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Mamid, I wanted to second what Lisa said. I am still here "listening" to you too. I hope things get better. (I'll try to keep posting the "i'm still here responses!)

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I just came to this thread, Mamid. The only thing I can suggest to you is to spend as much time as possible away from that home with your children. Leave after you wake up and eat, come back when it's time for bed.

These people are terrorizing your children. When BF was trying to break down the door and screaming at your child to open up or he was going to spank him? That was abuse, whether he laid a finger on him or not.

These are crucial moments for your children. They're not things that are gotten over easily, even if they are temporary. Every day is forever to a child. Please try to remove your children from the house as much as possible until you can get out completely.

And then please do those other children a favor and call CPS. I know that you've had issues with them and are not a fan, but this is exactly the sort of situation they exist to deal with. These children are being mistreated horribly and hoping that some mandated reporter picks up on it is not going to do them any favors. What if they don't?
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he threatened to. But he didn't.

I tried spending a night at that bachelor pad I may or may not have mentioned before. DD was NOT having any of it. She kept on freaking the entire time I was there. I could not let BF2 get anywhere near her or she'd flip. And the man doesn't understand hygeine. I won't even begin to describe his kitchen... just.. *shudder*

I got given another copy of "supernanny" and I'm going to leave it out to see if I get a reaction from them. DP says that the longer we stay, the longer they start to parrot how we act with our kids which is a good thing.

27 days to go...
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Get this:
We're not "respecting" her enough and how dare we bring more toys up for DS and DD!


DP and BF had it out and explained to BF who hopefully will/has explained to GF why we don't want to spank DS as well as our point of view on things. That DS has no place here that is his other than his little fold out sofa thang and few if any toys. That DD has only a few toys that keep on getting played with by their kids (read: scattered, lost, stolen, etc) so she has nothing to play with. That we aren't getting enough sleep or for that matter private time. That the reason why I'm taking off with our kids every day is to get some "me" time of some sort. That their living room is in use 24/7 so of course its going to be messy...

The two of them hashed it out for half an hour if not longer. But some of our points of view were made and "make sense" to BF according to DP. I also got another copy of "Supernanny" (the book is nothing like the show!) and am trying to convince them (specifically her) to read it.

I'm also going to work on a schedule for the 8 of us and see if I can convince her to kill the naps for her kids in order to get them to go to sleep at a decent hour (8 instead of midnight!).

I expect either they'll help us or she'll drag her feet kicking and screaming. After all, her way is the _right_ way and her needs must be met before all others here - including her own children!

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We've been gone from them for almost two months now. I'm in a "lifeskills" course.

Today they had a guest speaker. She put me into a flashback about what happened in june.

I am so glad I journaled it here. I'm taking this to my social worker. That woman needs help!
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So things are better!

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