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Sheri- sounds like shes doing good to me that doc sounds a whole lot better! i hope he works out well for you.

Nicole- oh my i would have been pissed. anyway you could use it all (or most) now and pump and build a new stash?
glad its just a cold, hope he gets better soon.

Lisa-enjoy the festival, bummer you can't eat though

just got back from Joann's, ahh i could spend all day there.
Megan has been so miserable. She woke up several times just crying I have no idea whats up with her? I hate seeing babies cry. My supply is dipping again, working on boosting it again. I think it could be my pump though, it's kinda busted Might have to get a replacement one, bugger!
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i vote for thread #3
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Hey mamas ! Looks like I've made it in right under the wire ~ we're definitely ready for thread #3!

Happy 5 monthday to my sweet Brynn She is celebrating by taking lots of long sleeps today...

Sheri, E sounds like she's doing great! My Tess was (and is) a wee one. She still wears size 18 month pants (and they fall down unless we roll them), and she'll be 3 next month! It takes all shapes & sizes to make the World go round

Laura, sorry Megan's having a rough day. Maybe teeth? At this age, can't we use that as the reason for any fussiness? hee hee.

Pam - This must be so hard for you. I can imagine how painful and frustrating this is. I don't know about you, but I find the "almost 3" age has been much more challenging than the "two yr old" stage. I have a friend with a daughter the same age as Tess & Abigail, and also a 5 month old son. It seems all the children express the challenge of adjusting to a new sibling in their own way ~ her little girl runs away and is rather defiant towards her, my Tess can be horribly whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny. Let's all hope we get through it!

Nicole - so sorry about the lost b'milk! UGH. That'd be beyond frustrating. I hope Will's feeling all better soon!

Jessi - wow, Evelyn's really taking to the potty! All of those gorgeous diapers.... figures, hey? just teasing, it's awesome That's amazing how strong she is at sitting! Brynn is not at all interested, just gives me a goofy, amused grin when I sit her up. silly girl

Karen - sounds like a nice day shopping. I definitely see the benefit of an A/C mall at this time of year.

Maya wraps - wow, so many mamas with sling #37! (hee hee... yes, I still remember... or at least that's what the swatch was back when I bought it in 2002!) I love it. It's definitley the one we use the most ~ just so easy for in's & out's.
I wore Brynn on my back in the Ergo a few times this last week, and she loved it! Woo hoooo!!! While it's not my favorite for nursing (on the front, of course ), it's likely to be the most comfy for long walks this summer, given both Brynn's size and, most of all, the Southern *heat*. I hope her love affair with it lasts!

back in a little bit.... trying to dig up some recipes for dinner tonight. I think I'm in a rut and need to do some concentrated meal planning.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
SO mamas of Violet, Torin, Iris, Aine, and Brynn (did I forget anyone this time?) you wanna play? No pressure, but I figure we might as well get the list done so mamas have time to get cards and such.
I PM'd you...

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