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Anyone else freezing out their family?

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I think the 20% increase in my body temperature is going to adversely affect my family this summer :LOL Last night DH and I went out for dinner and he donned a polartech for the car because he knew I would want the air conditioning on high. At night I'm wearing the smallest nightgown I can still fit into with only the top sheet on me (sometimes not even that!) and he's wearing shorts, undies and a t-shirt and sleeping under the sheet and a heavy blanket

Anyone else feeling like a mini-generator? I can be in A/C and still be feeling a personal power surge! Does this mean menopause is going to be pure hell for me too?!

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Michelle, as we speak I'm attempting to clean my apt (no central AC) in 90+ heat, and am (ahem) stripped down to undies with an ice cold hand towel draped around my neck. I feel like one of those wilting plants you see on office windowsills. My dh is 6'4" and generates heat like crazy, and I'm the one now sleeping with no sheet, starkers, with the AC pointed at me full blast. And cuddling at night? Pshaw! :LOL I'm seriously considering all those little gizmos for summer cooling--handheld mini fans, "self cooling" bandanas, etc. My modesty (and what little sense of style I had) are going out the window as I do the mental calculation: exactly how little clothing can I wear and not get arrested?
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Oh, me too! I'm an oven in every sense of the word. I complain about the heat every night, I take a big fan around to every room in the house that I am in (and I did put the air on, though to 78 so I don't freeze out everybody else and hike up my utility bill too much). I too sleep practically naked with the top sheet or nothing on while dh has the sheet and a thick blanket. My job is physical, and I'm trying to get my patients to space out a bit more (I'm only accepting limited new patients until after the baby is born) so that I have time to cool down in between. This morning I had a pg patient, 36 weeks, whose baby is posterior, so I did a lot of soft tissue work on her to assist the baby in proper positioning. I thought I was gonna drip sweat on her! Poor girl. I need to get a cheap baby pool so that I can be outside in this heat and humidity because I do love the sun and my backyard.

Where's the sweating your A** off smiley??
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Count me in! I am SOOOO hot and uncomfortable. I know I am being difficult to live with and I have no desire to venture outside! It is in the 90's here and humid. My husband is "nesting" and spent all his free time fixing up the lawn, mulching, planting, etc. I feel guilty, because it is too darn hot to even sit outside with him and keep him company!

We will be spending alot of time at the pool, i think so I can soak in the cool water (good for my back too!). We live in an old victorian home that costs a small fortune to keep cool with air conditioning. Normally we don't use it much, just keep shutters closed and ceiling fans going and it is pretty tolerable, but already, I keep checking the thermostat and turning it down!

It's a shame, but I have been so looking forward to the nice weather, a chance to get out, camp, etc. but I don't see that happening!
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Luckily it hasn't been too hot up here yet, I think the warmest we've had is about 80 or so. I mowed for a little bit today, and then went in soaking wet. All my other maternity clothes were dirty so I threw on a ratty sports bra and some stretchy shorts tucked under my belly to cool off. :LOL When hubby walked in the door from work, he stopped and gave me "that look." Oh well...

The first thing I do at work when I walk into one of my units is crank up the air conditioning, though. I don't care if the people think their unit is cold when they come in, they can deal with it. Some of these people still turn on the heat--it's summer for crying out loud!!
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me, me, me!! Dh was taking a nap on the floor today and asked ds to turn the fan down. I was sitting in the same room and said, "excuse me, I'm sweltering, do not turn that fan off!" So dh actually covered up with a quilt. HELLO? What is wrong with him?

and I get so dang cranky when I'm hot...pretty soon the boys are going to run when they see mama come in the room. I feel like such a rotten mama right now.
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Whew - I'm glad I'm not the only one. DH complained that the A/C was set to 72...um, be grateful it's not set at 62 buddy! I actually snapped at him "it's much easier for you to put on another layer then it is for me to go around naked" He didn't comment and did put on another layer.

I swear - I feel like I'm going to melt most of the time and I'm in A/C! I can't imagine how you mamas are getting by who don't have or don't use A/C. I can only salute you with a tall, cool herbal tea.

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Count me in for that. At night I'm sleeping with one sheet and Hub is sleeping with a comforter. We had a couple of days here where it was 90 degrees and I thought I was going to die, I was SO hot. We actually bought a couple of used a/c window units so that when it gets hot and stays hot, I won't suffer so much. Luckily it's been 60 - 65 here all week this week, so I am loking the temperature right now. If only it would stay close to this all summer....
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Lol, oddly enough, my DH is the one complaining about being too hot, BUT he's having thyroid issues, so that explains it. I tease him about it sometimes, b/c *I'm* the one who is supposed to be complaining about how unbelieveably hot it is... not him. :LOL
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We hit 104 here yesterday with the humidex we are in the midst of a serious heat wave! its nuts! my central ac is just maxed out running non stop : man oh man I dont want to see my hydro bill when it comes in.. but whats a girl to do!!!
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I'm lurking from the July due date board... and couldn't help but add my comment to this. I'm someone who is usually cold... but since being pregnant, I too am an oven. I've been sleeping with no blankets or sheets and the air turned down. Usually, I can never sleep without blankets and sheets. DH is sleeping in long underwear and with blankets. At least he is smart enough not to give me any hassle about it.
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I am freezing out my DH and DD. I feel bad for them-sort of.
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Oddly, unlike last time with dd I have been in the normal range temp-wise this time around. Last time I gave birth in January and from October until birth poor dp had to use triple blankets while I was in a t-shirt with the heat OFF or very low most of the time. I only get uncomfortable if it gets above 78. So strange!
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