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Thanks for all your replies! I soooo appreciate it.
Be sure to post when you find a really good recipie. I NEED them!! :LOL

I have been doing better. about 98% raw. Still going for the 100%!!!

I have tried so many things and have really only liked a few of the things. I just keep hopeing my taste buds change more!!!

Welcome arcenciel and momandmore2!!! Love to have new raw mamas opinions and here your happenings!!

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Hi everyone~

I have a book, Primal Mothering in a Modern World by Hygeia Halfmoon, this is the book~

I have read it and probably won't read it again, so if you want it let me know. I will ship it to you. It basically a mothers story about eating raw, raw pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding. It also talks about here stuggles with the traditional world. She is pretty extreme, but an amazing lady! If I ship media mail it won't really cost me anything I learned a lot from this book, although I have mixed feelings about some of it. It's still a really good book, and hey, it's free...let me know.

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Oooh...I love that book. I just bought it and it's great. Yes, extreme according to our current culture, but I agree with most parts. It's just inspring to read about someone who obviously does not care what others think...or about what everyone thinks is "normal". Loved it.

It's great to see this thread growing so much! Welcome to all the new people! We are finally back from our long trip and it's so great to be preparing food in my own kitchen again. I've made a few new dishes:

Fettucine Alfredo: ribbons of zucchini with a sauce made of pine nuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, and more! From Alissa's cookbook.

Curried Carrot Avocado Soup: who knew my little blender would make such a smooth and creamy soup?! Carrots, avocado, cumin, garlic, water, and some other stuff. From the Rainbow Live cookbook.

Rainbow Salad: all kinds of goodies including edible flowers. Flowers are fun. And tasty.

Date Nut Torte: I've made this twice now, but this one was bigger and prettier. I love it.

Here are the photos.

My hubby is now joining me in my raw quest...however, I am having a hard time keeping him happy with the food I've made. I'm glad to eat salads and fruit and veggies all day, but he doesn't feel satisfied. He's totally detoxing and feeling how addicted he is to cooked food...so that doesn't make it easier.

It's hard because preparing food is so personal for me...and when people eat it, I want them to love it and be happy! It's really hard to hear him constantly saying that he's still hungry. We have a dehydrator coming soon...so then I will be able to make more fancy dishes, but until then, does anyone have some suggestions? He's a big guy...and is soooo used to having bread and chips with every meal.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent a good amount. Then, today I went back and got more stuff. It's very hard to plan a menu and stick to it...espeically when you get so hungry all the time! How does everyone handle grocery shopping and menu planning? How often do you shop? Do you have problems with things going bad? I'm annoyed because the bean sprouts I bought for tomorrow are already going bad...is this just one thing about eating raw that cannot be avoided?
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Ok, I know this is the third time I've posted today, but I found the raw ranch recipe...

Raw Ranch Dip or Dressing

1.5c raw cashews
about 1c of water, depending on how thick you want it
4tbs, lemon juice
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder

Blend in blender until smooth and creamy, you can add a little more water or lemon to get right thickness. Then add~

1+ tsp dry dill weed
1+ tsp Italian seasoning
1 minced basil leaf

Blend for a moment in blender. I like to add more of the herbs then the recipe calls for.

It's really yummy, kind of a mild, creamy ranch. The only thing is cashews from the store are steamed to get the shell off, however I do use them sometimes. You can get truly raw cashews online (www.rawfood.com, I think) and they are soooo yummy, but about $12 a lb.!

Delight~ Sounds like you are eating well! The pictures look amazing!!! Yum! My dh nibbles on nuts (like pecans or almonds) while working, he also eats more avocados then me. Sometimes just by themselves with spicy spike seasoning on it. Increasing greens can help too. He also loves coconuts and they help his appetite a lot! He actually likes the feeling of being slightly hungry, so that helps.

I feel like I could grocery shop almost everyday. I often over buy at the farmers market and then some of it goes bad. Have you tried growing sprouts yet?(like alfalfa, radish, etc.) It's kind of nice because it cost almost nothing. We successfully ate raw for 2 days, I felt great and wish I could continue. problem is I balanced our account and we have $11 to last us the next week. We are going to take our many bottles to recycling so we will have enough for gas and dog food. Luckily we have a few melons and apples left, and then enough regular food to last. So frustrating though! I basically continued to eat raw all morning and had a cooked dinner (hummus, naan, and yogurt). I think if we at least have a smoothies every morning it will help. Our fruit trees should be ready for pickin' soon, that will be helpful!

