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I'm really doing good w this challenge! I still have to do the spice rack but I have gotten stuff out etc!
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I'm WAY behind : I've only gotten rid of about 4 things. YIKES! It's a race for me try and catch up in time...
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Originally Posted by SpiralChrissy
I'm WAY behind : I've only gotten rid of about 4 things. YIKES! It's a race for me try and catch up in time...
You know there is always July- its the sign that the year is half over and a great time to do this.
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: ooh, I am definitely into this. I have really gotten into the local freecycle.org thing and today I got rid of
2 storm windows
1 screen window
2 wire wreath rings

On Friday I am taking stuff to 2 different consignment shops
Kids Stuff
1 bag of 1 and 2 flow Avent nipples, bottle lides, nipple cover thingies
4 complete Avent bottles
1 Whisper Wear breast pump
1 Medela trombone breast pump
1 package of drawer latches
2 sippy cups
1 generic bottle
1 whoozit tummy time toy
1 teddy bear
4 girls t-shirts
3 pr pajamas
2 pr leggings
2 long sleeve shirts
1 hat with matching shoes
3 pr pants
1 terry cloth robe

Womens Stuff
4 light sweaters
1 jacket
1 pr shoes
3 nice shirts
2 pr pants
2 skirts

And then, I am hosting a clothing trading party on Saturday night, so hopefully I will manage to get rid of more than I get. I would say I have 2 or 3 bags of stuff set aside for that, so I will guess that at 10 items of clothing per bag, it is an estimated amount of 30 items going out of the house for that event!

So, I think I am at approximately 77 items out of the house! Yay!

........hmmm, does returning stuff count too? Because then it would be 80, I have 3 big baby items going back to the original owners on Saturday too.
Woohoo! I felt like it wasnt that much stuff leaving the house, but listing it like this makes me feel really liberated!
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2 bags went to the big trashcan this afternoon!!! wooooooohoooooooo

(1 was mostly toys that were missing pieces/broken)
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there's still tons of clutter
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Threw away an ancient pair of shoes - and terribly out of style. No one would want to wear them.

65 more items to go.
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I've been working on the master bedroom (which should be my sanctuary, not the major clutter zone it has been). Our poor bedroom became the place for "Oh I don't know where to put this. Eh, let's just put it in the bedroom for now." No wonder it was such a mess! If we didn't have anywhere else to put something new, either we didn't need it, or we should have gotten rid of something else in its place.

I started with the walk-in closet, getting rid of any clothes I hadn't worn in the past 6+ months. Next I worked on my computer desk, which had also become a major mess zone. It seems like anything with a flat surface became a home for miscellaneous stuff. Then I went to the floor. Anything that hadn't served its purpose in the past 6+ months got taken out. My next chore is to create an area of the bedroom for my scrappbooking area. I have my craft table. I need a few shelves to store my scrapping albums, books, paper, stickers, gadgets... and then I need to sort all of my stuff so I can set it all up.I have my craft table. I need a few shelves to store my scrapping albums, books, paper, stickers, gadgets... and then I need to sort all of my stuff so I can set it all up.
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Finally! I am really behind, but I have 30 items of kids clothes to take to the local family centre tomorrow! (I'm having deja vu... did I post this already?)
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Coming up on the home stretch here (5 days left of this month).
Its Sunday and dh is working on cleaning out the garage.
At first he moved things out and sweeped etc and threw out here & there as he went. Then he started piles- things going back in the house, things to be returned, toss, and put back in the garage. At one point there was talk of painting the walls. I said he was welcome to do that once he cleaned out the supply closets on the wall and his work bench drawers. They were filled to the brim with stuff. Also since he does woodworking everything gets caked with sawdust. I always forget he is a "stuffer". Meaning he will shove stuff in a box, drawer, bag whatever to move things out of the way quickly. The drawers have pads & pads of paper with a quick drawing of a project, tons of ball point pens, screws, packaged whatever, recipes, post its (much to dd's delight!) etc. I guess since I outlawed doing that in the house several years ago, he does it in the garage. So since its 94 degrees today as a high, I doubt he will get to the painting today.
We also are giving back a container of books, throwing out some tools that have not been touched in years, finding things (oh theres that...)

So at this point, I have no clue what my total is but its just right.
I am just glad we got to do the garage this month.
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after cleaning out grandmothers, i am home. all i see is garbage and clutter in my home. the great grandkids felt the house looked sterile, i thought it looked great. small picture groupings. less furnature, less clutter.
everyday we filled my sister's van with donations. everynight with trash. we did a bad thing i feel guilty over, but she has paid for trash pick up for a year and not used it so i guess it evens out. (left it at a city pick up location, late at night)

there was still more stuff, but we left some things to better show the home. my son counted 56 belts. those were just the ones that didn't go with an outfit. i have no idea how many things we got rid of. old cosmetics. oldest prescription i found was from 1980, but mom said they found an older one before i got there.

i just got rid of juice glasses in my own cabinet. i only took useful things from my grandmothers. the family seemed really surprised that i didn't want more stuff that was free. i am sorry, broken pottry doesn't remind me of my grandmother. i have some of her hand made baby clothes to frame. that will be nice. but i didn't need it all. i don't drink tea, i don't need a tea set. i don't like to polish silver so i didn't want it. ("you don't want the silver shrimp forks???" 'no, i don't polish silver, nor do I eat seafood')


i know at some point i won't feel like everything is clutter again. but i hope i am never this bad in my golden years. i know she was depression era, but old empty make up bottles and dried out food coloring helps no one. i even left all the new bottles of cleaner. nope. don't want it. didtake all the baking soda, vinegar and salt
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Magemom- hugs to you on getting the job done. It might have had nothing to do with the depression but just she was a packrat. When my grandmother got sick 12 years ago and we cleaned out her house she had newspapers from 1975! I cannot imagine what would happen if there was a fire there. My mom found checks she had sent her over the years and money in birthday cards sent by various people she never even took out even from the 40s. Also she hoarded money in weird places. All total there was close to 4k found in various spots (like the tissue box over the window in the second bedroom but behind the drapes). Also the bills were brand new and they were dated from various decades. My father the accountant estimated that if she put them in an account of some sort they would have been worth 1/2 million in todays value. Also she had like twelve things of paper towels, aspirin on the counter that was 5-10 years out of date, perfume never opened from my grandfather (he has been gone for 25 years), clothes in about 5 sizes, NAtional enquiriers galore, stuff from the home shopping network, cereal in the pantry from when we were kids and visiting....
I think people of this frame of mind think they are saving for something in the future, they just do not know what that is or when it is. A friend of mine's husband saves things he says are of value or valuable. I do not know how they are worth so much money in a box in the bsmt but whatever.

On a happy note,
After working on the garage, we took a bunch of old stains, finsishes etc to a recycle center- a total of 12 cans of stuff. Then dh started to prime the walls in the garage.
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Well, I know its July already but I wanted to post my final number for June. After giving away a book FFS, donating 16 more items to Value Village, and recycling one magazine my total is 103. Didn't quite make 150 but that's 103 less cluttery items in my home.
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I didn't get any where near 150 but I am slowly getting rid of "STUFF"
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is there going to be one for July? i want to join!!!
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