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i hate it when I've been out and there's so much to catch up on!
for those of you who asked.... Noam's camp is a space camp. it's a 5 day thing and it seems cool, though I came to the realization today that basically what they're doing is kits- yk, a solar car kit, an earth moon paint kit, etc.... he's coming home with lots of plastic : still he likes it. of course dh found some of the stuff outside and ruined in the yard and he got all mad at Noam. it was a drama.

to whoever asked abotu dh's and being on board with stuff. my dh is. believes in co-sleeping, selective vax (though we have to update our old research), no CIO, etc.... he doesn't always participate in it, but is happy when I'm doing those things....

I'm up for a postcard thing.

Jeni- you tossed a cup of coffee because of an ANT??? you'd NEVER make it here mama! not in a million years. I'm sure the same is true at Annies- Ants are nothing. an ant, I'll still eat/drink it. cocroach no way... fruit fly? sure. I've relaxed my standards a lot after 11 years of tropics.

sigh.... I started this a long time ago already.
anyone else feeling resentful towards their dhs? mine is just on my nerves today and I'm feeling resentful. Luka was having a hard time. I mean we've been running out of the house early early and he's napping in sling and in car, and I know it's tiring him out. he was screaming adn nothing was working and I asked dh to take him because I needed a break- and he was too tired it seems like it's always something (tired, ribs, etc....) we can't even talk about it like rational adults, I know he'll get totally upset if I say something. ugh. I'm just tired.....

ok, I can't remember if there was anything else I was gonna write after that. hope your day is better than mine.
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Karen I hope you get some rest soon mama. We all know how hard no sleep can be. Could dh take Noam to camp so you don't have to rush around in the AM?

I wouldn't toss a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee) over an ant, but the house I grew up in was over run with ants come spring every year. I hate ants crawling on me, but an ant on my food. I'd just pick it off and continue
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Karen: I'm resentful too, but I'm trying to rationalize things. He came home late today, ate & played with the baby for like 15 minutes, and then went to install somebody's AC for them. The heat's broken, dude could have lived without his AC until Saturday. And he totally sucked at the babycare last night, so I've had a long couple of days. At least she's been playful and fairly sleepy.

I am totally not a bug person. :shuddersmilie

So, with all this talk of insanely expensive diapers... how about someone invents one with an alarm that tells when the baby pees? It could just a tinkly (ha! I'm punny) little lullaby so it doesn't scare the baby, but it might give the DHs a clue that BABIES PEE AND YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM SOMETIMES. Ahem.

Of course, I'd still be sitting out here while he lays in there next to a fussy baby who's playing music, yelling "Mike, the baby's bottom is going off!" instead of "Did you check her?"

Jessi: yeah, I figure we've all got time before real "discipline" age to figure stuff out (cept those of you that already have some and know what's coming anyway ), but I like planning ahead. I'm already reading homeschooling lists, too. :LOL

Andy: hope it clears up soon. I haven't had that yet, thank goodness.

Oh, so I didn't get Chinese yesterday anyway. I'm not supposed to be having the soy either, although I find that stuff like sesame chicken or General Tso's doesn't seem to have much. But I'm a sucker for shrimp toast, and that stuff is just drenched in soybean oil. :

Wakey baby, rubbing her face on my shirt. She's not gonna stay asleep until he gets home. Sigh,
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Hi All!

Lisa I am : at the mental image of you wearing the pasties. Cool that they work, though. I was wearing a white sweater today and leaked through and left an off white stain just so. . Also, I would love to have temps at 95. We approached 107 today. Ugh. Way to hot for me right now.

Sheri - Sorry about the ped. Ours is pretty pro vax too, but not pushy about it. Hope you can finde one that works with you instead of against you. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in.

Tiger - I love the idea of a postcard exchange. I think that would be alot of fun. I'll put Will's name on the cards too.

Jess - My DH is on board with bf, and cd. He is not on board with co-sleeping (we only did it for 4 months) and vaxing( I want it, he does not). We both agree on a modified child-led weaning. I want to be done nursing by age 2, and he is willing to follow my lead on that, though he would prefer that we stop at age 1. We both felt the same with circ, but I was more reluctant to not. Since I am not a man, I left that one up to him, so we didn't circ. Will.

Pam I really hope your day gets better. At least the week is almost over.

Karen - I feel the same way about my DH too, sometimes. He always complains about beign tired, but he might wake up at night, but I am the one getting up. I also get frustrated with him because he is really easily irritated with the kids. He sometimes expeects them to be more grown than they are.

Will is still stuffy and the cough is getting worse. With his heart, its time to take him to the doc. With Em, I would just wait it out, but can't take any risks with him. At least they don't push things like antibiotics, or anything. A coworker is bringing a humidifier too, so we will see how that works,.

