I forgot about the time difference thing...don't want to give anything away!
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the show has been over for 90 minutes and i am still crying like a baby. what a beautiful ending.
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Such a good show!

I was balling my eyes out when Ruth told Claire she should go follow her dreams...

I will miss this show.

I will miss you all too!

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Totally agree that this was one of, if not THE best series finale I've ever seen.
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I thought it was GREAT. I agree probably the best series finale I've ever seen. I will really miss it too. Like seriously, this is the next morning and I'm still a little sad knowing it is over.

Ruth was GREAT in this episode. Well, everyone was. I think I cried during practically the whole thing. How many people want to open a doggy daycare now? (or is that just me?).

Ha - I didn't realize what Billy was blabbing about in that last scene - funny. I think I'll have to watch it again on one of the replays this week just to get one last fix.
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can we discuss our observations & thoughts yet on everyone's demise/future yet?? I couldn't fall asleep last night while mulling everything over....
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Dh was mad that everyones death was revealed, like it tied everything up in a bow.

But I just rewatched it......and really your death isnt everything about your life. There is so much living in between.

So many things......Like David coming to grips with his demons. That was intense..........and seeing it was himself, then hugging himself. WOW!

Ruth making up with Brenda.........and doesnt Brenda need that nurturing mother in her life....she certainly doesnt get that from her mother.

I loved what David and Keith did to the house.........so cool! And it looked like David turned the business into a learning place for Funeral Directors.

Nate accepting the baby.........turning point for Brenda accepting her as well.

The scene with Ruth letting Claire go......I balled!

So glad Ruth went to Sarahs.......

Claire was 40 when she finally married Ted. At her wedding, you could see David and the boys in the front row, one of them holding hands with another man. That was cool.

I love that Tori Amos song at the end. It was the same song they used before the season began for the trailer.

I saw Rachel Griffiths on a talk show last week.....she was saying she had her midwife there for that scene where she gives birth (just in case) and that was a REAL anesthesiologist. She said when she saw the scene, she thought she "SO OVERPLAYED THAT SCENE".......then a few weeks later she gave birth to her new dd......and she thought to herself "I SOOOOO UNDERPLAYED that scene!!!" It was funny.

have to digest it and write more later. So sad to see this end!

If anyone is interested......season 4 is on sale at COSTCO and they have a coupon for $20 off.

edited to add: Just read on the SFU website that it wasnt Tori Amos....but someone named SIA....song title is Breathe me
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The song at the end was Sia Furler's Breathe Me.

I felt everything was a flashback from the 102 year old Claire from the point of the final dream (rock video with Nate). She was reliving the events of the past 80 or so years.

What sealed that posit for me was Nate telling her "You can't take a picture, it's already gone." Also the title of the episode was Everyone's Waiting.

Major hee that Billy literally bored Brenda to death. Also notice she did not see anyone right before she died, neither did Keith.
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On the SFU website......please read the obits!


Also, their community forum. Someone there pointed out that the new sign for Fisher & Sons was a headstone!
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Thanks for the link to the obits.

I was happy with everyone's wrap up except maybe Keith's demise. I have a few small issues with it but not enough that is ruined it for me.

And I was a little like "enough already" with Nate haunting Brenda but they finally stopped it. I'm a little sad the way they wrapped up that Nate/Brenda arc, but again in general I loved the show so much that even if I wasn't 100% happy with the directions they took, I was still very entertained and moved.
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thanks for the obits! sigh.
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Thank you for posting the link to the obits - I loved them!

Flagger - interesting idea about the flashback...hmmm. I'll have to think about that one some more.

CosmicMama - why were you unhappy with Keith's death? Just curious. I was a little shocked because I thought it was just going to be Ruth's death that was shown & his was the first after that & violent.

I don't know if the new sign was a headstone. To me it just looked like a contempory business sign versus what was originally there.

I'm so sorry I didn;t find this thread earlier. I'll probably watch again tonight when the rerun it.
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if you have alot of time to read people's thoughts on the episode, go to www.televisionwithoutpity.com and go to 6FU forum
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an fyi...

Alan Ball is going to be on Fresh Air tomorrow on NPR (it's on a 3pm here on WNYC...you can also listen online). They replayed an interview he did during the first season a few days ago & it was quite interesting.
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