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Diapering twins

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I'm excited that I've convinced DH that cloth is the cheapest way for us to go to diaper the twins. We are going with a service, at least at first. In our past cloth trials the laundry has always been the biggest issue so this way we are still saving tons of money and don't have to worry about whether or not the diapers got washed that day. Plus, I got rid of all my cloth diapers when DD #2 potty trained, thinking we were done having babies. (OOPS, LOL) The thought of restocking for twins is exhausting to me, but maybe I'll buy a few here and there if we can afford it.

Anyway, I need to buy covers but I don't know how many I need. I like Bummis Litewraps, they seem to fit my babies best. I'm thinking 6-8 in each size, is that too many? Also, right now the babies are running pretty big, I'm estimating they will be in the 5-6 lb range, but I have no idea. Should I buy some preemie sizes or can I get by with newborn size?
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I used the newborn size with my 5lb girls with no problems. I think 6-8 covers is the minimum, especially in the smaller sizes. I had a dozen covers in the smallest size - laundry is no laughing matter, and there were times when the girls were in disposies because the covers were all in the washer.
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My two were 5 lb 4 oz and 5 lb 10 oz when we got home and we just started right in with infant prefolds. I'd agree that 6-8 covers would be the minimum you'd want. We have ten Bummis in medium right now and up until the past two weeks or so, there were times when we could go through all ten in a day and a half-ish. Maybe I fold and snappi prefolds poorly but the oozy poop just gets everywhere! We had about ten smalls and three or four newborns (also BSWW). Good luck!
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My 2 were just barely over 5 lbs when we started cd'ing and the nb covers fit fine. I think we had 4 nb covers & some smaller smalls that we used if we ran out of the nb. I did find that the small prefolds were WAY too big at that size though. We got some gerber flatfolds from BRU & my grandma remembered how to fold them to get them small & we used those until the girls grew into the prefolds. The flatfolds aren't especially absorbent (mom says the ones they had when we were babies were MUCH better) but were folded small enough that there were plenty of layers to make them absorbent enough for that nb period & they're cheap

I think from then on I got 6 covers that I really liked in each size & had additional ones that I got really cheap used & didn't especially like but worked if all the good ones were dirty.

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We used a diaper service for the first couple months too. It was great. My babies were born at 38 weeks and weighed 6 lbs., 4 oz and 8 lbs., 7 oz. The smaller baby went into preemie size covers and prefolds (per suggestion of the diaper lady, who said babies under 6 pounds (which he was after losing weight in the beginning) are better off in preemie-size, and the bigger baby went into newborn covers and prefolds. The newborn size would have been really big on my smaller guy, probably even leaky. Because of the huge size difference in my babies, they weren't ever in the same size of diaper cover. So I never had to have twice as many in any one size. If I were you, I would only get the newborn size ahead of time (and I'd suggest having at least 10 since you won't be washing diapers, and don't want to have to wash the covers every day. . . even with 10, you'll probably be washing every other day), incase your babies are different sizes.


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Hmm, thanks for the input. With 4 kids, I expect to be doing at least a load or two of laundry every day. But with the service at least I won't have to be washing diapers. I've never CD'd a newborn before though, so I didn't know how many covers I'd need. When we cd'd Ayla she was about 9 months old and I remember most days we'd use the same cover all day, maybe 2 at most. Our diaper lady offers small, medium, and large sized prefolds so thats nice. I think I might get just a few preemie size covers just to have for size, since I don't know how big the babies will be when they are born. If the covers are too small I can always return them or resell them, right?
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I found that I could really only use the preemie sized covers with preemie sized prefolds, so unless you're planning to get some preemie prefolds, the preemie diaper covers might not do much for you.

Using prefolds with newborns does generally result in the cover getting poopy pretty much everytime the baby poops (which is pretty much all the time with newborns). That's why you need so many covers. After the first six weeks or so, when the babies start pooping less, you won't need to have so many. So you only need to get a ton of the newborn size.