OH! ANDY - there is a package zipping its way to you! You shoudl get it on Sat. or Monday at the latest.

See you all later.
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I slept for an hour. much better. sleep is sooooo crucial.

Andy- I didn't write it earlier-but BUMMER on the plug. yuck. Here's hoping for a speedier resolve.
I never heard about a topical application.... why not just take it? did I miss something? are you taking it ALL the time? seems like you've had a lot of plugged ducts. Breastfeeding Answer Book recommends the lecithin and if that doesn't work, to cut sat fats out of your diet. Personally, taking lecithin sounds a lot better than the other one! :LOL

Nicole- 107 deg? ugh. dh's grandma is still alive there but not mentally with it and we haven't vistied in a long time. i forgot about that heat. it's stiffling. stay indoors mama!
I hope Will gets better soon!

Luka woke up and for the 1st time ever, it wasn't fully and so I nursed him back to sleep. poor little man is exhausted.

tomorrow is the last day of that camp and the "graduation", so we need to go. then a week of hopefully being really mellow until we leave for the mainland next friday.
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I'm starting w/the good news...a PACKAGE!!! ooooWEEEEEEEE! Thanks Nicole! I almostkissed my mailcarrier today - hemp doublers, wool cover and a nursing shirt! WOO WOO! and the mesh sling, but that's for the pool, and now it's too COOOOLD for the pool. What's up w/this weather?!

Pam - honey - you are one brave soul. You are out in them thar sticks w/two babies and some chickens, and it's a hard thing, all that. Know you've got friends who you and hope you are feeling cheery again soon. But we're a great place to dump the negs, too .

Karen - I totally get w/cha on the sensitive dh thing. Mine is very sensitive to stuff too, and not a good talker (or I'm not a good listener?). He gets really touchy about stuff I'd like to 'change', so he's pretty much as potentially as he was when we met. Mostly that's ok, but when I get down and low and need help to feel good, it'd be nice for him to step up and take over for a bit. And he just doesn't. If I ask specifically, he'll a)take beca someplace b)cook c) clean d)fix something. That's about it. If what I need isn't among those options, I'm SOL. He tries, but sometimes I just wish for something a little bit extra.

We don't see eye to eye on very many things, and have had lots of loooong 'discussions' involving tears, loud talk, timeouts, books, internet connections etc. to work out some of the issues (my way, of course! :LOL ). Vaxing - I said no and it took 2 yrs to convince him. The best argument for winning him over was how manipulative the pharm. co's are about the merchandise, and how we're being used for the $$ it makes them (which is not entirely untrue...). He's let beca cio, I know for sure. I tried, and gave up after about 3 min. His solution to crying isn't to find a way of making it stop, but of letting them cry being held. Better than closing the door on the crib-bound crying baby, but only barely : He REALLY dislikes me buying organic food. But he is supportive of me eliminating wheat.

Speaking of which : OFF TOPIC : I made a spelt and oat flour crust which was delish! A little too thick, but that's not the recipes fault hahaha. It's a good book, The Kid Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook by Leslie Hammond and Lynne Rominger. It's : wheat, gluten, dairy, nut, egg free and low sugar. Most recipes have some of these items in them, but they tell you how to replace them and not totally lose the texture/flavor whatever of the food. I like it for me, actually! :LOL

Back to topic. Circ: dh is circed and is so sad about it. He has sensitivity issues ...um...down there, and is sure that it's due to being circed, 'cause he's always had them.

Gd - we don't hit in this house. that's part of the be kind rule (be kind, be truthful, be respectful). We don't always discipline in the BEST possible way, because god made it so that you have to really think on your toes to discipline children (and phoey to the books and pshrinks who say to allow ti e to cool off before giving consequences - let their kid almost kill the dog (by accident!) and see what happens to their temper!), but I've only swatted her bum a couple of times (ok, once she painted our BEDROOM including the bathroom, dresser, bedclothes, floor (obviously), walls,even the ceiling! And I was only on the phone out of the room for about 10 min.! She's a busy busy girl . He would smack her, but he's so big I think he's scared to really hurt her. But to his defence, he's pretty darned patient w/the little bugger. We'll see how it goes w/#2...always a whole new ballgame! We haven't needed any so far, but then we didn't w/dd at this point either (scary!).

Joyce - great idea on the cards! Don't forget to send Joyce one for each baby! Twins always get short shrifted like that.

Lisa - thanks for setting it up. Are we still looking for the CD hunt? I'm down to one every, oh, 3 days or so... I figured if 10 of us found 10 of them in 10 days we'd be done! any takers?

