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Can someone help me get advice from Dr. Barbara Luke?

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Many people in this forum recommended Dr. Luke to me. I got her book, read it.....and i think i could use more help (mostly b/c i'm vegetarian and i don't live in the US and i don't have a doc who really REALLY specialises in multiples pregnancies).

So i went to her website, and i found a place to sign up for a one-time evaluation, but what if i want an ongoing consultation with her? I know some people here mentioned they got this kind of support from her (and she also mentioned it in her book). I would be willing to pay for it, since I don't know how to find an equally qualified nutritionist here. But has she gotten rid of that service? Or do i have to sign up for the initial evaluation then ask for ongoing help?

And if i can't get help....can someone explain to me how much non-meat non-dairy protein i have to eat to meet her 3 servings of meat requirement? If dairy and eggs (both of which i've added in BULK to my diet!) don't count for "meat" does that just leave beans/lentils/dal/nuts?? I'm just confused, and since i have the willingness to learn this stuff, i really do want to do it right!!

Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to joining you all as a mom of multiples in just a few months!!

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I can't help you reach Dr. Luke, but I did consult her book extensively and saw a nutritionist in my own area who gave me a pamphlet she uses with diabetics that gave the run down on grams of protein per serving sizes for nearly all foods you could think of. It was very helpful to me in keeping track of how much I consumed. Maybe you could locate something like that from a doctor?

I was also vegetarian, but went back to eating meat b/c I was simply unable to eat enough to meet my protein needs without it. I was eating 4 to 5 times the amount of protein I usually eat as a veg. (And once those babes start growing, there's less room for food!)

Also, my nutritionist said that I could count any kind of protein (even protein in carbs, dairy, eggs, etc.). So, with input from my doula, ob and nutritionist, we decided on 120 grams total protein daily (from all sources). Each day, I wrote down everything I ate and totalled the protein grams. If at the end of the day I was too low, I made a protein shake with soy protein powder to get to the 120 grams. That might be an option for you too if you are committed to staying veg. (Each shake had about 30 grams, depending what I put in it in addition to the powder.) It worked for me . . . I had boy/girl twins that each weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. and were delivered at 39 weeks.

I also followed her advice on calcium and magnesium supplements, and drinking TONS of water, which I believe also helped me carry them to term.

Good luck and take care of yourself!
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120 grams!!!!!??????

I guess I am going to try to get specific info on counting protein grams. I need professional help, though, because i'm concerned about all the stuff in Luke's book about amino acid combining....so much to think about. I really can't go non-veg. I've be veg for years and i don't even know where to buy meat here!

I'm amazed about the 39 weeks. Wow!

Is there anyone out there who's used her online service??
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Can't help you find Dr. Luke, but I did follow her recommendations & carried mine 38w 5d, they were 5 lb 10 oz and 5 lb 12 oz. It probably helped that mine were both breech, which necessitated a C-section. Always trade-offs.

Also, I didn't measure my protein intake or anything. Actually I developed gestational diabetes at 24 wks or so, and never had much of an appetite at any point. I just ate lots of peanut butter, almonds, eggs and Boca Burgers. Plus some meat, too, not that much. Tasted funny.

But lots of water & lots & lots of rest, those made the big difference IMHO. Basically sat on my tush for 5 months.
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I recommended the ongoing consultations, I used that service over two years ago when she was just starting her web-based consulting service. I haven't checked the site lately but here's a link to her other life as a professor in the school of Nursing at the U. of Miami. Write her at that email addy and ask - she'll respond immediately IME. That's how I found her originally since I was looking for her before her site was up. This site is public information and open to anyone to write her so feel free and welcome.

Then come back and update us on what she says! Good luck!

Here's the link: http://www.miami.edu/UMH/CDA/UMH_Mai...6039-3,00.html
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Thanks! I don't know why i didn't think of finding her university address....I'm usually so good at stalking people and tracking them down :

I'm gonna email her now!

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I just want to say that getting in touch with Dr. Luke really helped. I signed up for a one-time consultation, and i got the results from the consultation yesterday. She provided her email address for me to contact her with questions, so really that's enough. I just need to be able to have questions answered and clarify specific things that i don't understand.

By the way, she doesn't do ongoing consultations anymore, but i think it's ok the way the one-time thing works. It seems to be enough information.

Thanks for your help!
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Great to know! Thanks for posting the update!
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Yes 120 grams of protein. You'll be surprised at how hungry you are. There's a great website called www.fitday.com I used it every day to track what I ate to make sure I ate enough protein (the most important thing). It's a terrific site. I'm not vegan, but I had an aversion to meat and fish for most of my pregnancy. I still managed to eat enough protein. Lots of peanuts and peanut butter, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs (if you eat these foods). The best advice is to listen to your body. It will tell you what you need. For example during the first trimester I could not stop eating cole slaw! Later I discovered that cabbage is chock full of vitamin K--important for brain development.

I gained 65 lbs. went full term and delivered two healthy girls 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 5 lbs. 10 oz.

Good luck!
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