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Delight---So funny, whlie reading your post about your dh I thought it was me!! Same thing!!! Some dishes that help are the Mock Salmon Pate -Alissa and the Spanish Rice--Alissa (this one is pretty inexpensive) And like green fairy said about the nuts, make him a trail mix or something. even add some carob chips maybe.

My dehydrator is on it's way as well, but I am borrowing my friends excalibur 2500 right now. (What a good friend hu!?) It definately helps.

I've made the pizza bread and some coconut cookies that have been major hits!!
Right now I have some Sunburgers cookin' that I found on the web. I altered the recipie to taste... ohhh I feel so advanced!! :LOL

About the $ and shopping--I'm with ya. I've spent about $400 in 2 weeks. Yikes
My big thing is finding time to write out a menu at night so I can soak the whatever that needs to be soaked.

I also need to think ahead when using sprouts and that's not easy for me. I am the type to eat whatever I feel like. I am not a preparer. So that's a challenge. :

I learned to keep things like the almond butter balls--Alissa--- in the freezer. They taste a little like bit 'O honey. I blended (in a food processer) half the rasins though, instead of stiring them a in. THey help a TON when I get busy, realize I'm hungry and I can't eat cause I've got to deal with the kids or nurse the baby. I just pop a couple of those and then I'm not so temped to take a bite of the kids cereal.

Thank you soooo much *green fairy* for the ranch recipie I appreciate it TONS! I am makeing it tomorrow. I have everything on hand! YaY!

Also, I would love to read that book and pass it on to you all whoever wants it in this group! I appreaciate that as well, I am always up for an inspiring raw story!!

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Well, if I'm allowed raw dairy and eat then count me in - at least as an aspiring raw fooder!

Shaper, thanks for the ideas, some of the sites I found lok really interesting. Why are you cutting out vinegar? Is that all types? Did you know that if you make your own sauercraut, etc. it doesn't have to have vinegar? It really does ferment (I'm using the NT recipes...) which encourages all those healthy bacteria, etc. I think for me it might really help me to keep my budget low.

I'm hoping to find out more about the markets in my area. The really local one is tiny and they have veg. but not organic. I think I might have to go a bit further afield.

On the topic of sprouts, what about sprouted lentils? Are they bad? They certainly were tasty, but I remember a link somewhere about why we don't need grains or lentils...

At the moment I'm having one big "salad" a day with as much interesting veg as I've got. But their is vinegar in my homemade dressing. I'm also eating nuts or veggies dipped in crème fraiche in between. I still get stuck on breakfast though - I only just weaned myself off boxed cereal onto bread & honey or oatmeal!

quidditchmom, you asked if there are any veggies that can't be eaten raw. I asked the same on another board and someone said spinach. "Spinach which is very hard to digest in its raw form especially for children, it should be lightly sauteed or steamed. It can block absorption of iodine if raw or unfermented, (p.44 NT) and absorption of calcium (p.192 NT) and phosphorus for children under 6 (P. 402/402 NT)"

I'm interested in finding out more about other veg though. Must go search...
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That book sounds interesting, so if it's getting passed around, I wouldn't mind reading it

I've been doing pretty well with eating raw. Notice I said 'I'. My kids are reluctant to change their diet and to my knowledge their dad hasn't tried at all. But, the only thinks I tried so far are dips, drinks and that fruit pudding. I have been having a hard time with cheating in the evening though. It seems to be getting better, though.

As far as my kids go, I'd like them to tag along, but I don't want to start a food war, so I only offer raw foods, but I do give them what they ask for, raw or not. I still try to sneak in veggies though Like this morning they wanted PB&J sandwiches, and we didn't have bread. So I gave it to them first on iceburg lettuce and then switched to bok choy. They ate it liked it.

I read that info on green leafy veggies (thanks, Andrea!) and last night after the kids went to bed decided to try my hand at a green drink. I blended some bok choy, water and bananas and it was totally drinkable - if you closed your eyes :LOL . The baby was still up and wanted some so I gave him a sip out of my glass and HE LOVED IT!!! He sorta attacked me for more when I took it away. I gave him more and he gulped it down and when he finally came up for more he had a perfect green "milk" mustache . I decided to try to put it in his sippy cup since it was making a bit of a mess and he threw a bit of a fit cause I was making him wait. Then he found a drop that had spilled on the floor, crawled over to it and actually started sucking it off the floor before I could get to him! Guess I'll be making that again.

