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I was reading on Pangaia and it says they got staph from eating too much fruit, has anyone heard of this? I also remember Mango Mama's son got really sick from eating raw. I'm really not going to stress about it though. I'm not eating 100% raw right now. Does anyone have a recipe that has chocolate ( a raw version) and coconut? This is what I've been craving. I'm doing eat to live right now and just trying to eat a ton of raw fruits and veggies and then a small amount of a cooked grain at dinner.

Here's the link to Pangaia in case anyone wants to read it. http://www.pangaia.cc/raw.html
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Wow..I'm going through a sluggish detox kind of day. (post nasal drip) Did that happen to you Moma Justice?

Baby didn't poop yesterday..that is kinda noteworthy...that's the first day she hasn't pooped in a whole day. I wonder if she is just getting more of the right kind of nutrition from the breastmilk so she is just ultilzing it all up!!! :LOL What do you mama's think??

I am also wondering about eating raw cultured cheese and dairy ect. If you can find it. Most everything I've read about the raw is mostly no "animal" foods. Until this link from mrsalf97.

How is it going for you Arcenciel? ---Are you feeling more energy or any detox or clearer mind? Just curious. I would like to incorprate dairy back into our diets if it would be beneficial.

mrsalf97--that link opened my eyes a little more. All info is helpful.

It all comes down to listening to your own body/self! It's just a challenge with kids.

How do I help them listen to themselves??? Esp when they are allergic to wheat, eggs, all dairy, whey, soy and beef.

I just don't want to feed them chicken and rice. Do you think I'm being ridiculous!???

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Personally I would be inclined to believe that the staph & sick child was extreme detox.. if you're into natural hygiene at all - there's only 1 disease, and 1 "cure".. I can no longer subscribe to the whole virus/germ theory.. if anyone wants some links to explain this, I'm sure I can dig some up.

But thanks for the link mrsalf97

here's a chocolate/coconut recipe:
brownie bites

Nicole ~ I think she's probably just adjusting.. when I'm all raw Liam poops (usually) ever day, and when I have cooked it stops him up for 3 or 4 days. But ther'es probably some adjustment period that I never noticed. I wouldn't want to feed them chicken and rice either, you're not ridiculous!!

Diana ~ i'm crazy with the emotional eating too - sounds like you handled it a lot better than I would Your'e not starving the baby Liam is very cranky when he eats cooked too.

You guys are all so inspiring I love this thread!!
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Heres some info about staph, it seems really odd that it came from eating to much fruit!!!! I think many long term raw fooders would challenge that.

If you are comfortable killing an animal, skinning eat, and eating it raw, and you feel that's good for you, then that go for it. Personally I could never. I definitely think it makes sense that raw enzymes, etc. in fresh meat is healthier then char-broiling it, I just couldn't do it.

I'm sorry, I have a headache right now and am grouchy (eating cooked today). I don't mean to offend anyone. I am usually open minded. I feel very strongly about being a vegetarian, but I fully except that everyone is different. So sorry to be so blunt.

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Does anyone else ever feel like they must eat everything in sight? I walked into the kitchen tonight and ate a banana with almond butter and honey, then I grabbed a mango and ate the whole thing...then grabbed a handful of strawberries...then I had a handful of cashews...and some dried apples. I just felt sooo hungry!

Earlier today I had:

B: watermelon
S: fresh apple juice with mint and a Larabar
L: large green salad with avocado and veggies and olive oil/vinegar
S: watermelon, banana, cashews
D: large green salad with everything

So why was I so hungry? Or was it just impulse eating? Oh who knows!? At least I didn't eat something bad for me...but I still felt like I ate a bunch. I'm not worried about it, I was just surprised at how starving I was.

I'm nursing a 15 month old and she still nurses a lot...so maybe that's it.
I love eating raw...I just love the beautiful colors and textures. It's so fun!
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shaper, if it wouldn't take you too long to post some links about what you were talking about, I'd be interested in reading more.

I know I'm not starving the baby, it's just that it's hard to switch from thinking that in order to thrive you need to eat a lot of substantial stuff like 'good' cooked meals to something like this so thoroughly. He's back on raw foods and he's doing great.

Delight, sometimes I feel like that. Although more and more when I'm absolutely starving (which happens many times a day) I start eating something and feel stuffed. When I feel like that it's mostly at night and that's when I end up cheating. BTW, has any one tried making ice cream yet? I only have a regular electric juicer and a kinda crappy food processor, but if I could make it with these, it would help me out alot

If you want to grow your own sprouts, how do you do it? Can you use ones from the store to get started? Or do you need seeds? I wanted to plant an herb garden, but it seems no where up here sells seeds anymore. We had a bunch of rain like a month ago and the stores sent them all away.

