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I'll organize the postcards if y'all want. PM or email me your name, addy, and email too. Are we going to have themes? Like "postcards where I'm from" or something?
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EDIT on the DH thing - I have no doubts that if I let dh take Lauren and a bottle to MILs for the day that he (and mil) would both let her CIO when they couldn't get her to settle w/o a boob. SO I don't let him go to MILs w/o me. EVER. At least not until she can talk.

Gotta go nap the kid,
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ooh postcard exchange sounds like fun!

Lisa- think I'll skip on the pumping bra, doing fine now. Looks too funky :LOL
Nutritional yeast is flakes and won't make dough rise. In my nfs it is in the vitamin section. Always seems to be on the bottom shelf, figures. Took me forever to find it the first time.

Annie- liquid chlorophyll- sounds um yummy :LOL so where do I find that stuff at? no i don't usually take vitamins no more i know bad on me but I always forget. I wish I could drink coffee but it makes me wannt puke

my dh is on board with everything I do, he has no choice he does get confused w/the cloth diaps though but I have some sposies for him, and for days when I get behind on laundry. The only thing we disagreed on was circumcision but since we had girls didn't have to worry about the battle.
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On the postcard exchange - I sent Lisa Evelyn's name instead of mine, so that the cards will come addressed to her and we can put them in her scrapbook. When she's older she can look at them and see that she already has friends far away.
Local-scenery cards will be good for that.
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Andy- can you make a quiche over a polenta-like crust. Not sure if corn is off your list...
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On the postcard exchange - I sent Lisa Evelyn's name instead of mine, so that the cards will come addressed to her and we can put them in her scrapbook. When she's older she can look at them and see that she already has friends far away.
Local-scenery cards will be good for that.
awesome idea! I think I'll use Megan's name too
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Dh has gotten better with Isabelle. We used to have long battles with Ruby over cosleeping and no cio...until I went back work. He tried to make me let her cio and after about 3 minutes I was sobbing too. And he also figured out how often I was falling asleep in the chair next to her crib so he gave up on having her in her own bed in her own room.

Oh and when I pointed out the other day how little trash we generate (think money saved - boulder charges by the size of your trash can - we have the smallest on the block) because we cd he all of a sudden started using the cds more. :LOL

It is big that he stands up for me infornt of everyone else. And I do appreciated it.

I think his biggest issue is vaxing. I've done so much reading that I get stressed. I feel guilty that Ruby is almost fully vaxed (no HepB, chicken pox)and I don't want to vax Isabelle at all. I think his response to my stress is stop reading and do what everyoby else is doing. Brian's nephew is autistic and my grandmother has reumatiod arthritis...both possibly linked to vaxing. Plus Ruby had a really bad reaction to one of them so now I'm even more nervous.

I don't really like drs. I'm not sure how helpful they really are, unless you're truly sick.

I'm blue...got in a fight with my sis today because I'm not being supportive of her relationship with this guy I've never met who lives in Atlanta. I am being lame but there is some history of poor choices in men, and I love her and want her to be happy.

Blah...sorry for the yucky post.
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Oooh great idea on sending cards to the babies!

Jess, get a copy of "The Vaccine Guide" by uhh Neudesteder (I totally spelled that wrong) for dh to read. It's set up in "vaccine x is for disease y. vaccine x risks are. disease y risks are. you should really get this vax if you are a, b, or c. blah" - just facts, yet by the end you are ready to not vax. And it's light reading, not big on big science words, just everyday language.

I'm going to do a pilates dvd. And I'm making a cheeseless pizza.
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Jess, sorry about your sister. Maybe she's sensitive to your reaction because she knows deep down he's another baddie?
Good for you for standing up to DH on the no-vaxxing. Lame that he won't do the research. Mine is good about saying, "You did the research, not me, so I'll go with your decision." Nasty about the battles over Ruby - glad he got over it. I don't know why people want their children in the other room! I love waking up with Evelyn. She stretches and makes a funny face, and then blinks and looks at me and smiles.

Nana reports that she has a new trick: singing herself to sleep. She says aaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaaaa.... (rather off-key) until she goes to sleep for naps. That is sweet! I feel missed.

Today I stayed here for lunch and played a board game. I miss my baby, but ah, it felt good to hang with the guys for an hour.
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Thanks on the yeast... I had some popcorn today, and I understand a shake of that on top makes a decent substitute for butter...

Ok really going to do my dvd now.
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jessi: either sauerkraut or farmer's cheese, says the purist. Maybe blueberry if you're feeling brave. :LOL Honestly, I think it's just a regional thing. And whenever the big food manufacturers picked up on pierogies, they picked up on the potato ones, so that's what got popular. Pisses him off, though.

Lisa: good luck on the educating on the GD. Spanking we did agree on (or agree against, I should say). Long time ago, I said "anyone hits my kids, they're out on their and that includes you". We were both raised getting spanked out of anger and feeling pretty abused about the whole thing, so it was a mutual thought.

Jess: Hope your sister comes to her senses.

Yay, Mike finally got home. Some stupid sign wasn't behaving. I'm loopy. Gonna go shower.
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Wow we're back to being chatty again.

