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Sagesgirl - yeah, some of the people there I like as people....but I'm hating they're attitude towards birth right now. They seem a little more medicalized than they were when I had my son there in 2003. And actually I have seriously considered UC many times this pregnancy. I mean, even if I straighten this out with them and just say "NO way" to the test and move on from there, they are still bound to the whole law about not going over 42 weeks, they won't deliver a breech, yadayada. It just makes me mad. A friend of mine is giving me some midwives that she had used, one of which was willing to deliver her 43 week baby at home. Or maybe I will just do the UC! I've been reading lots of UC stories, and I keep imagining how a UC birth could be for me. I mean, I know the birthing center birth I had for my DS was most likely better than most hospital births go, but I was interfered with a lot...like way too many cervical checks..anyhow, that's another long story :LOL

Lovechild421, I started reading that article and am going to finish it today when my 2 year old gives me a chance. Thanks! I've read one or two other articles by her.
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Well, I got a call back from the birthing center from Janet. I had talked to an assistant previously and I guess she gave me the wrong information. Janet and one of the other midwives (the on-call midwife) think it would be fine for me to do the 2 hour post-prandial test. They just have to go over that with my midwife Marianne now. I think I am going to make sure I talk to Janet from now on, because both times I've talked to the assistant she has given me incorrect information.

So, that's coming up in 12 days, and I am finally feeling out of this funk I've been in. I feel like I am going to do just fine on the post-prandial test since I can actually eat real food that includes fat and protien with the carb.
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Well, did the post-prandial test today. Will hear results on Tuesday. I may just be switching midwives anyway though. We don't seem to be clicking too well. I started crying in the office today. Marian didn't know I was being allowed by the other two midwives to do the post-prandial test --- she told me this after the test was already done. She lectured me on risk assessment and things. She said, "I know you've been doing research on the internet", and it was a bit condescending. I guess she really believes in the whole standardized testing, but I truely don't. Even the other midwife I have been talking to doesn't agree it is accurate and I guess Marian wasn't aware of that because I said, "Janet agrees the post-prandial test is much more accurate" and she said, "She said that?" So even the midwives there aren't on the same page about it. I told her I could have refused any testing outright, and she said if I had done that they would have dropped me. Anyhow...the saga continues.
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Oh, ack, April. What a pain. What is wrong with midwifery in FL?!

Let me know if you need help finding another midwife... There are some independent MWs who might be a better fit for you.

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Amanda, I'd definitely appreciate any help you can give. If you know of some good independent midwives, pm me their information to get a hold of them. Thanks!
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Good news, I did fine on my glucose screening . I am going to start calling midwives today. I don't want to tell Labor of Love until I find a new midwife.
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I'm glad you passed, but I agree with you that you need a switch. Was it the CNM who was so medical? That's just so odd of a CPM, you know? Especially ones who were trained in a VERY traditionally midwife-ey environment.

I have some names for you...




All do homebirth. Also, Kelli Johnson who works out of Orlando is terrific. I've met her, seen her practice and she's very trusting of women's bodies.


Let me know who you interview, as I may be heading down the same path!

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