The baby has been almost totally raw, but he's been having the worst diapers since we started. I mean, my kids actually evacuated the other day because it was so bad. They stood on the back porch until the smell died down. And they're so messy. Has anyone else had experience with this? Is this a bad thing?

I'm thinking that I'm going to start introducing raw foods to my kids more slowly. I'm going to try making a couple of raw dinners, I'm going to start making only raw deserts. And of course, when they ask for a snack I'll offer them raw unless they specifically ask for something else. Hopefully we can slowly phase out the cooked and help them develop a taste for raw. I'm still not sure about what to do during the week for dinners, I watch two kids that eat with us. Their mom is kinda weird about some things (like she would rather take them to work with her than have them go to chess club with my kids) and when she noticed all the fruit and veggies at my house she started asking me every night what they were eating. I've watched them off an on for about 4 years and never been asked. She's a very 'meat and potatoes' (and maybe once a week vegetables) type of person, so I know that she wants them to have meat at my house. The night we did salads I just threw in some sandwich turkey and cheese.

I'm also a bit nervous about a cook out on the fourth. My granparents are doing it this year and they think all you need is a good burger. Good is defined as being at least as thick as the bun and overhanging the bun by at least a half inch. I think they get something like 10 burgers per cow :LOL . I might cheat (just a little with some potato salad or something) because it will be easier than trying to explain to them that no one ever died from eating a few fresh fruits and veggies
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i'd like to get in line for the book too!

arceniel, spinach shouldn't be eaten raw? really? that seems weird to me since raw spinach salads are so popular, even with "cooked" folks. do you happen to know what that person's source for their infomation was?

i love lentil sprouts. my favorite sprout mix has red and brown lentils in it. if there's a reason i shouldn't be eating them, i don't want to know it!
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lynsage, I love spinach too. It's the Nourishing Traditions book by Sally Fallon that has the information. I suppose as long as you don't go too heavy on it all the time, it's ok.

quidditchmom, it makes sense to go more slowly with your kids. I know when I gave up sugar I was suddenly aware of how much sugar they were eating and I wanted it to stop immediately! I think if I'd made them change straight away, firstly I wouldn't have had dh's support because he thought it was just a phase I was going through. Secondly they would just have refused. I had to gradually find foods they enjoyed as alternatives and gradually get stricter about what they were not allowed. Now I still let them have "treats" (i.e. junk) one day a week, but not much, and the rest of the time they enjoy their fruit, nuts and other healthy alternatives we have come up with.

As for raw, I don't think I'll even mention it to anybody in my immediate family! My dh is very much a meat and 2 veg kind of guy and he would think I had finally gone crazy! But he loves his salads in the summer so now is a good time to start introducing things. I think you can introduce a lot as "new recipes" without forcing them to eat 100% raw. They'll still benefit and they won't notice so much if it's gradual. They still get the cravings though...
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arcenciel, I never heard that about spinach before. Do you know if that means it's not good for green drinks, too? I read on that website that andrea mentioned that greens are hard to digest period, that they should be "chewed" very thoroughly, like with a food processor

It's really awful because all of a sudden I'm aware of all of the bad things I've done to my kids their whole life. Pesticide-seasoned food, not ecouraging veggies enough when they were very young, white flour, processed junk...and now I'm reading up on vaccinations

But I do want them to eat something because they want to and not cause I'm forcing them to. Hopefully it will get to the point where they won't crave cooked and sucky foods anymore at some point.

How old are your kids, arcenciel,if you don't mind me asking?

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I would assume it's not good for the drinks. Also, I don't know whether there is starch in the greens (I'm guessing there probably is) but I've been reading recently again about how important it is to chew food to digest the starch in the mouth - it not only breaks it up but mixes it with ptyalin which actually turns starch to glucose in the mouth (you can taste it getting sweeter). Ptyalin apparently doesn't work in the acid of the stomach. Some research was done ages ago on a group of men in the army and half of them were told to chew each mouthful at least 50 times and the other half kept on as normal, that was the only change and yet the health of those doing all the chewing improved.

Anyway, all that to say that if the greens need to be well "chewed" does that possibly mean that you actually ought to chew them too?

