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chicken coop

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so I should be getting some chickens soon from a neighbor (our st has the best barter system I love it). Does anyone have any suggestion for a cheap, pretty simple coop design. I want to have 4ish hens and give them a good amount of space each. I also want to let them eat the yummy stuff in the grass, but not my garden. And at the same time I need to keep them safe from predators (of which there are many in my woods). can i give them a run that will let them peck at the ground and not be eaten?? thanks so much.

(I also posted this in diggin in the earth)
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I haven't built it yet, but here's a neat idea. It's called the chicken tractor.

The idea is that it's a contained pen that you move around the yard so they don't tear up the grass and no predators get them. I assume you can make it as big as you like as long as you are able to move it. Mother Earth News often has coop ideas if you check out their online magazine as well. The current issue has some really pretty ones that look like decorated sheds or playhouses! I'd love one of those!
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A tractor would definitely be ideal for you. Be sure to consider who will be moving the tractor so that you pick a design accordingly. Since it is usually myself and 2 small children moving the tractor we make ours using PVC. My dh always does the coop/tractor designs. His fave chicken website is The Easy Chicken. You can ask any chicken question there and be sure to get an answer. Hope this helps.
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we have four chicken and the previous owner of the house divided our shed and they had two branches above the ground to sleep on and we used a wooden wine box with hay for the laying box.it's perfect size,in fact there were six when we got here but we forgot just once to put them away and a bobcat wiped out our little chicken family we bought some more and have never forgotten again!!!
anyway i know it was very cheap to set it up so it an idea,our chickens just roam around our yard,and most of the streets for that matter(noone minds,i butter them up with fresh eggs :LOL )then they just go in the coop on their own at 7.i just have wire around my veggies,they aren't bothered with my flowers,just a nibble of the hosta here and there :LOL
hth mama,
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