And just one more question - there is a recipe for rice that says you're supposed to soak it for 36-48 hours, then let it sprout for a bunch of days. Do you let it sit on the counter or stick it in the fridge? It doesn't say on the site.

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Thanks for the recipe Melissa. I need to order some cacao beans. I would love to read more about natural hygiene if you have links. Hygeia Halfmoon talked a little about it in Primal Mothering.

Erin, I take no offense. I stopped eating things with a pulse when I was 15 and I'm now 33. So, eating animals is not an option for me. lol I was vegan for years, but sometimes I have something with cheese (and feel congested the next day). I was just surprised to read that they got staph from fruit. They are a raw community so I was not expecting to read that they eat animal products. Thanks for the link.
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Where to start? It seems to move on so fast!

3littlesweeties - thanks for asking. I don't think I'm eating enough raw to detox properly, though sometimes I'm sure that's what's happening. - Hopefully after the end of the month we'll have a bit more money and I can go out and buy a load of fruit as well as what we already have. I don't really have any doubts that being basically raw is a good thing. Somebody put a link to a great book (How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Isabelle Moser and it had a pulse test for seeing what food allergies you might have, I seem to react to bread, potatoes and rice so far so I'm pretty well convinced on a personal level too.

I don't know that I can live without dairy, but I'll be testing for those in the next couple of days and see if I just ought to go without!

Anyway, I am having a really hard time enjoying life without all those "fun" foods! My family were already impossible to "cook" for (ds#2 turns out not to eat very much at all if you remove white pasta from his diet) so if I put new restrictions in life seems almost unbearable. And I already started a new thread about how I didn't realise I lived to eat. It just seems that everything I looked forward to had some food link which I now can't look forward to! - coffee out with a friend, coffee out by myself, going to the movies, going out with dh (for what? a meal? a drink???) ... anyway, I'm sure I'll adjust but it's tough at the moment.

On the subject of meat, I haven't been veggie since I was pregnant with my oldest, but since I've been eating better I seem to have more veggie tendencies. However, I really believe that to 'ethically' eat meat you have to really accept the full details of what happens to the meat before it gets to your plate. I don't really have a problem with it, but somehow I can't see myself eating anything raw! So in the meantime I guess I'll have to work up to raw eggs or something.

I think I'm going to have to get me one of the raw recipe books though, because pretty soon I'm going to get fed up of 'salad', as exotic as my salads are nowadays!

On the subject of fruit, I know that some people survive on fruit alone, but on the sugar-free thread, lots of people were talking about the highs and lows of blood sugar when eating fruit, so that makes me question whether it really is good to be eating lots of fruit?

And if you want to eat a 'seasonal' diet, what the **** do you eat in winter? Just apples? Or apples, pears and sauerkraut? Oh, and is good home brewed beer counted as raw? Or is that bad too... in the kind of raw-fooders definition of raw?

- don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be critical, just feeling depressed at the idea of living on cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, celery and apples for the rest of my life!
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On the subject of fruit, I know that some people survive on fruit alone, but on the sugar-free thread, lots of people were talking about the highs and lows of blood sugar when eating fruit, so that makes me question whether it really is good to be eating lots of fruit?
arcenciel ~ I think (and this is just theory) that it's like candida in raw people - if you're eating all raw, it's fine, but if you're still eating other junk, and you eat tons of fruit, then you're going to get blood sugar and candida problems, but only fruit and no junk & no problems!

the social adjustment is hard, for sure. we used to go out for dinner "just because" a LOT.. and i'ts so hard, like Delight said - not even appreciating the food anymore.. such high expectations & such a big letdown. And it can't just be bad food every time I go - my tastes have changed. Hard to let go of all those favourite foods. Lately we've been swinging by the juice bar just for fun now, instead it's pretty good. I had a lemon/beet/carrot juice today, and my husband had orange/lemon/lime.

