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Removing matted fur?

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What is the best way to remove matted fur? My new kitty has med length fur and it has been long neglected. I was sitting her on my lap and brushing her with a slicker brush when she nipped my hand. Didn't bite me, just put her teeth on me and gave me a warning look. She has such expressive eyes. Anyways, I know it hurts her, but I don't know how else to remove these matts. Any ideas?
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I would take the mat in my fingers and pull it apart piece by piece. Taking it in small pieces doesn't hurt, as you are pulling it apart like cotton candy and not pulling it in a brush that could hurt.
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This is just an idea, but you could try that spray on detangler, like Johnson's, if your cat's like mine and lets you get it wet.
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I cut the top half of the mat off & then it will separate more easily & they you can it unmatted down to the skin without pulling much.
it will grow back fast
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I cut the whole thing off bits at a time.
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I'm going to disagree with everyone here. I've seen many matted animals they are not fun to deal with but here is what I would suggest for matted fur Don't cut the mat as you could inadvertently nic her skin Don't spray her with anything if she has obviously been neglected for long her skin is probably raw and infected under the mat and it would probably cause her pain and might damage her skin further. You could also introduce new germs/bacteria to any wounds that you can't see under the matted fur. Do as much as you can gently with your fingers if the fur doesn't giveway with a gentle tug don't mess with it it's probably stuck to her skin. I would take the kitty to the vet to be seen and have her skin checked out first, sometimes the assistants or techs will dematte the animal Some Dog groomers will take cats to dematt them as well. Good luck
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