DH is on board with alot of my :cough: :cough: our choices. He thinks co-sleeping is great, but he thinks it should only go on until she's 1 and then she should sleep in her crib in our room, but sidecarred would be fine I just tell him that we'll address that when the time comes. He was totally against nursing "after teeth", but now I talk about nursing over 1 and he seems ok with it. CIO I'm not too sure we he stands, he hs said that everyimte you put a baby to sleep in a crib they cry "they have to for a few minutes" but we don't plan on putting Miss E in a crib and I do talk to him about why its a bad idea. And how bad I feel for those babies, and I'm pretty sure he agress with me. GD well I'm not so great with that either. DS has gotten spakings : Its really hard sometimes to break the spanking cycle I was excessivly spanked. I don't think its very effective but its happend when I've been at the end of my rope : However the spankings are very rare and its been over a year, so I don't think it'll really be an issue.
CD dh was not for it. He says he's only 60% for them now, but he washes them, puts them away, talks about how nice they are to other people and he's even the one who brought up bringing them on our road trip. He sees how nice they keep Miss E's bum and how red and rashy she gets from only one sposie. He's gone out shopping with her coverless
Homebirth, he's totally against that, but he's 200% for the birthcenter. He tells anyone he knows that's the place to have your baby and how much better it is than the hospital. I love it, he's a natural birth advocate I think he could have been swayed towards the hb side except forthe hemmorage, he's convinced I would have died if we were at home. Plus he says the clean up would be too gross.

Postcard swap sounds cool. I postcards, nobody really sends them anymore. We should do a regional one.
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Laura--take your vities!!! You're making all that milk!

Postcard exchange it is! Yay! Lisa, thanks for volunteering to collect the data. I agree that the cards should be where we're from; we're from such a variety of places. I'm going to make a poster with mine, I think. What a cool reminder of our babies' first years and our Babyliciousness!

These babies have just forgotten how to nap. It's made for a tough day. We might go shopping tonight (again), just to get them out of the house and maybe buy us some sanity (along with some postcards!). Whew.

Somebody asked about Kathy a while ago. She went camping last week; maybe she's been doing something fun this week, too.

Allright, goodnight to all of our mamas and babies.
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Beakeeper! Love the title, paq.
Farmer's cheese! Mmmm, that would be good.

what does GD stand for? Gentle Discipline? DH and I haven't figured that question out yet. Whatever gets through to them is what we'll do. Spanking does not get through to kids as well as other methods in most cases. For me, my mom just had to give me the "dsappointed" look and I was bawling. For my brother, nothing works. I love that right now, Evelyn can do no wrong.
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Paq, I did pm for the list awhile back but all the dr's were over an hour from here, which is far. It makes a dr appt last all day. What is a DO? We are going to look outside of town, there really isn't much of a selection in town. There's just the one peds office and well I think we're going to try the peds office the birth center uses next
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Sheri, here's how I see the titles for docs - MD is a medical doctor, trained to live the hospital life, blah blah, follow the "rules" set by other docs, can prescribe meds and do surgery. DO is a doctor of osteopathy, they are uhh.. well, technically they are trained to do some manipulation (like a chiro) but they also have the medical hospital training, they can prescribe meds, and I'm pretty sure they can do surgery too, if trained. And then DC - dr. of chiro, they can only do manipulation and can't prescribe or surgery, but all 3 have equally as much time in school.

Around here, MDs are hospital and clinics, with some private practice, DOs tend to migrate to urgent care centers and private practice, and chiros are all in private practice. So just look for John Doe, DO instead of Jack Doe, MD.

I made pizza for dinner. Except all we have is onion, pepperoni and cheese in the house, so I'm having sauce and onion on my dough, and dh is having a pepperoni pizza. I really need to go to the store. Maybe we'll go shopping after Lauren wakes up. I'm going to wake her at 7 if she hasn't already.

Annie, you are right, the carpet isn't so white now And the dog is totally happy. She's been depressed since we ripped up the carpet in the living/dining rooms, and she's all over this thing now. Loving life and rolling around.

Did 2/3 my video, and I'm going to eat. I think my belly is going to hurt in the morning.
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well, i skimmed the last couple pages... but i wanted to say Az that cereal will not likely help weight gain, but you prob. know that. good luck finding new ped.

really crappy week for me. i'm ready to pack up and leave...

postcard sounds fun!
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hey- does anyone know if a topical application of lecithin might help? This is terrible
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Andy, take the lethecin mama, come on! And is it a nipple bleb thingy or a deep block? If it's a nipple thing, you can put triple ointment on it.
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Andy, can you see the blockage in your nipple? If so you can squeeze it out. It hurts something terrible, gritt your teeth, moaning stinging 10,000 needles pain but its all over in 10minutes. I would reccomend doing a warm compress first to lossen things up.

Pam I hope things gett better. I knew about the cereal but thanks for looking out for us

Lisa, my uncle is actually an osteopath :LOL He's really into eastern medicine and finding a balace between homeopathic and aleopathic (I think I got those terms right) medicine. I don't know why I never thought of looking for an osteopath (I didn't know it was a DO though, we always address his mail Dr)
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