Ok, time to check the june swap and see who I'm sending to. My first swap : have a good night mamas! Andy

ps - Laura - do you want my bottle of chloraphyll? I got it for the birth and never opened it. I'll send it if you like? don't know how yummy it might be...

and nut. yeast is in the bulk section of our hfs, but it sounds like you found some. yea!
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Oh, what was I going to say? I just read like, 3 pages and now I'm at loss. On dh's - my guy is cool with whatever I choose, but I think he'd be completely fine of I went the other way too. That kind of irks me. Oh, and he totally would let a baby CIO. He always says, "babies cry, get over it." Makes me super mad. But then, he's very pro breastfeeding - has been known to give his coworkers breastfeeding advice (lOl) and is very pro co sleeping and is pretty gentle and patient with the boys. Although, he can lose it -he rarely ever yells, which is good because he's big and scary!

He annoys me all the time. It seems like he's so out of what we're doing around the house sometimes. He comes home, and he's mad because the house is a mess, but then he mjust kicks a path through the house and sits there? Whatever. We have our issues. I was just thinking about this today -I've been so tired lately since he's been working so much and I haven't said a word about it, but I guess he picked up on it. He said he's taking an extra day off next week to hang with us, and then he's taking the next week off . So, yeah, he totally irks me, but I think I'll keep him for a while longer. We've been together 9 years this summer. I can't believe it!

Speaking of annoying - my kids are driving me nuts today! Gah!

Oh, Jessi - got the dipes!!!!! Love them!!!!! I'll have to post pics soon! Thank you so much!

I can't believe no one thought my crack addict joke was funny. I've been laughing about that one all day! Ooh, I see a dddddc for Jessi coming....hmmmm.....

Andy - hurray for fluffy mail. I'm going to mail phase one of Ori's naartjie package tomorrow, but our townhouses are having a huge garage sale and I want to see if I can grab a few things for Beca so she doesn't feel left out. I still have to grab the winter stuff out of storage and finish his shorties, and I'm having SF friend raid the store for me, since I can't get there myself -- so that stuff will be coming within the nesxt couple weeks hopefully!
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Heya Mamas!!

HOLY MAJOLI! Ok, so I expected that the chatting would not hault at my temporary absence :LOL, but there is NO way that I can hope to catch up!!! I think I ended off in the 300's in Janulicious #1, and come home to find you all on page *9* of the second thread! Woo weeee!! Musta been a busy week! Oh well, give me a night or two of insomnia and maybe I can read half of it....

Our vacation was quite wonderful ~ long, lazy days basking on the Beach ~ Miss Brynn snoozed enough to allow me lots of time to relax under the umbrella with a book, and Miss Tess had lots of fun splashing in the water. When Brynn was awake, I'd join her in the wonderfully warm Ocean! Too many bugs in the campsite, but the beaches were bug free and our oasis. The drive there went absolutely great! Brynn was such an amazing little traveller ~ either sleeping or just hanging out, no major upsets or anything. Lucky us! She did keep DH up (bless his heart!) the first night out. We stopped midway to the coast for the night after a late start, and she was SO hyped up. He walked through the town with B in the sling until 5:30 am, her charming the pants off of the graveyard shift convenience store clerks, one woman who affectionately said "Giiiiirl, you are sooooooo noooooo-sy!!!", seeing Brynn's big starting blue eyes drinking her in... tee hee.

We're now in the full heat & humidity of summer ~ 90-95+ F in the days, not much cooler at night. Blessed be the god(desses) of A/C! We've been putting our camping gear away and doing up laundry, and basically enjoying the comforts of home. Camping went great too, by the way. I was a bit tentative after that first night when Brynn was so wired by the new surroundings in the hotel, but she took to the tent like a fish to water! She LOVED the beach too ~ hollering out like an old sailor at the sea, and always thrilled to stand and watch the waves crashing in. What a ham.

DH just got home, so I'm going to spend a little time with him. He was busy building a work bench all day, so his face has been scarce indoors! Wonderful man took Tess out this evening and returned her home sleeping soundly (her, not him.... lol!)

Postcard exchange? Sounds fun!

I will hope to catch up and maybe make some sort of useful contribution again in the next day or two
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Hmmm... busy day today for the board. I am sending out healing vibes to the sore nipples. I can only suggest the lecithin...Hugs to Pam (having a toddler also helps me understand your week)...Nicole - hope Will feels better soon

I think the postcards sound cool...I will send my addy.

DH - he is very supportive of everything - mostly because he won't pick up a child book to save his life.

More latter. must help dh with bedtime.
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Jeni- you tossed a cup of coffee because of an ANT??? you'd NEVER make it here mama! not in a million years. I'm sure the same is true at Annies- Ants are nothing. an ant, I'll still eat/drink it. cocroach no way... fruit fly? sure. I've relaxed my standards a lot after 11 years of tropics.
Oh yeah, totally true. Ants love coffee. I can't have my morning cuppa without picking a few out.
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I had to log in and post really quick - Evelyn went poop in the BBLP! Yay Evelyn! Not just any poop either - gooky brown squash poop. She peed, too, and gave me a big ol' grin. I am so proud!
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Congrats Jess!

