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I think that coloring books and art are two totally different things. We sometimes print out pictures of patterns or mythical creatures to color and we have a few coloring books but it's more of a brainless relaxing thing to us. We color together and chat but when Trevor is doing art he doesn't want to be bothered and is very intense and involved in whatever he is creating. I think that if all you are exposed to is coloring books as art and that you are told step by step what you should do then there could be a problem.
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I was an early childhood education major in college & the supervisor of our department always told us that if he ever visited a preschool that one of us opened & we had coloring sheets or coloring books he would be disappointed with us.

That said my own kids love to draw on plain paper, but sometimes prefer coloring a page & I don't have a problem with it.
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i agree that coloring books and art are 2 things. i am a very creative person and i was allowed to use coloring books. they gave me a chance to get used to the feeling of crayons, experiment with color choices, and so on without the pressure of having to draw a picture myself and have it come out wrong. i think that can build alot of confidence in art materials and just a kids sense of color, texture, and so on. its like giving them experience in the materials aspect of it.

i have always loved coloring books, cuz they are meditative. i love putting color on the paper. i am the same way about painting. i love seeing the paint go onto the paper/canvas, and the feeling of that just asmuch as i like creating a picture. you dont have to think very much when you color. its just a different expereince. i would never want it to be the *only* expereince my kid had with art, cuz i think if all you ahd was coloring books you would miss out on creativity---but if a kid is expereincing all kinds of artisitc materials and projects, a coloring book will not dominate thier creativity.
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I loved my coloring books when I was kid. I have my BFA. I don't think it stifled my creativity. Having a teacher tell me I could not paint the sky purple & trees blue (as happened to one of my neighbors growing up) would stifle it.

My kids have coloring books. Sometimes they use them and sometimes they don't. Some are scribbled and some are colored nicely. Some have unique colorings some do not. They have fun. That is all that matters.

Coloring books are one more thing that your child can love or hate. It all depends on how the parents present them.
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I provide both coloring books and tons of blank paper. My dc usually go for the blank paper. When my dd was little I took her to Borders story time and they would give her a coloring book sheet which she would promptly turn over and color on the back. I think that the whole "color inside the lines" thing is sad and repressed. Sometimes someone would look at dd's pics and ask her why she didn't color the picture or color in the lines. She would look at them like that had three ears on their forehead- just didn't understand where they were coming from .
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I had never heard the "coloring books stifle creativity" idea until I started doing home daycare. I really don't buy it. DD has always had free access to coloring books. She's also had free access to crayons, paper, markers, paints, clay, colored pencils, etc... She's quite creative. She loves to draw and has books full of her art (which can be a problem because she sometimes gets in trouble for drawing at school when she should be doing her work. She makes up stories to go with them. She makes up comics about her and her friends. People know how much she loves it and for her birthday/xmas/whatever she gets pencils, colored pencils, sketch books, etc... So it really doesn't seem that the coloring books have done any damage.

I personally loved to color as a kid and STILL do. It's very relaxing to me. I have my own coloring books and pencils that the kids aren't allowed to touch. I found some really cool coloring books from a company called Mindware that I very much enjoy coloring. http://www.mindwareonline.com/mwstor...ectGroup_ID=51
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I already posted, but have been thinking about this a lot.

I think as DS gets older, I wouldn't have a problem with coloring books. At his age though, he seems so impressionable with art. I think that scribbling has so many benefits that I wouldn't want him to take that time away from that to coloring books.

I rediscovered coloring books in college. I agree that they can be relaxing, but I don't think they are appropriate for my son at his age.
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