I know what you mean about what you've done to your kids. Mine are 6, 5 and 20 months. The first two had all the early vaccinations and it was only at the MMR that I started considering the topic seriously. I was really good on veggies and no sugar for the first year for each of them but it was all down hill after that, and yes, it's difficult now. My #2 will hardly eat anything now I've stopped buying white pasta! That's without even the raw consideration.

I really want them to enjoy eating healthily so that they will be more likely to continue it when they are older. I'm just trying to see it as a long term change so that it doesn't really matter if they aren't convinced immediately or if they take a while to change their tastes. If I just have faith then it'll happen eventually. In theory.
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Oh, yuck. I was just having a craving for what my kids were eating and I decided to snack on some nuts. My sister was having some with me and she cracked open a walnut to find....A WORM!!! : It was still alive too.

I'm done with nuts for a while.

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I've been reading around on the spinach thing, and it seems that the problem is our body's ability to absorb the calcium and iron (as well as a . But even if you don't get these things from spinach, there are plenty of other beneficial reasons for eating it raw (like high vit c, for one). And like arcenciel said, in moderation it's probably fine.

Speaking of spinach, I made a green smoothie out of it this morning, and it was really good! As long as I didn't look at it, that is--it turned out a kind of brownish-green color. And ds actually didn't dislike it (there isn't much he likes consistently these days). That's a start.

I need to get a cookbook for some raw recipes. I've been eating salads but not much else--I'm just not very creative. I have to use up what I have in the fridge since money is tight until after the first of the month, so I will only be able to do raw here and there. But better than nothing, huh? Dh and I are going up to Michigan to visit his family over the 4th, so I'm figuring we'll try going all raw after we get back. I can't wait to see how our bodies handle it. I always feel tired and am looking forward to feeling better.

Hey, does anyone know if frozen peas have been cooked/blanched already? I really like them on my salad.
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I was wondering about frozen vegetables, too. I looked it up online and read that they were blanched, but that was a posting from another board so it's not super reliable info. I was kinda bummed cause There are a bunch of veggies that are SO much cheaper frozen than fresh that I like.

That got me wondering about frozen fruits. Are those cooked?

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What do you think about the following list of "optimal" raw foods?:


According to this list, there really isn't much that's acceptable to eat. Would make shopping pretty easy I guess, but eating kinda boring, no? How in the world would I make salsa without garlic and onions? Do any of you follow this kind of restricted diet? Just wondering . . .
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Ya the nuts thing is gross... I just sliced open a big apricot that looked sooo good and the pit was completely moldy!! I am gonna call the grocery store to see about a refund. I just bought it yesterday!!I guess that just comes with the raw food diet.

I met a gal in the store and she had a lot of fruits and veggies in her cart so I asked her if she was doing the raw diet thing. She wasn't, but then she was really interested in HOW to do it. She sayes she loves fruits and veggies. We exchanged numbers so we will see, I might have another local supporter.

My sister just called. She is comming to visit from Ca (I live in Alaska) this Tuesday!! Her son misses his cousins!! So hey, maybe well have another raw girl on the bandwagon!! :LOL

I took some pics today of my blueberry pie! Looks so good. It was a little dissapointing to me though, I've heard so many rave reviews from others on different raw boards.

Anyone else feel this way????

[HTML]I've been doing pretty well with eating raw. Notice I said 'I'. My kids are reluctant to change their diet and to my knowledge their dad hasn't tried at all. But, the only thinks I tried so far are dips, drinks and that fruit pudding. I have been having a hard time with cheating in the evening though. It seems to be getting better, though. [/HTML]

Quiditchmom---I feel the same way!!! I has getten better though each day. I try not to give in and let them eat late at night. I'll just tell them to drink water. I have them taking an excellent liquid supplement so I'm not too worried about them being deficient in something for the day!!!

Things I have given them that aren't raw while transitioning---

organic cereal

rice milk

organic corn chips ---(Wheat is addicting, plus I tell them they need to have
some raw dip that I made, like the mock salmon pate', on yhe chip if they are going to eat them. I always have fresh fruit out,washwed and availiable as well as cut up and ready to eat in the fridge)

dairy free choc chips (to eat WITH nuts or raisins.)

I haven't given in with the meat---and believe me they've begged!

I just can't now that I've learned the "truth"!!!