We always washed our covers and wipes together, but didn't put clothes in with them. I guess I wouldn't mind washing poopy covers and clothes together at this point, but it seemed too gross back then. We usually ended up washing our covers by hand because we didn't feel we had enough to justify a whole load.


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So, with twins, recommendation is 6 wraps. I have about 24 cloth diapers my sister made for me. Is that enough, or do I need more?

She also ordered me 24 pre-folds.

I have to succeeed at cloth diapers and bf. For money and peace of mind. I will be a SAHM, so hopefully, laundery won't be a big deal for me..

Am I dreaming?

Christy S inTX
Due Nov 2005
1st time momma to B/G twins
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I got a call from a PG twins mama just yesterday thru the diaper circle ad, and I dropped off some stuff to help her today.

Here's what I suggested, and worked for us with the twins.

5 Bummis super whisper wraps
5 Windpro covers (I made the ones I gave to her)
4 Wool covers for overnight
24 prefolds
12 fleece liners (bf poop comes off everything pretty easy tho)

If you need me to mail you some to play with, or fabric samples - we have a lending library of dipes & supplies for the circle

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I have not cd'd twins yet, I am due just before you are, but you will be needing more than 6 covers. I think 6 covers is pretty good for 1 baby, but not 2. Also, if you are not washing your own diapers the covers might not get washed before you run out. When ds was little I had bummis and liked they alright, but I really liked the bumkins because you could easily rinse them off and re-use them. Nb poop is just so runny it is impossible to keep off the covers and it was nice to just rinse them off and let them dry over the shower and then wash them every few days. Once ds got a little older and fatter I did not like the bumkins at all though because they started to rub on his belly. When they get older and are not pooping 10 times a day you can probably get away with fewer covers.
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I wouldnt go for preemie size.
Even if your babies are 5-6 lbs when they are born, newborn size will probably be just fine.
And both my twins were close to 8 lbs. Yours could be too.
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I have been considering getting some premie pf- I think I will use the $$ on some AIOs instead I don't know how many covers I have from DS- I know I have atleast 6NB and 6 small covers; I think I will order at least 6 more ( i have proraps seconds and bummis SWW) I have 2 doz infant premium UBPF and 1doz Kiss 0s seconds from DS too. I want to get at least one more doz Kiss 0s seconds and probably another doz PF.

I have a few assorted AIOs and I bought some small FB ( 6).

I wish we had a diaper service DS is still in diapers so I know we will be doing laundry at least every day.
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Originally Posted by sarahloughmiller
I think 6 covers is pretty good for 1 baby, but not 2. Also, if you are not washing your own diapers the covers might not get washed before you run out. ....really liked the bumkins because you could easily rinse them off and re-use them....

Where do you get Bumkins?


Hugs all!
Christy S inTX
Due Nov 2005
1st time momma to B/G twins
plan to :bf: and :
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They sell them at Natural Babies www.naturalbabies.com

That is where I got all my Bumpy covers and PF.
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I got them at naturalbabies.com

The have Bumkins, Bummis, Prowraps and a few other kinds as well as prefolds and pockets and other stuff. I like her site because shipping is only $3.95 no matter how much you get. Shipping on prefolds can get really expensive, but you don't have to pay the extra from her.
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Yeah, they should gain fast anyway and be outta preemie covers fast fast fast. I would just go with NB and I bet they'll be outta those and into smalls reall quick. I would want at least 8 covers. Probably closer to 12.
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I agree with you - it is defnately cheaper

I agree with the other posts - I think maybe 6 covers per baby would be better.. since poop, especially bf poo gets around even the best snappied or pinned diaper and onto the covers. I usually supplement my favorite covers with cheaper pull-up varieties - bummis makes nice ones and I also like the dappi pull up ones..

Unless they're super small you should be able to start with newborn size, not premie
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