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speaking of LLL- I have a crate of books from my past stint as librarian- better return those!!
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You guys inspired me!

Waiting to be picked up today or tomorrow from being listed on freecycle - 22 items (tapes, knick naks, old clock radio, etc.)

Gave away a bag of clothes I'd received on freecycle and didn't want to keep - 16

Sold today - A bunch of baby/kid's clothes - about 20 items, 5 books, and a crib bedding set (I'll count that as 5)

And in a bag waiting to be picked up by Value Village - 13 items (mugs, clothes, etc.)

New total - 84 items! 66 more to go.
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I have a great head start here, we just listed over 58 records on eBay this week. And I just sold two old car parts that were kicking around.
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Holy Cow can I use help in this area!!!! :LOL

I have so far listed on eBay 25 separate things (I'm counting groups of the same item as one, since it's one listing..i.e. Avent sippies and bottles). 7 have bids, and half are being watched so I am optimistic. I'll wait til the bidding is over and see what's gone and then add. But here is my definite list so far:

Pack and Play (to FIL's house for family use)
Solarveil MT
Sachi MT
Nora Roberts' Book
The Giving Tree
Queen Victoria bio
Avent Bottles/cups
Baby Safe feeder
Maternity Shirts-XL
Maternity Shirts-M
Maternity shorts/capris
Crib Aquarium
NoJo Ring Sling
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
Maternity Dresses
Swanke Hip Hammock

*Woohoo! More than Halfway there!* Uh, I don't have to count those things I've acquired, right?
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As I type here, I am gazing over at our bookcase of college texts.
We have been out of college for 10 years! Why do I still have these books? Like I am going to need this calculus book or psych book or biology book!!! : I HATED Calc and a few others!!

I will keep both dictionarys though. DH likes the American Heritage and I'm a Webster gal myself.
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I have been e-baying donating, consigning, but things are more messy now! I have 2 e-bay piles 1 to ship out, 1 to list. My consignment pile. My donate pile! My organized dh isn't happy about it! However we are moving into our first house in a few weeks so this is important. And although we will have so much more room, there is lots of things that I know won't get used! This is my first real move (we're finally moving out of the apartment above my parents ) So being a last minute kind of girl I'm nervous about organizing, packing & unpacking! Sorry don't have a count.
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I donate tons of stuff from inside the house, though there is an unused red car parked in my driveway...i think you guys have inspired me to finally call the Kidney foundation....tommorow...
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With the college textbooks- my bil said to save the math related books for later when your kids need them. I guess textbooks are written differently then my day and they teach kids to use a calculator and not to think. So the others are going but we are keeping the math ones.
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my goal is declutter and organize closets in the house, 1 down many more to go. :
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As I went down my list it helped w getting rid of stuff.

I cleaned out my linen closet and moved stuff into the med cabinet DH just installed. I threw out about 10 things of makeup etc. Plus the textbooks and then I went thru my office drawers. So I have gotten a bunch of stuff crossed off and now I reached my purge goal. But I'm sure I can find more!
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oooooooooo i needed this- am focusing on the closets and the living room primarily with ds' room being secondary..

have given away nothing, sold nothing so far this month.

thrown away lots of stuff, but i am not gonna count any of it. will count from now through the end of the month.
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About the college textbooks - is there someplace that would want them? I don't need them anymore but I loathe to toss out books. Would a library want these outdated books?
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Over the weekend I took about 40 books to Half-Price Books and will hopefully have about another 100 to go this week. I filled up two garbage bags with old clothes. Oh, and last week I put out three huge boxes of stuff for charity (they come pick up in our neighborhood every few weeks). I am so into decluttering right now!
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Originally Posted by RainyDaze
About the college textbooks - is there someplace that would want them? I don't need them anymore but I loathe to toss out books. Would a library want these outdated books?
I was the 1st to say- do I need these? DH likes to keep his to make him feel smart :LOL so fine if that all it takes- feel smart. I on the other hand know I'm smart and I have the texts to prove it but the degree hangs above them. So we are keeping the math & physics books on advice of my bil. He said keep them for later since math texts only show how to use a calculator : or a pc. He said to sell the rest on ebay or give away.
I am giving all my art books to either the library or a used book sale that is happening at the end of the month in my town. I thought of calling the local small art schools but maybe just the library.

I do know that a cousin who worked in the peace corp several years ago taught in Africa. He requested textbooks and we sent him two science books which he said were a life savor. So that maybe a route to take.
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at the halfway point...
before, donated 15 mags

so far:
recycled 10 mags
donated pile 53 items (need to drop off)
threw away 4 bags of trash. part of me wants to count the paper inside one of those bags as they were kids dittos, but paper isn't supposed to count. 3 of the bags of trash were just waiting for someone to move them outside.

threw out 5 broken/empty mismatched containers in the kitchen.

so far, 87 items.

now, can i count what i do in my grandmother's place? i will be there next week with decluttering being the goal. that would almost be unfair, 150 items a day sounds like it would be easy.
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I just got back to the closets. I didn't finish them during "spring" cleaning. Today, after just three closets turned out, I took 7 brown bags to the Goodwill. yay!
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Great idea!!! I love it, and needed a kick in the backside. Even though it is the 17th of June already, I am confident I will have no trouble finding 150 things!!! I'm going to start on my room as soon as I get home from work. I also already have a box started from previous attempts. You guys are all doing great and I can't wait to start posting my list
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Well, so far I've thrown out about 10 bags of junk/trash... how's that? lol
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This weekend alone I donated about 150 children's books to the library, sold two items, freecycled 20 baby toys, gave my SIL three bags of baby boy things, and packed up to sell about 50 homeschooling books/items. I love it here!
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I am going to do this too. I have to get a move on since I only have ten days to go before the month ends. I will start fresh in the am.
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