I don't know what i'm going to eat this winter - I guess we'll see - it does seem depressing sometimes but that starts to change.. when the other benefits start coming and the addiction fades, it starts to change.. more greens, i suspect. italien salads of avocado tomato & cucumber

Delight ~ I have LOTS of days where I feel like that - maybe it IS the nursing (liam's 11months - he nurses a lot too)..

quidditchmom & mrsalf97 ~ i'll go look up those links right now
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Delight~ Your positive energy is beautiful and contagious

Quidditchmam~ I mostly just sprout salad sprouts, like alfalfa, clover, radish. It's really easy and cheap. Usually in the bulk section of health food stores they have smaller jars of seeds. Basically you just put about a tsp. of seeds in a mason jar with cheese cloth (or screen) and a rubber band around the top. Soak the seeds in water for a few hours, then drain all the water out. Rinse a few times a day and drain water. Within a day or two they will start sprouting (it's really cute, too), I usually let them grow for about 5 days. Once they are nice big sprouts I put them in the fridge in a closed jar. They are so good and fresh tasting. I soak most other stuff, but not usually spout them only because I get impatient! But you can sprout things on the counter and put them in the fridge when they are done. I have some really good charts about sprouting, I'll have to see if I can find them on-line

Mrsalf97~ I've been veggie since I was 15 too!

Arceniel~ Thanks for the link to that book, it looks really interesting, I think I'm going to get it! I would defiantly recommend getting a raw recipe book, or looking up free ones on-line. Its amazing what you can do with the same ingredients of a salad. Texture and the way thing are cut seem to make a huge difference!! About the blood sugar thing, this is my experience... I have always been really sensitive to sugars and had horrible hypoglycemia when I was young. Normally if I eat a piece of fruit (or any processed sugar) I have to eat something else shortly after or else I feel horrible (hungry, lethargic, cloudy, and gross). After the first few days of completely raw, I can have a fruit smoothie in the morning, and I'm fine. Some days fruit will feel me up for hours and hours without that hypoglycemic feeling. I can't explain why, but it seems completely different. That's one of the things I love about eating this way! I'm not positive about beer, I always though it was heated. But if you make your own, maybe you can do it raw. Some wine is raw, yum!

#1 edd 10/29/05
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Wow! I just discovered this thread! It is long!

I got into raw foods as a reaction. My Muslim in-laws came to live with us for 6 months -- first time out of Pakistan. They made that classic Indian dish, saag, which I had always loved... but watching them cook it turned me off. They washed and cut up many, many bushels of spinach, kale, and collard greens (and the like). Cooked them in a pot for over an hour, ran them through the blender several times (which took 45 minutes to process all those greens), and cooked them some more. It started as a huge table-ful of raw veggies and became a large stock pot of very, very cooked saag. It was delicious, but those gorgeous, living greens were now quite dead... I had never eaten so much red meat in my life...

Suddenly, the raw foods were looking very attractive at the veggie health food store. I have since bought several raw foods cookbooks, but many of them call for Rejuvelac or the use of a food dehydrator or other special equipment... so I've been limited, but inspired none the less! In particular, I rediscovered nuts and seeds.

-- Caitlin
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Welcome cwaddic---That's so cool that you have just such common sense! I didn't want to do this.... I kinda was kicking my feet. I know this is the best way to live though so there is just no denying. Now if I can just get past the addictions and emotional issues that I didn't realize were even there.

Arcenciel-- I know what you are feeling... Wow! One thing I realize now is that I have been on this road for 5 years!!

It took me 1 year just to cut dairy out. Then the next year to replace eggs & cheese and get used to it. Then wheat, beef & soy. So it's been a long haul for me and really the only reason I did is because my kids react to this stuff. Other peoples kids react to but either parents write it off as ADD & drug 'em or they just think that they are being a typical "kid"!

I really need and appreciate all your support and research..even letting me know how hard of a time you might be having because I realize I am not alone.

Thanks for all the links! I love learning. I just ordered 6 books!! I am having a hard time because my tastebuds are changeing and so cooked food really does taste like cardboard and in a way that makes me sad because I can't do my "emotional" eating. So, the books are a nessesity to get me over the hump!!

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So, I've decided to take the plunge and just do it. I'm going to try and go completely raw for a week, and then I'll see where it takes me.

Has anyone tried raw with and without dairy? I think I'll do the first 3 days without, and eventually I'll try it and see how it is, but I'm trying to figure if it will make a huge difference if I keep it out that week - bacause it would sure make it easier to think of things to eat!

Nicole, it's true, it is really good having the support. - In fact, it's thanks to all you ladies that I'm doing this at all - so I'll know who to blame...
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I just remembered that someone was missing ice-cream and weegift333 posted this banana "ice-cream" idea on the sugar-free thread a while back:

"Just take a very ripe banana, peel it, cut it into chunks and freeze it in a baggie. Once frozen, take the chunks out and put them in your blender, blend away and you have a single serving of banana ice cream that amazingly has the texture of ice cream and is sweet on its own!"