Okay, so I just signed up for the reverse June/July swap. I have to sit around and try an dthink of things to swap, so send me some suggestions!

Gonna go and just chill for the evening.
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This is my 3rd plug (or 4th?). I never had one w/beca. I don't know what I'm doing differently... I'm not religious about the lecithin, that's why I was asking about the topical (lots of luck there, huh!). It's yucky. It's thick and greasy. I don't liiiiiiiike it. This is the suckie part, I gotta say. But I so love to bf this babe, that it's worth it. I'm doing warm (hot) compresses and pumping, 'cause the boy-o has too hard of a suck for my low pain threshold (I guess WAY low 'cause there is NO way I'm gunna pop ANYTHING on that nipple - whooooweeeeee - that's like civil war amputation kind of bravery and I'm just not that kind of girl). I pumped for 45 min earlier, and I'll do it again now, and then again in the middle of the night sometime. Hopefully by morning it'll be less tender and I can let him nurse. It was crying time nursing him on it earlier today. He was so confused - he yanked himself right off of there (and I said NOTHING, but I was SOBBING, and the little guy just knew something was terribly wrong), and the YANK was so bad I couldn't get him back on. I just couldn't do it. So I da proud pumpin mama w/you other proud pumpin mamas ('cept it's just a iddy biddy bit in the bottle, and my boob is SOOO full ).!

You seen these?cool baby t's pm me if you want her addy. I got one! Theyr'e SO not expensive!!!

I hope Will gets better TONIGHT so you don't have to go to the doctor...but if you do, I hope it's just a nutin like kids get. He's such a trooper, your Will... Is he ok now? or is there more medical stuff still to deal with? And I was feeling bad paying 31$ for dh's pulled tooth :LOL

I once ate a reeces pieces candy covered w/ants. I spat the whole thing out and puked several times when I noticed, as the ants were tiny and red, but I didn't lack for protein that day! USUALLY I'd take them off before eating :LOL But other kinds of bugs can creep me out big time (lotsa spiders, beetles, and roaches for SURE).

G'nite! xoxo andy
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Go Evelyn!!!
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Man - we so fast I can NOT keep up! Hi Kathy! Don't bother reading unless you want to see how many times we all said "so when's Kathy back?" "What happened to Kathy?" "Did Kathy abandon us?!?" Kinda laughable, how linked we all are now. I'm glad you had such a great trip! Sounds like you have two tough little travellers!! Makes for fun fun fun in the sun!! We tried putting orin in the pool and he cried. too chilly for his sensitive toes. babyhead. Beca is a great traveller, and always was, so probly your girls will stay good at it, too. Have a good night all! andy
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"I'll wean when my wife takes over" : :LOL

My afternoon has improved significantly. Luka slept for 2.5 hours of MUCH needed catch up sleep. The rest of us had a rousing game of cribbage. I had told them that i was NOT cooking dinner tonight- I've been doing 99.9% recently. Of course dh said, the 2 losers will cook. so when I was one of those losers we decided to order out and get pizza. I've been wheat-free for 2 weeks so I thought now was a good time to test it.

WELCOME back Kathy!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, and I second Andy's post to not even worry about the volumes that we talked about when you were gone. I'm sure there are FAR better ways to spend your time! And frankly, I think we all do a lot of just thinking aloud here and don't need someone to comment on things- unless we're having a real problem.
anyhow, welcome back again and enjoy the HEAT at your house!

Andy- get some lecithin caps.... they are like vit E ones. there's also granulated stuff. I would avoid oily greasy supplements- YUCK!

Annie- 9 years? I think I may have us all beat here? We've been together almost 15. It's about 14.5 now.... and I'm only 34. We have certainly had our ups and downs.... but the LOVE is still there strong.

yay Evelyn!

Annie- I thought the crack joke was amazingly funny. I esp loved it when Heidi said she was a crack addict and that's why she chose that "gorrilla" pic of Iris to send out instead of the other. I love butts and butt cracks-- esp dimply baby ones :LOL
it's hard to show an exposed butt in this house w/o getting a pinch.
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GB has a guy here- he's paparazzi. he's telling him about the pic of Jessica Simpson he took that fetched him $40K. wow
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Quick Question - Do any of you use a humidifier? I am wondering if that is something we should pick up for these sick/stuffy nose times. Any advice?

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actually, the pic was worth $80K- 40 domestic and 40 overseas.
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Nicole- I LIVE in a humidifier.... sorry, no help here. We have a DE-humidifier to dry out the house occasionally :LOL
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