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flax seed oil

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what is flax seed oil? what is flax seed? what can you use it for?
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Great sources of omega 3 fatty acids (ie very heart and brain healthy fats).

Oil is good on salads, etc. but don't cook with it. I also like to put a Tbsp in my smoothies.

Ground seeds taste very nutty and are great on yogurt, salads, etc. I also put them in my smoothies. You have to grind the seeds, though, otherwise they'll pass right through you undigested. A coffee grinder (that you don't use for coffee!) works great for this; just grind what you need because ground seeds will go rancid very quickly.

Here are some recipes I found on the web:




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Brenda Davis wrote a nice article about flax here:

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And for all the reasons flax is good, hemp is all the better!!
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I eat ground flax seed on my toast every morning. And now my ds does too! He loves it! (thankfully, he hasn't experienced jelly on toast!!!)
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How do you get the flaxseed to stick to toast? Doesn't it fall off?
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Good question! We either spread applesauce or spectrum spread on the toast before applying the ground flax seed!
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