Oh and about the frozen veggies, makes sense they are probably blanched but Allissa Cohen calls for it in her cookbook and she is all about 100% raw so there must not be a problem with it.

Have a GREAT DAY all you momas!!

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i can't believe how much this thread has grown!!!

i am on my 10th day of 100% raw and i can not begin to tell you how much better i look, i look younger and cleaner

my stretch marks are actually fading before my eyes!

i look great

that is a BIG inspiration for me

although today i found myself daydreaming about cheese sandwhiches......(something i have not had in months and months)

(calcium or fat?)

i ended up eating some oats soaked in coconut milk..........yum
and then green beans dipped in um plum vineger....very tangy adn crunchy

my dh had a real hard time with detox too....he was out of it for days and felt really ill. he also complains of feeling like he is starving to death....

he now eats about 70 % raw....and will maybe try for 100% in a month or two
our dd is still at about 90% she still has to have some type of cheese or egg for most days.....

i have heard goo dthings about primal mothering, i will have to check it out!

take care
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Wow...where do I even begin? This thread is huge! I didn't read for a day and I'm so behind!

Had a great start to my day with a banana berry smoothie (fresh banana/frozen berries/filtered water). Snacked on an apple. Lunch was leftover fettuccine alfredo and a salad. Banana in the afternoon.

For supper we went out for thai because we are traveling again and we were sick of salads. I knew I was going to eat cooked, but I wasn't beating myself up about it. I got my favorite...red curry with tofu and brown rice. First of all, it was soooo spicy (new restaurant..didn't know their scale of spicyness!) and it was so filling. I was so bloated. I couldn't feel my mouth for awhile! The worst thing was that we started off with egg rolls and spring rolls...so I was already filling up with that.

After being raw for almost a month (with a few cheats here and there), the cooked food really did a number on me. I felt so yucky....I really really wanted to eat that thai though But, after we were done, I practically RAN to get some fresh fruit at the co-op (luckily, it's right next door!) I needed something fresh and COLD! I guess I'm addicted to raw food now...it's kind of bittersweet. I really wanted that food, but it made me sick. I'm guessing it was the eggroll fried in FAT! Gross. Don't ask me why. I think I wanted to do a little experiment to see if I could still eat that way. Has anyone else experienced this feeling of really wanting it to be good...but it wasn't?

As far as the spinach talk that is happening here...I think that we can get really caught up in the "technicalities" of it all, and really, all you need to do is eat what you want to eat. I like spinach...so I eat it. I like watermelon...so I eat it. I'm sure I could find something out there that says not to eat too much watermelon, etc...I've just read a lot lately about trusting your body's intuition. It makes so much more sense to me.

Before we all had "experts" telling us which fruits and veggies to eat and not eat...what would we have eaten? Just whatever tasted the best, right? I understand the need to make sure we are getting the right nutrients and what not, but the best thing about raw is that you don't have to worry about all of that. I think in time, your body will regulate itself. Like when I first went raw, I ate tons of nuts. Now I don't eat as many. Makes sense now that I see they aren't that great when eaten in mass quantities! :LOL

That kind of touches on the other question about the Raw School list of optimal foods for a raw diet. That is a really extreme list...and I think maybe someday, I might get to that point, but most of us are totally new to raw, and it will take some transisitioning to get us away from all of the things we are so used to. I know I couldn't live without garlic! At least not right now!

Regarding all of the Fourth of July celebrations that are coming up....I think that it's perfectly fine to just tell people that you are focusing on eating more fruits and veggies. You don't have to call yourself a raw foodist I know if I told some of my family members that, they would think I joined a cult! Everyone else will be so busy gorging themselves on meat and chips and bread...they will be too lethargic to care that you aren't eating it too I am going to be going on a separate grocery run so I can make some tasty organic goodies for myself. Nori rolls are super easy to make...or a big fruit salad...if anyone has great ideas for food for the fourth, definitely speak up! Don't be afraid to tell people about raw food though...you may get a few funny looks, but you might find another raw food buddy that way! You just never know.

I'm so glad to hear my DH is not the only raw food spouse who is "starving". Poor guy. Today I had to stop and get him some granola bars and trail mix...we were on the road and only had apples and bananas. I felt sad for him. It's hard when I have tons of self-control when I want to...and he really has none. I can't imagine having to cook for my DH and family and then make raw for me. Those of you that do that are super heroes! Way too much temptation for me! I'm couting the days until my Excalibur comes...it's supposed to be here next week.

