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fever vigil

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I just need to vent. Beg support maybe. It's hard. Bonnie has been feverish since last night. She's holding at about 103F by an underarm mercury thermometer, which actually means she is probably about 104, right? I tried to give her chamomile and feverfew tea but all she wants is mama milk. I have been trying some acupressure but I'm not getting anywhere with it. She is lethargic and whiny and clingy and I feel so bad for her! I am NOT getting out the Tylenol, though. Someone just tell me I am doing the right thing. I am exhausted, dehydrated and I smell bad from being puked and peed on.
Thank you of you managed to last this long at our pity party.
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You're doing the right thing, you're doing the right thing . Her fever is a good thing & not suppressing it is a good thing. Have I told you you're doing the right thing? Is there anything else you want me to say? I hope she feels better, and you can get some rest.
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Thank you. She is actually napping more restfully than she has in the last 16 hours and her fever is down a full degree, which I think is the acupressure finally helping. I don't feel bad about trying to control fever that way because all it really does is help your body shed some heat if it is ready to, not force it out, ya know? I should try to lie down too.

So, you think I'm doing the right thing huh?
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You are doing the right thing! Fevers serve a purpose. If you want to try another relief technique, that allows the body to cool some w/o artificially supressing the fever, we have had good luck with the wet sock treatment. Get a pair of cotton socks wet with cool water, put them on your child, cover with wool socks, leave on for an hour or two. With little, little ones I've used wool mittens, but grown up's wool socks will work fine, too. Good luck and I hope you get to shower and mist yourself with rosewater soon!
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Geesh there is an epidemic of fevers On several boards I am on including my own munchkin 102 for 4 days now. I however am not as strong as you all we tried homeopathy for 2 days and NO help or improvement so I caved and gave tylenol and she is running eating playing now. SHe has NO other symptoms and the fever continues UGGH I am starting to worry. She is cutting molars as well. SHe was so miserable at 102 and wasnt resting so i gave tylenol. I wish i had a high treshhold and trust in her body
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How is she today? And where do you press for fevers, I'm curious--or is that top secret ?
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First, good news; this AM, cool as a cucumber. I thought we were making good progress last night when she had enough energy to resist me taking her temp.

I talked again with my chiro-homeo friend yesterday after I posted here. She had me working Bonnie's liver meridian. In her experience virtually every time someone is sick their liver meridian is weak, so it almost always helps to work on it a little.

From the top:
With your child in front of you, you will gently place your fingertips across her forehead, about halfway between eyebrows and hairline. Your thumbs should rest right about where the soft spot is/was.
You can do this technique from the front as well but you must cross your forearms so your right hand is touching the childs right forehead... still palms down though.

Lay the child on her back. Very gently cover one knee with both your hands so that your hands meet over the kneecap. Now with the hand on the thigh side gently grasp the childs wrist (on the same side as the knee)and with the other hand gently grasp the childs ankle, still on the same side. Your touches should all be quite gently. The hand and wrist holds should be in contact with the point little bones on either side of both wrist and ankle. Repeat on other side. (I tried to kneel beside her or lay her across my lap and then either move around her or turn her so I was not reaching over her to do this, but I did reach across a few times when she was resting comfortably and I didn't want to disturb her. Ask someone who knows what they are talking about if this makes a difference!)

Gently touch your child below her right nipple.

Massage above the right shoulder blade. If you find a small knot there, work on it. This is the only place you use anything firmer than a very gentle touch.

I don't know if there is any 'magic number' for how long you are supposed to hold this points. I tried to just center myself and focus on flowing healing energy into my child. Sometimes (particulary on the head) I felt nudged to draw several long deep breathes before moving on. I just tried to flow with it, you know? Also, the first time I tried it felt really hard... like exhausting. That was when I realised I hadn't eaten in about 16 hours. (duh!) I scarfed down a banana and some cereal and tried again. Much better the second time. Remember to take care of yourselves moms! You have to have something to give something to your babe.
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That is GOOD NEWS! And thank you *so* much for typing that all out--will definitely do that next time she needs it. I do Reiki on her a lot, but tissue manipulation makes her giggle and wiggle . But she is responding to it more and more.
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