You can also add carob powder for a chocolatey feel, or she suggested cinnamon, but I wasn't sure if that was raw....

off shopping now
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*green*faery* - thanks for the information. I'll have to try growing my own!

arcencial - thanks for the ice cream

So I went to the natural food store to pick up a few things yesterday and was there an hour. I was so overwhellmed, I just didn't know where to begin. I have never looked for things like raw carob powder and Nama Shoyu before and had no idea where they might be. I did find carob powder, it didn't say if it was raw, but I bought it anyways with the hope that it was. I never found Nama Shoyu. The recipe I found for marinara sauce called for it and sun dried tomatoes (couldn't find those either, I tried three stores). Oh, and I was hoping to find some coconut. You know - like that coconut you buy at the supermarket for cooking, but not cooked. I was hoping they had it in bulk or something, but no such luck. I did get some pumpkin and sunflower seeds, though. I got some edamame, but now I can't remember the recipe that called for it :LOL

I never realized how much I eat when I'm not hugry. I think I've gotten over the worst of the cravings. I've seen people eating things that I normally would have liked and been able to refraine and not go crazy. Yesterday I would have been 100% except that out of habit I popped a few Veggie Sticks that my kids were eating and some popcorn that my boyfriend was eating in my mouth. Oh ya, and some Altoids. Today I'm having a little bit of a craving though - for caffeine. My poor littlest baby is so sick I was up ALL NIGHT LONG. But I'm determined to not give in and have some.

I got some raw peanuts at Walmart and was going to make peanut butter but decided to look it up online to make sure that you could actually make raw peanut butter. I found instead that they're a carcinogin (sp?) if they're raw!!! Why are they selling them at Walmart then with no warning not to eat them? Geesh....

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raw peanuts, peanut butter

I got some raw peanuts at Walmart and was going to make peanut butter but decided to look it up online to make sure that you could actually make raw peanut butter. I found instead that they're a carcinogin (sp?) if they're raw!!! Why are they selling them at Walmart then with no warning not to eat them? Geesh....
Raw peanuts are relatively safe. Mostly, they are prone to molding... and these molds, maybe are, carcinogenic. People who have allergies to mold often choose to avoid peanuts because they are sensitive to the peanut mold, which is found on some (not all) peanuts.

That said, you can get salmonella poisoning from the rind on cantalope... but I know very few people who go the distance to wash their cantalope with soap and hot water before cutting it, and of course, there are no warning labe on cantalope either!

-- Caitlin
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Thanks for the info in the peanuts. I've decided to stay away for now.

My 5 year old got sooo sick from cantalope at a RESTAURANT!!! They didn't wash the melon good enough I'm sure!!! It was bad...must have been salmonila.

Last night I dd horrible with my eating!! Why is it always at night!!?? :

I will overcome, I will conquer!!!

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Nighttime is always my weakness too!

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Ditto on the night time weakness. I ate up some leftover quiche tonight for dinner : . I'm on a tight budget until the first of the month, so I can't afford to waste food. But, really, that's only part of the reason I ate it--I also was just feeling lazy and hungry and didn't feel like dragging all of the veggies out of the fridge again (as I had done for breakfast and dinner). I've got some uncook books coming which will hopefully inspire some ideas. Right now all I can come up with is smoothies and salad (which takes care of breakfast and lunch), and by dinnertime I'm out of ideas. This is much harder than I thought it'd be, I'm sure b/c my addiction to cooked foods is much stronger than I assumed. But, that's ok. A little at a time, right?

P.S. cwaddick, thanks for the info on peanuts and cantalope . . . good to know!
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This is much harder than I thought it'd be, I'm sure b/c my addiction to cooked foods is much stronger than I assumed. But, that's ok. A little at a time, right?

--- I did a BAD thing today-- I went out without food and to Walmart where there is really no "good" food. So I bought Friedos of all things!! :
With bean dip!! AHHhhhhh!! I am soooo sick!! what was I thinking!!?

I just want to all to remember--as I didn't--now that we have been raw a while, things like that really hurt!! My stomach hurts!

SO, now I have more conviction... the books help. I've already used up 50% of Alissa's recipies that I think I would like. Some recipies I think, ewww no way --maybe one day, but not now.

Good to know I'm not the only one with "nighttime problems"
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