Do you ever find yourself looking at someone who looks really sad or worn out and you think...."That person needs to go raw!". I've been doing that so often. Especially with my family. I don't always tell them that, because they would get rather annoyed, but I think it! Acne has always been a problem in my family and I KNOW it's because they drink MASS quantities of milk. We even had a milk machine from a restaurant when we were younger! I have tried to tell them, but no one believes there is a connection. I just want to convert the world to raw...anyone up for that? :LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Oh ya, Delight ~ the acne & milk - I had *horrible* acne from like 10-14... what a horrible time to have it, too - finally went on some pretty harsh drugs for it too - if only i knew then what i know now - i was LIVING on nacho's and cheese & chocolate milk.. Gross!!

Glad you're back. I was wondering where you were!

I'm completely with you on the spinach too - I like the baby spinach from time to time. Usually in smoothies, but not always. I don't think I eat it often - although today I had a strawberry almond spinach salad. Yum! I love that raw school list of optimal foods. I want to get there at some point. That's definitely what I'm aiming for.

mom&more2 ! I don't think it's limiting at all considering the thousands of fruits there are out there. Greens aren't a major part of my diet, and I doubt they ever will be (but you never know!!).

momajustice.. awesome about your stretch marks!! i'vebeen trying to get more sun on mine. i don't know if it helps though. wouldn't that be neat to get rid of them? i wonder if it can be done. you are doing so awesome!

my husband will join the list of starving raw husbands. he doesn't eat a large percentage of raw though, and i think that's a major part of the problem - plus i think at some point you have to get *past* that feeling of hunger, and realise that it's not acutally hunger.. the body is saying "rest" with that rumbly achy feeling. at least that' swhat i've read. i think it makes sense.

quidditchmom & mom&more2 ~ i think it depends on the company whether or not the frozen fruits and veggies have been blanched. i think even if they are it's still great transition-y type foods. i freeze my own fruits for smoothies except blueberries which i buy frozen (no idea if they've been blanched, dont' much care ) peas on teh salad sounds so yummy!!

oh and primal mothering is a great, great, great book - i love it! there's a tonne of books out there that most ap mamas can relate too but i really felt with this one that i could relate totally.. like, there's another person out there as WEIRD as me!!! i loved it

i've still been eating the watermelon and cherries like crazy. Liam's loving it. it's funny, if i give him a choice of fruits to eat, he'll always take the red one first. no matter what it is
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Last night we got an awful letter for my boyfriend's ex wife, in which she was just trying to be a . I was feeling so and stressed that I got 'hungry' and fruit just wasn't going to do it for me. I got a (pretty small) bowl of pasta and butter, then ate the rest of the ice cream which was only about 3 bites. I felt so sick : .

It was just so great because I got no satisfaction from that junk. And the only thing that made me feel less sick was a piece of watermellon.

I was also craving another green smoothy yesterday (and this morning, come to think of it), but have to get more greens at the store. I feel like I'm making progress. And the scale says I haven't lost any weight, but I feel like I have, if that makes any sense.

Yesterday the baby had some not raw stuff cause I was kinda feeling like maybe I was starving him, and he was cranky all day long. My back hurts from carrying him all day. This morning he's had grapefruit, watermellon, and grapes and he's as happy as can be.

Oh, and the second morning I was doing this I woke up and thought, "oh, no. More fruits and veggies" although I got over it pretty quick. This morning I woke up and thought "a big bowl of cherries would be wonderful for breakfast"

I found a recipe for raw lasagne, has anyone tried it? My kids like lasagne and I was going to try it out sometime this week.

Oh ya, one more thing. I'm only 26, but since having my last baby I have felt so unflexable, almost to the point where I didn't even want to move. I've just been dragging for like a year. Yesterday I noticed I was bouncing up the stairs. I've had alot more energy and felt like moving alot.

This is great. But on the topic of family members, my mom has major digestion issues. She goes through months where she can only eat one thing, or has to only have liquids because anything else hurts her. The doctrors have no idea what it is, they think she's just stressed and keep giving her more drugs. I suggested this to her, but she says it wouldn't work cause she doesn't think it's healthy to live mostly on fruit, but raw vegetables give her awful, awful cramps. I hope that when she sees how good it is, she'll give it a try.

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